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G&T webserie 2×05 – “Kitchenware & Falls”

G&T webserie 2×05 – “Kitchenware & Falls”

– Oh, Dudu..this hat is wonderful!
– You haven’t seen the best yet! – Oh, I haven’t told you about the oilskin one. It’s still new! I always wear it, all my friends are jealous! – Only the best for you, darling! – So? What about it?
– It’s the same… – Your personal shopper is drooling over it..
– I’m not her personal shopper, I’m here because I’ve lost a bet! – Sure. You know, he thought that Lorella Cuccarini danced with Manuel Frangio in “Fantastico 6” while everybody knows that she was dancing with Steve Lachance! – Pardon me, dearie. The customer’s always right but allow me to prove you wrong. I was in that show and I was the first assistant of Luca Sabatelli, the costumist… God only knows what happened in that backstage! Anyway, Lorella danced with Manuel Frangio but at the same time Steve Lachance was the first dancer..so the bet is not valid! – Oh oh oh! So, what are you gonna do for me now, ms. Know-it-all? – I wont do anything!
– No way…I was forced to hours of shopping, now it’s your turn! – Let’s see….I don’t really know what I’d like you to do..
– You bastard! – Dearie, try this…I kept this for you only! Look how it frames your face! And you, dearie, stand up and take a picture of her! Marlene Dietrich would have died for this hat… – Actually, she IS dead! Oh, Dudu..I’ll take it!
– Great choice! – I got it! – Your coffee!
– Thanks! – Did you sleep well?
– Yes – Oh! Good morning! You stood up late, huh?
– Is there any coffee? – Yeah. I just made it. Do you remember Riky?
– Damn! Riky! Sorry! – He hasn’t even seen you…
– I don’t know if it’s because of yesterday’s binge but you surely have grown up! – It’s been three years since the last time. Things change! – Nice! Are you staying here for long?
– I thought about a couple of days… – Even if the house’s a bit little, we’ll manage ourselves! Damn, it’s late! Emma’s got rehearsals all day long and it’s a mess! I’ll see you later, ok? Bye!
– Bye! – You’ve drunk a bit, huh?
– You have no idea! – Look, I have some errands to do downtown, ok?
– Ok – Wanna come with me? We’ll take a walk!
– Yup! I’ll be ready in a sec! – Okay! This road is perfect!
– I’ve never fell that bad! – Dues must be paid! I’m sorry! Come on! -I look like a desperate housewife at fish market!
– 100 steps downtown… anyways, glasses weren’t included!
– Go kill yourself! – Oh, life is so hard!
– No, no, no, no! not that way! I know that one! – Do not worry! I’m away for work, just a couple of days!
Come on, Marta! It’s the truth. I’ll see you in a couple of days, ok? Now go back to class! Yeah. Bye! Me too! Bye! – Away for work, huh?
– She’s always on my tail! I can’t do anything… – You just need to tell her the truth…
– She won’t understand – What? -Huh?
– What won’t she understand? – Maybe it’ll be easier to explain once I got it myself… – Riky, listen to me. I learnt how much the truth is important in a relationship, even when it hurts – Have you always told the truth?
– No. – So? – Tommy, where is Di Nanni Road?
– Di Nanni, it’s in San Paolo, why? – Just out of curiosity, nevermind… – Riky, do you want to go having a look at that shop?
– Weren’t we leaving? – Yeah….oh, come on! – Who are you looking at?
– No one… – I’ll go this way. You go that way, ok?
– Okay – Don’t we have one like that already? – Hi!
– We took it in that shop at Santa Teresa, remember? I think that you need a bit of colour at home, I don’t know, something like this, maybe… Look, I’m sorry for the other night…
– It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t even thinking about it – Maybe I’ve been too much impulsive
– Weird. That’s not like you… – Yeah…you’re confusing me…but I also thought that if you’re happy, I’m okay with that and I don’t have to say or do anything. It wouldn’t be fair
– I really appreciate what you just said – So…are you taking it? – Maybe another time. I have to go back to work. It’s a bit late! – Bye
– So, call me back, maybe… – Yeah sure… – Are you buying it?
– No. Nevermind… – Who was that one?
– My boyfriend. My ex boyfriend. – Oh…and why did you two break up? – So, have you decided?
