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Grant Gets Studded Furniture Nails

Grant Gets Studded Furniture Nails

Some clients when they come into the salon, you know they’re going to a wedding, and they want something magical or dreamy or maybe a Halloween design Grant, he wants studs! I DO?! I want studs?! Okay, sure. Yup! Alright, let’s do them. These are the studs Okay That’s what we’re going to do next. Some times, between a fill a client just wants to change up in design. so today, we’re going to do a change up for Grant So he wants a different colour, now, what will we have- Oh, that’s what I usually do. I have a look book. And this case *gasp* You like that. Max Estrada has sent me this in all his gel colours. Two hundred and sixteen How do you know how many? ’cause it says “216” Oh, yeah. That would mean- Alright! Glad to enlighten you on that. Ah! Look at that! Ain’t it pretty? I kind of want something darker, ’cause I kind of went lighter here Okay. So keep in mind, I’m going to put these little… studs on Studs. So you want something to really “pop” So don’t go for a glittery colour ’cause that kind of interferes with the stud shape. Umm…I’m thinking like a blue or something… like maybe this? Sometimes, I’ll give this to the client at the beginning of the appointment ’cause it takes them a while sometimes to decide. Okay, I”m making my decision. “157” That’s what you want? Yeah. Let’s do it. Okay! “157” it is. Okay. So, when we do that, like I say, It’s just a change up in between a fill. He doesn’t really need a fill yet so what I want to do though, is just take a file and buff up the surface of this nail ’cause you do want it a little bit roughed up. for the gel to stick. Gel will not stick to it if it’s not roughed up or already have a sticky layer of gel. So, I’m just going to buff these guys up real quick. I hear you got a new job. The best job of your life. I did! It’s at this place. It’s called..umm…ahh.. Nail… District? You mean “MY” salon? Maybe~ There’s this really cute guy there. He does reception, so…yeah! NailDistrict, Grant speaking. So, yeah. That was Grant. Yeah, I love being me. Do you like it? I do. You do, eh? Yeah, there’s people calling all the time and some of them are not- That’s what a receptionist does. Yeah, thank you. Yeah, but it’s kind of funny to get calls and they’re like: “I love Suzie’s nails!” NO WAY! Yes! They call the shop! *laughs* It’s kind of hilarious. I’m like: “Okay, what’s your name? Where are you from?” So cute. I’m just your personal assistant now~ *giggles* It’s fun. I love working in a salon; it’s so much fun. Okay. So when you buff it all up, you just want to take away the shine. And then, you got to remove that dust. So, I’m just going to clean the dust off with a bit of alcohol. But, sometimes when a client comes in and they say it’s between a fill. If it’s, let’s say…how long do you go between fills? Mmm…I tend to go 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks? Probably 3 weeks. Okay, so Grant grows really quite fast. So, how long ago did we do this fill? A week? That’s ridiculous. Your nails grow really fast. So, if I were to slightly push back the cuticle here a bit, I would actually reveal a little bit more of an area that could be filled. His nails grow really fast. A client doesn’t want to come in any more than they really have to ’cause it can get rather expensive when they’re coming in every 10 days or 2 weeks for a fill. So, we’re trying to stretch this out. Now, here’s a bit of a trick. If a client comes in with a little bit of growth like that and they do want to do a colour change. The question is, how far back do you put that gel? So, from a client’s point of view, if we put it too far back, we’re going into the natural nail and because there’s two different types of surfaces, it can look really funky; it doesn’t look great. From a tech’s point of view, we don’t want to do that, ’cause it doesn’t make our work look so good. But, if we stick right there on the purple part where the colour already is, Then you won’t see that, but it will still look like it has a little bit of a grow out. The other option is; you can change it completely out. But some clients, they just want to do a quick in and out and you don’t want to do too much work. So, that’s what we’re trying to do today. What colour did you decide? “157” He’s chosen this guy. So, you don’t have to shake them. I just naturally want to. Oh, and I need to cut these and put them out here. Get your little scissors. Giant scissors… You’re so prepared. Aren’t I? Yeah, you’re just ready to go. Well, I bought these in Long Beach and I “specifically” had you in mind. Aww.. I looked at them and went “Oe!” Aww.. I was inspired by- You know how you get that upholstery when you have a nice linen upholstery and then you got those little studs that go all the way along? