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Grilled Pizza 4 Different Ways

Grilled Pizza 4 Different Ways

You’ll never be able to eat your usual pizza
again after you try our homemade grilled pizza recipe. It’s so delicious and surprisingly simple. We decided to make 4 different pizzas for
inspiration but we recommend topping it with whatever you like best, and don’t be afraid
to try something new! For your dough, start with flour, sugar, and
yeast in your food processor. Make sure it is fitted with a metal blade
and process it for about 2 seconds until combined. With the feed tube attachment on while running
the processor, slowly add in ice water. Process it until the dough is combined and
there’s no extra flour left. It’ll be about 10 seconds, then let the dough
rest for 10 minutes. Now you can add oil and salt to the dough
and process it until you get a sticky doughy looking ball. This will take about 30-60 seconds and what
you get will end up looking like what you’ve always imagined pizza dough would look like. Something you can toss up into the air to
form a perfect circle. Although, if that’s what you’re trying to
achieve, we suggest looking somewhere else because we’re here for something delicious
and easy, not Italian perfection. Knead the dough out on a lightly oiled countertop
for about a minute until it feels smooth. Form it into a tight ball like this, Carrie
is an expert so if you can’t do it this perfectly, just do your best, and place it into a large
lightly oiled bowl. Make sure the bowl is larger than the dough
ball because you’re going to refrigerate it for 1-3 days to give it time to rise and obtain
the perfect flavor. When you can’t wait any longer, grab the dough
out of the fridge and let it rest for about an hour at room temperature. It should have a noticeable rise to it. Divide it into 4 equal sized balls. We recommend 4 because this makes it easier
to flip it on the grill, and gives you more opportunities to experiment with toppings. The size will be about a medium sized personal
pizza. For a larger pizza, divide into 2 balls instead
of 4. Roll out the dough onto a well-oiled rimmed
baking tray. Don’t worry about pulling out your rolling
pin, we like to use our hands. Pull at the dough a bit to stretch it, but
if it keeps shrinking back down, let it sit for about 5 minutes to let the gluten relax
so when you come back, it won’t fight you as much. Flip dough over so both sides will be well
oiled. With your grill on medium, place your first
pizza on the grates. We recommend doing one at a time because they
grill up pretty fast. Let the first side grill on medium for about
5-6 minutes, or until the top is bubbling and the bottom has browned. Turn down the heat to low, flip it over, and
begin to top it however you’d like. If you try to top it with the heat on high,
the bottom will cook before your cheese gets a chance to get all melty and delicious. Once all of your sauce and toppings are on,
turn it back to a medium setting for another 5 minutes, close the grill and cook until
the bottom begins to brown again. Use two pairs of tongs to pull the pizza off
the grill and you’re ready to get started on the next one. For our pizzas, we decided to go for 4 different
varieties: a garden pizza, which we topped with olive oil, fresh grated parmesan cheese,
curry roasted squash, mozzarella, and once we took it off the grill we added some greens
on top. A potato pizza, we used a white sauce for
the base of this one with thinly sliced potato cooked in cracked black pepper rub, and topped
with fresh basil and radish slices once it came off the grill. A pulled pork pizza (which was pretty much
unanimously the favorite in our office) which had barbecue sauce as a base, kansas city
pulled pork, corn cut right off the cob (you can grill it alongside the pizza dough) and
topped with some fresh cilantro once it comes off the grill. Lastly, we made a classic margarita pizza
with our homemade pizza sauce. You won’t get sauce as good as this from the
grocery store, so we recommend checking out our quick tip video to make this sauce before
you start grilling. With that as your base, place fresh mozzarella
slices on top. Afterwards, top with fresh basil. We love these pizzas because not only are
they delicious, but they’re also so fun to make. Invite some friends over, set up a pizza bar
and get grilling. You’ll impress your friends and get a delicious
meal all at once. Make sure when you grill these up that you
take a picture and tag it with #VGourmetEats so we can see all your delicious creations.

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