– Yeah. I would have some… [OCTOBER 2012]
– Can you give us one more minute? – Sure. If you don’t mind, chef’s advice for tonight is Sorrentina Squids – I’d rather have ordered a sole, but since we’re in Sorrento….Let’s try it!
– Great choice. You’ll tell me about it! – Make two of them
– We’ll be there in a minute! – I think the waiter is a bit exaggerating, don’t you agree?
– Yeah – It was good to have a bit of relax after today’s meeting. It was neverending… – At least, the deal is done… – Does it bother you to be here?
– Renato makes every choice at the last minute… he says we need company’s lawyer with those customers… – I don’t want it to look like… We’re a good team, anyway! – It’s hard to admit, but yes.
– How’s it going with Giulio? – Serena, you don’t have to ask me…
– Tommy, I want to start it all over again. No regrets. I just want to work with you in the best clima. Now that everything’s clear: your life, Giulio… I just have to get used to it, but…you were so important to me that… but you can help me with that
– What’s going on tonight? You’re so different… – Must be the wine! It’s so good… – Great choice! – Damn! It’s too hot!
– Shhht! Think about how your vernissage went! – It was a success! I planned it, of course…the only small imperfection… – Imperfection?
– The only problem is that I’ve seen HIM again… – Your EXSY…I read in your chakras’closure that you’re still in love with him – Oh please!
– Is he still SINGLED? – Oh, please! He’s dating this wench…you should seen her: a total chav…no offense! She’s there with those small eyes…
– what? – I’ll make it easy: she’s got split ends!
-No! She’s got those pointy nose, pointy ears, pointy knees…she’s so pointy! – Pardon me, how did he change you so sexy with something like that? – She looks like Cameron Diaz’s bad drawn copy… – Better being Cameron Diaz’s bad drawn copy than the copy of Ursula, The Sea Hag! – Oh, speaking of the boredom…look who’s there… – You’re here, too?
– Of course. Everybody comes to Ramona! Because Ramona make you beautiful, Ramona make you brilliant, Ramona…
– enough! Let us girls have a talk! – Girls? What a paradox! A Mom – daughter talk, you mean!
– Look…you little matted pokemon… – I’m just showing respect to an old lady…but you’d better not talking shit about other girls just because you didn’t keep your man close. – Did she say I’m an old lady?
– I think she called you whore – That’s better!
– Stay away from me and my boyfriend – Look…you little thing. I’ve been knowing him from a long time…
– He never talked about you! – Is it war that you want? You don’t even know what you’re getting into… – You might have made history, but I’m in his bed!
– Don’t provoke me! – Oh…I almost forgot…try a bit of botox for those eye wrinkles…it works on my mom! – What’s this smell?
– Crap! I’ve opened all the windows! Come on, it’ll be gone by now! – Did you guys smoke joints?
– One! And what are you doing here?You said you’d have come after dinner! – Giulio, hand me that curtain please!
– Mom, turn the music down, I have a terrible headache – I’ve bought you some underwear, let me know if it’s the right size..
– Open the window, I can’t even breathe! – Giulio, the curtain!
– I’ve bought you some cakis and some courgettes… -Enough! – Hun, we just wanted to give you a surprise…
– I’m not twelve years old anymore! – Giulio, calm down! We’re doing this for you!
– Yeah, smoking joints and invading my house? – Don’t be so tragic!
– Don’t tell me you never smoked one with Tommaso! – Dad, I’m not dating Tommaso anymore…
– I liked him – Then, why don’t you date him?
– Giulio, you’re overdoing! – Anyway, I don’t like this new guy at all…
– Dad, butt out! – Even though he pretends he doesn’t care about Tommaso anymore…
– I know, I know he’s still hurting he’s in love with Tommaso. Come on, let’s get this curtains fixed and go home..
– Okay – Nicholaaaaaas! – What?
– Look…look…look at me! – Sara, I don’t see anything…
– Be honest, this has to remain between us. Do I have eye wrinkles? – What’s wrong with you?
– That bitchy wicked ms.know-it-all midget and I can’t think anything worse about her called me “old lady” – No. You? You’re fresh as a flower…
– You finally learnt when you have to lie to me – All this because of Gianluca?
