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HABITS FOR A CLEAN HOME » & getting rid of things

HABITS FOR A CLEAN HOME » & getting rid of things

Whether you’re a minimalist or not these are some cleaning and decluttering tips you might find very useful I Adopted minimalism a couple of years ago after having learned to love living out of a very small backpack while I was traveling for six months and when I returned for my travels I was eager and Determined not to fall back into my old ways of living this was essentially a life filled with Excess stuff and a life driven by my material needs so I started to look online for some inspiration That would help to support me in my new way of living and this is when I came across the videos of Jenny mustard not Only did she and her partner David inspired me to continue to live a minimal and simple life? But she also inspired me in the way that she creates captivating content and the fact that she follows a plant-based Lifestyle was a bonus to top it all off so you can imagine how excited I am to say that this video is in collaboration with a dear Jenny mustard She’s also made a video on how to clean like a minimalist on her channel So I will link that video for you at the end of this one for now Let’s just dive right into those tips Shall we I? keep a small box tucked away in my Closet or storage room that serves as a donation box so instead of keeping mental note of the clutter around the house that needs to Make its way to the thrift shop I just grab those items and add it to the box actively and on an ongoing Basis when the box starts to get full I swing by your donation store to drop them off and then rinse and repeat this helps To keep the home clean and tidy with only those items that you really truly need or appreciate and in my opinion anyway It’s better to donate than accumulate When cleaning out our items like clothing for example? We usually put these items into three different piles the no pile the yes pile And that anxiety causing and lows may be piles So what do you do with those items, you don’t feel ready to toss But aren’t fully sure you want to keep Here’s a simple solution place all the items from the maybe pile in a bag and store it away for two to three months After this time is passed and if you haven’t found the need to dive back in to get something then here is a challenge Before you reopen and try to see if you remember what was even inside if you didn’t miss it or forgot what with in there? Entirely then it should be easier to let it go this activity can help us to Detach some of our emotions from those items you Realize that we didn’t really need it after all that time plus if it can bring some happiness to the life of somebody else if you’re giving it to a Donation or a charity then it’s a win-win Create and use a drop zone. This is an area of your home for me. It’s by the front door where you drop off certain items that need to leave the house for Example if I finished reading a book that I borrowed from a friend I’ll take it immediately to my drop zone instead of letting it clutter the kitchen counter or dining table If it’s an article of clothing that needs to be exchanged or returned I’ll take it immediately to my drop zone instead of letting it linger around my bedroom or in my closet Then each time before I leave the house I’ll quickly glimpse inside the drop zone and see if there’s something I could drop off return or deliver That’s not too far out of my way this method Not only helps to keep me more responsible for returning things in a timely manner But it also helps to keep the home free of any clutter of all the things to get Rid of I think gifts can be the hardest because you know it was given to you with love and Even if you never really loved it to begin with or maybe you don’t love it anymore The last thing you want to do is offend the person by throwing it away So here are the pearl of wisdom I learned from Jenny mustard the gift was given to you to make you happy and if it? Doesn’t make you happy then it’s doing the opposite of what it was intended to do So one tip might be to pass it along to someone who you know will derive happiness from receiving it and in that way the gift goes on fulfilling its purpose as a happy maker and for future reference if it’s Your birthday housewarming or other celebration and if you feel comfortable go ahead and just ask for what you want and if you don’t feel comfortable or if you don’t want to ask for material things then you can always ask for an experience instead like quality time spent Grabbing a bite to eat or doing something else that feels meaningful that doesn’t require any money at all I mean what better gift to give somebody than your time When all is said and done sometimes we need to remember that the simplest solutions can be the best? So to keep your home clean and Tidy Never leave a room with an empty hand if you’re getting up from watching the telly to go to the washroom Maybe you can drop off the dirty dishes on your way Or if you’re going from the kitchen to the bedroom scan the room for any items that can tag along There’s nothing quite like minimal solution when it comes to keeping a minimalist and clean home So those are all the tips I have to share with you today I hope that you enjoy this video and if you’re eager to learn some more tips on how to clean like a minimalist be sure To head on over to Jenny Mustard’s channel and watch the video She’s posted on the same topic and be sure to also tell her I say hello alright. Thanks a lot for watching guys I will see you next week and until then happy cleaning you

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  1. I like empty open spaces .: but it was difficult for me to give away some items .. but now i ‘ve started giving away most of the things ‘cz of u .. Thank u Sadia.. !

  2. I just discovered your channel and I'm a raving fan! First off, I love the way you speak. I know that sounds really weird- but you have a really soothing voice that is calming and seems to brush away all other distractions on the internet. I love your holistic living in both body, spirit and soul. So inspiring! You are beautiful and organic and genuine. Thank you for existing the way you do on here. You bring beauty in the most organic way to YouTube. <3

  3. Hi. You are absolutely beautiful. I love your contend – I prepare myself to be more minimalist. kisses from Warsaw Poland:)

  4. Hii Sadia… Ur the real inspiration. Can you suggest some tips on how to bring minimalism to improve Eyesight as I spend alot on glasses and lenses every year. Thank you.