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what this reminds me of. ‘Kay, I’m just going to put this in the middle here. So, they can see the gems. So, I don’t want to say you were…you know… inspired by furniture. *laughs* Wow…that’s quite the compliment there… Quite a compliment… High quality furniture or…? Yeah. Oh! Aww… Yeah. Very. That’s good. Alright. Sure. It’s definitely- You’re opening up all of these? Yeah… Okay What if I get inspired to use them all? Well, it just… It’s just a lot of them in the packet. Well, you do you. It’s all good. You’re just going a little cray-cray. *snorts* With the number of little studs there. I don’t know how many I’m going to use! I have no idea what’s going to inspire me! And you just toss them all behind you… Mmm! We don’t need that! Okay, alright. ‘Kay See, I put them in this glass dish because it’s a hard surface. And when I go in with my funny looking wax guy, It needs to be on a hard surface so I can pick it up. Now, for the colour. *soft gasp* This is a really neat colour, eh? Okay. So, you don’t have to prime it or prep it or any base coat or anything like that when you’re going right on top of the gel again. It just has to be buffed and no dust. One thing I’ve gotten really good at is polish all these years. So, gel is quite a bit different. Polish, when you put it on You kind of want to do it in one smooth movement. But gel, you don’t have to do that. You can just- You have to kind of coax it into places and you can just keep fiddling with it as much as you want. And even if you leave it in little patches, It all kind of smooths out and evens out. You can do the end. You can see the little bit of the thickness on the end? So, you can paint that. It does look better when you do. Doesn’t it last longer too? Well, you know. That’s a good question, Grant. I can’t even believe you know that. I wasn’t really a question. It was more of a- Did you hear that somewhere? Oh, no. It was a question. No, that was a question. Sorry, I’m a idiot. Umm…I remember hearing you saying that. Oh, okay. You paid attention to what I’m saying? Uh…every once in a while, yes. When it’s a dark colour, I like to do it just because esthetically, Oh, it will look a lot better. It really does. So, you want to take your time and paint the gel very very carefully. Being that it’s a dark colour, You really got to be careful for those cuticle edges. Need to be as smooth as possible. I’m going to get my nuking light. Look at that! Isn’t that cute? Do you see what’s happening there? Look at that. Do you see? Oh! I didn’t see that. No, no. I thought you were talking about the nails. I was like: yeah, yeah, they’re cute alright. I didn’t know that was a thing. It’s the little things, Grant. Eh, alright. It’s so neat. 30 second cure. Oh, and I’ve got to get the thumb in there too. Let me nuke the thumb. ‘Kay. So, it’s dark enough you can almost get away with one coat but to really get a true colour, I always like to do two coats. If you are doing this for a client, just changing the colour up in between their fills, you want it nice and thin because they already have a couple coats of gel on there already and you don’t want it too thick. Doing it as thin as you can is an advantage. Just for aesthetics, right? So, just before you put the gems on, just do a light, light coat of your top coat. But, don’t cure this coat. We’ll just leave it sticky. So, here are my studs. And I’m going to pick them up with this thing. You like silver more than gold, right? I love silver. Yup. ‘Kay. So, I’m going to put gold then on this one Aww… ‘Cause he only wants- Doesn’t want much gold, so… I consult with the client, and that’s what they want. I’m just going to put these little ones here. That’s like, just wax. Yeah. Look at that. That’s all you do? Yeah. That’s why it’s a quick little- Oh. appointment. That’s bizarre. Why’s that so bizarre? There’s nothing on the wax? It’s just wax. Yeah. It is pretty cool. What? It just picks it right up. That’s so weird. Learning so many new things today. You are. Really, what takes the time is just placing it. Suzie’s getting creative. I’m going to put that right there. Aww… Wow! This is really cute. Wow. Bedazzled! Looks like a highly sophisticated English chair. You know I am…I’m partially