– Nevermind him! But now, it’s war… – So is it over with him?
– Of course it is. But, as his ex, I have the right to choose my substitute.. – And who would that be?
– I don’t know…but I’d say a furry girl or…a man! You could try. I won’t mind – Sara, don’t think about him. You have me now!
– Who’s even thinking?! – About him?
– No, you! – This teacher is so good, but he’s extremely fat. Like a huge wardrobe.. he’s always sweating and wears those slip and everytime he bends over you can see his fat butt Today he talked about body expression “you have to do a grand jeté, like this” and we started jumping around like freaks and he said “you have to do like this!” and right in that moment, his pants fell down. He fell on the ground and it was a perfect grand jeté! – Oh, honey….you missed a part of the story…I have this professor that is so good but…
– No, no, no…wait! Stop her! Not this story again!
– How dare you? – Riky, can we talk for a minute?
– Okay – Hurry up! I’m starving… – Close the door
– What?
– I’ve spoke with mom… – Damn, Riky. You could have told her you were here!
– She doesn’t give a damn about it! – Now she’s mad at me cause she thinks I took you away from her… – I don’t care!
– No! No! Now you go and call her! – But I don’t want to! Why should I?She’ll put me on the first train to get back there!
– Of course she’s afraid of losing you! – She’d better ask herself some questions. If both her sons gave up on her, there must be a reason! – Okay…okay..but now we call her and calm her down, cause she was so pissed off. We need to calm her down! – I’m not going back there! He’s not my father and he has no rights on me!
Silvio got mad. All he does is screaming… Mom was out for work for a couple of days and he’s always there telling me what I should do We argued cause I sat on the armchair and his stuff was on there. It’s been our home for twenty years and now it’s his own and his stuff’s house
– What stuff? – There was a frame. I accidentally broke it. He slapped me in the face…
– What? – It wasn’t the first time. He says I need rules. Let me stay here. For a while, at least…
please – Okay
– Thanks – What bothered me the most is that I didn’t react soon. I got so mad! I was waiting at the supermarket. This kid in front of me went mad at the cashier cause he gave him the wrong change… and he insulted him, calling him “faggot”. The scene was so weird that I couldn’t even say a thing. And you?where are you?
– I don’t know. – What’s wrong, Juls?
– I’m afraid something’s wrong with me… – Why?
– No, nothing. Nevermind… – Do you wanna talk about it?
– Everyone betrays me Maybe I’m the wrong one, but…would you, too?
Cause I’m waiting for it any minute now – I don’t think it’s possible. You know, we’re not even a couple! but it would be nice if you’d try.
– you are nice – Don’t you even want to try?
– This is not the right time… – It’ll never be the right time with you.
– Teo… – It’s better if I leave you with your own thoughts tonight…
– No, no, no. Wait…wait! – It’s not easy to come after the love of your life, but I’m trying… (Tommy, I’m tired. Where do you want to go?) – You and mountain don’t really get along, huh?
– No, I like it… [JANUARY 2013] Frostbite…snow in my pants…I love it!
– We’re almost there! – I’ll choose where to spend our next weekend, okay?
– Here we are.. – It’s all ours for three days. So? Nothing to say?
– It’s just that my face is frozen but I really like it – Poor thing! Let me warm you up!
– You bastard! – Let me go…I hate you…I hate you
– I love you! – Yeah, lots of people do.. – Would you marry me, Juls? – What? – Would you marry me? – Say it again…
– Would you marry me? – How?
– We can do it if you want it, too – That’s crazy!
– I know… -yes
– what? -yes? -yes!
-really? -really! – Where’s your room?
– Here it is Watch out! – That dessert was a bit heavy…it was alcoholic! -I remember that time…you were so drunk! – Oh my God! I totally forgot about it! – Okay, Sere…Good night!
– Good night! -Tommy? Tommy, listen, I… – You always protected me… – (Eleonora, why are you still awake? Aren’t you going to bed?)
– No, I have to wait… – I already told you not to worry. You wont have to wait so long…
– I can’t wait…