  5. I feel better already, those Christmas gifts that I know I won't use, I will take to the charity shop tomorrow! 😄

  6. Quick question… do you possibly have some favorite institutions to donate to??
    Thank you in advance. Love all of your content! ✨

  7. Hi Sadia, I just wanted to let you know that I found your channel yesterday and I have been watching a lot of your videos! Thanks so much for all the great content. I am a vegetarian and I am trying to be vegan. Watching your videos today and yesterday made me buy a looot of veggies and fruits when I was at the supermarket earlier today and I didn't buy the yogurt I was planning to buy, in stead of that I am going to make oatmeal tomorrow morning with soy milk. Thanks <3

  8. Hi, New Subscriber here, that was pleasant and helpful! I watch Jenny Mustard and just now I had to choose which of you to watch. I chose you. How funny you’d be talking about her and recommending her. My grandpa taught me to never leave a room with empty hands. Lastly, the gifts!! The folks who are trying to decorate my house for me. I have enough stuff and a very defined taste toward antiques. Why? Why do they keep doing this? Out of obligation? I can’t donate or throw out their stuff.

  9. 2-3 MONTHS? Don't ditch all your out of season clothes….open the bag n check out these items when the weather changes! I don;t wear shorts for 8 months, halter tops, maybe 10 months….that doesn't mean I;ll throw them out! We have maybe 2 months of cold weather….only time I wear my heaviest jacket…..,etc…

  10. Drop zones and charity boxes are also a good way to entertain guests and children. Let them sort through the stuff and see if they want any of it, and the kids love to play dress up while the adults get to socialize.

  11. I love Jenny too! I was thinking earlier that your aesthetic reminds me a little of hers, even though your style is your own!

  12. It adds positive vibes whenever I watch your videos.. More than content I like the way you deliver them.. Genuine happiness and satisfaction shown on your face not easy to earn at all..

  13. "What better gift to give somebody than your time" so true… Love this one.. makes me appreciate other people's company alot more.

  14. Only thing about donating your stuff to the stores here like Goodwills, is that, they already have too much stuff. I see all donations are piled up in the back of their storages, never got any good use of it. I have donated brand new shirts/shoes to them, but I feel bad that none of these brand new stuff are being used by people who may need them…what a waste!

  15. Good idea about the birthday gift…spending time will be more What is needed after having the needed material things

  16. Good tips. I don’t donate to thrift shops though. 90%+ percent ends up in the landfills anyways. I will donate to people for pick-up or meet though that I usually find on Facebook local groups. I try to sell a lot of it too because I need the money. I do shop second hand it used from Facebook,eBay,and apps when I can. I learned the really hard way to buy kids toys off there(I spent $130 on a kitchen and $118 on a playhouse that I couldn’t even sell) 😭 if I would have used fb I see them for about $40 or less maybe and would have saved enough together for two or more months of groceries.

  17. Our son was killed in an auto accident so we had the duty of cleaning out his apartment, less than six months after my father passed away so the cleaning out process began, a month after his death …my sister passed away after she fell bumped her head in her own home. Morbid as this sounds…since that time I have ask all my friends and family to no longer buy me gifts! As simple as it sounds…my home is full of candles, photo frames and Knick knacks that I feel that I must keep. It is overwhelming thinking about doing a purge so I like you have been piece by piece filtering through items. If a guest is here and compliments something a throw pillow as an example….I literally gift it to them!! We are only 53 but I am trying so hard to try to live simply and not leave such a burden if something should happen to me or my husband for our daughter. Less is the new happy for me!!

  18. @pickuplimes where did you get that top you’re wearing in ‘the empty hand’ bit? It’s so nice!
    Great video! I recently got rid of a bunch of maybe’s. Feels amazing

  19. Picking up items as you move from room to room is called being a mum! I always subconsciously scan the room before leaving it. Its such an easy habit to form but it does tend to lead to doing multiple tasks when you are meant to be doing one! lol

  20. Hi Sadia! Thank you for this video! So informative! I had a question for you. Do you recommend some ways to clean the air in your apartment/house? I live in NYC and leaving the windows open means bugs crawling in, especially mosquitos. I miss walking into my home and smelling clean crisp air. Do you recommend air purifiers, plants, charcoal lamps..etc? Thank you in advance!

  21. I adore your chanel and thanks for the tips. What about the jewelry I have got as a gift and don't need it?

  22. Hey…. mam
    Can please make a vedio on…
    How use old or torn clothes to make any household items like…
    Cusion or carpet….etc.
    Because i don't wana throw or donate it

  23. U appear with ur real personality
    U don’t do any thing that not found in ur soul …
    That appear from ur smile ,ur body movements ,ur appearance
    U are a beautiful girl inside and outside
    When u have areal love ,he won’t leave u u are areal female

  24. I started using the "never leave a room with empty hands" technik and it's genius. It really makes a difference!!

  25. No. Matter what u up.. No. Matter what ur content. I trust u blindly. U r beautiful inside and outside. No misleading no harm could be done by u. I trust u.. U inspire me immensely..

  26. Its harder when the gifts came from a parent and you have outgrown them. Letting go of the gifts was the biggest issue I had before this video. Thank you for helping me adopt a new mindset.

  27. I find that gifts are easy to get ride of, I didn't like it so I'm not keeping it. My boyfriend struggles so much with gifts though.

  28. I can't believe your inspiration is Jenny Mustard. I tried to watch her videos,but her voice,make up,and manner of speaking are really irritating. Your videos,on the other hand,are very calm and pleasant to watch. I enjoyed each one of them. 😍

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