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  1. Subtitulos en español porfavor la serie es muy buena y veo cada uno de sus capitulos pero sin subtitulos no entiendo mucho lastimosamente, porfavor subir los videos con subtitulos enserio porfavor… gracias.

  2. español español español español español español  español español español español español español español español  español español español español español español español español  español español español español español español español español  español español ¡por favor! 🙁

  3. English 🙁
    How long do I have to wait?
    I´m watching this in italian, but i don´t unterstand anything!!

  4. ogni puntata è sempre peggiore della precedente .. mi stupirò dell ultima puntata .. per scoprire che al peggio non cè mai fine .. 

  5. Even though i do not understand what they are saying, i have fallen for this series and i love the moments with Giuls and Tommy so beautiful. I also really wonder if Nickolas is straight or gay, he is adorable. It was funny when that guy was cruising Riki in the store, didn't need words to understand that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. E la tazza com la bandiera del Brasile all'inizio… Bella (va beh, sono Brasiliano e mi sono sentito)…

    Bella puntata…

  7. The main problem of most of the countries is dubbing all and don´t exercice foreign languages… This is one good way to learn Italian.
    I´m learning just watching and earing this series.

  8. Excellent episode as always!!!  I wonder who the lady in the last scene is ??? Looks like she was in a hospital…lady with here was wearing nurse uniform.

  9. Pleaaaase we really need subs to understand ! I love this serie but i don't speak italan, i speak french… Even in english it's okay, so pleaaaaaase ! D:

  10. the caption translations are weird and confusing. we need the English subtitles please!! I need to know what's happening!!

  11. bellissimo episodio. Adoro ogni scelta musica che avete fatto! siete meravigliosi. Ma…c'è sempre un ma…ho sentito la parola m a t r i m o n i o … ahhhhhhhh! è una condanna il matrimonio!

  12. Ok now we know he cheats with his ex hut how does Jules find out? Jules new bf is understanding and patient but u can only hold out for so long.

  13. ow nooooo Tomassoo so thats y you arent together with Gulio? 🙁 i swear i could swim in Tomasso's eyes. faints

  14. Thanks a lot for the English subtitles! It's a really great episode. I can not wait to see the next episode for the full response to what happened between Giuls and Tommy.

  15. Trop bien d'avoir les sous titres en français quand même, j'étais à fond dedans lol. Trop hâte d'avoir la suite c'est trop prenant comme série xD

  16. Sublime moment en montagne quand thommy fait une demande à giuls. Ils doivent se remettre ensemble.

  17. Merci pour les sous-titres en français toujours au top, je vais pouvoir suivre encore mieux cet episode 

  18. I love this O
    and persons turn on the legend in CC, english is available from the first chapter of the story begins.

  19. my CC option disappears as soon as the advertisement is over…this sucks…I'm so addicted to this series!!!! uhg!!

  20. No dai il nuovo ragazzo di Giulio non si può vedere u.u ok sono di parte amo troppo Tommaso, quindi mi danno fastidio le scene dove Giulio bacia Quell altro D:

  21. Giulio pisses me off. He is such a complicated, drama queen and ungrateful. I'd have given anything for parents like his. Actually I find his father quite cute and cuddly.

    I have no problem with the flashbacks but sometimes it feels like the writers are making things up as they go along only to prolong a story that never seems to have answers only more questions. A bit frustrating. It is again not credible what happens with Tommaso and Serena. Maybe it is an Italian thing. My long experience around the world is that people do not go through every part of their lives totally unconscious as some of the scenes suggest here.

    I cannot believe that Sara listened to that stronza. Sara is no old and has no wrinkles. Plus her roommate is in love with her and she should realise it. Anyway, he is handsome and can cook which gives him 1000 points in my book 😉

  22. The kid bothers his mom because she's smoking weed in his home? As if I didn't like this webseries enough already.

  23. I need season 3. who's with me??? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/getwebserie/gandt-3?ref=nav_search

  24. siete…………visto.. mi lasciate senza parole!! …..

    Tommy: dolce, carino e molte amorevole…
    Giulio: carino, simpatico e moltissimo dolce
    Sara: beh…. come dice lei è perfetta, è un attrice stupenda è poi è super divertente…

    Però anche voi lo siete( sinceri, qualche volta, bravi, belli, dolci, gemtili… insomma,………… siete infinito…..
    P.s credo di essermi innamorata dei gay!! Sono molto belli e sempre dolci!!! Vi amo tantissimo e cmq, secondo me, siete una copia perfetta e siete fatti uno per l altro quindi non fatevi sfuggire nessuno dall' altro….. state insieme tutta la vita è godetevela…. l a ore è molto bello se si ama davvero e penso che voi… vi siate tantissimo tanto da dare la vita all'altro………..
    Bravissimi 2 bellussimi!! ……………
    Non preparatevi mai sennò ci resto più male io di voi tutti messi insieme…
    State molto bene insieme!!! ………………:-):-):-):-):-)

  25. The problem getting involved with a guy that used to date girls, is that soon or later he will go back to them even for a quickie. Not worth it

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