English. So- You are? This is- Yes. Is that shocking? *nonchalant* No. *laughs* Okay, cool. Good talk. Wish you had an English accent. I know you love English accents. They’re so cute! I feel like I can do a pretty mean Scottish accent. It’s going to be quite a different place with him gone. That’s for true. *laughs* See that! Was that- Was that like- Was that good or…? We’ll being that I’m not Scottish, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s Scottish. Or, or, any…I’m going to say it’s Scottish. Cameraman: Maybe a Scottish viewer should let us know. Please, please do. Let us know if Grant nailed that or not. I mean… I’m more Scottish than I am English. So… I don’t say phrases. I just say little words every now and then. You said in one video, which I just loved You said- What? “You like me sweater?” “You like me sweater?” Yeah, there you go. I’ll just say little phrases like that. Somebody, like, commented and just wrote it down. And the way you said it and I just I just died. It was so funny. I couldn’t. That’s cute. I like the little English Accents. I think they’re so cute. But an English accent is not a Scottish accent. Nope. I love that though too. Get it right. Get it right. I love all the accents. Once you’ve done that onto your top coat, you do want to cure that top coat. So, if you have one of these waxy, picker-upper things, *chuckles* Waxy, picker-upper things… I don’t know what else to call it. The boys have just pointed it out here that it should be pointier So, lack of having a proper tool, My finger nails are a tool~ Don’t tell your nail technician… I’m just making it into a bit more of a point. ‘Kay. That’s a bit of a point. So, I’ve got a bit of a point on there. That will just help me grab them a bit better. You know it’s funny, when you throw these down into the dish that it seems 75% of them mmm hmm land the side you want down. The struggle is real. Let me tell ya. Are they all silver on one side and gold on the other? No, they’re silver on one side and and kind of a blacky grey on the other. Oh The side I don’t want. You are one decked out piece of furniture. Oh yeah. High-class OH! OHH! Bonjour!~ Look at that! Sometimes, you do something a client just loves. Wow… You like those big, square studs. I do Okay, I’m going to do a whole bunch more then. Since you seem to like them so much. The stud likes studs. This one’s giving me a- *gasp* I just learned something! mmm If I put it on it’s side, it’s a triangle! …what? The square? It’s- That- That’s a diamond. Not a triangle… I meant a tri- *laughs* I MEANT A DIAMOND! Okay. I was like: I don’t think a square can become a triangle just by moving it, but…umm… I’m only looking at half of it in my mind. I meant a diamond Good effort! Good effort. Thank you for coming out. We’ll cut that part out! So, Suzie doesn’t sound incredibly stupid. It’s cute! Isn’t it! It is! Should I do another one? Sure. Go for it. Live dangerously. Let’s do it. You have nail tech instincts. Do I? Well, Like recognizing a diamond as supposed to a triangle? *laughs* Is that a nail tech instinct? Okay, I’m never going to live that one down. Mmm… I think you’re still making fun of me! Me? No… Like that? Ooh… Look at us with these different designs! It’s kind of cute. Kind of cute? It’s pretty adorable. It’s turning out better than I thought. *laughs* You had low expe- I have low expectations, honestly! Okay, cool. I thought it was going to look worse than it was Okay. What’re you going to do now? I don’t know. I think I’m going to go right in the centre. ‘Cause I haven’t done that yet But, maybe square. No! maybe diamond. Nyeah. Diamond. Triangle. He’s got a taste of diamonds now. That’s all he wants. That’s cute! I’m going to nuke it before you change your mind ’cause I don’t want you to. Okay. I hated the design. No, I’m kidding. *laughs* So, when you’re finished your design, you finish doing all the arrangements, Then cure it again. And now you’re going to put another top coat over top to seal it. I’m going to be the small devil’s advocate right now… The thumb is exposed. Is that what you want or no? I don’t care about thumbs. Okay. Alright. Sure. It won’t make it in the photos. Okay. No, we’ll do the thumb. Sounds… fan- (-tastic) We could leave it. We could not bother. Oh, it doesn’t matter. I just thought… It’s a big surface. It is. It’s a LOT of nail room there. Nail-Estate? A lot of nail-estate to have a little fun with. ‘Kay. We’ll do it. We’ll film it. And if it looks good, then we’ll keep it. That’s good. This 30 seconds seems long… Wow! Am I- Am I that boring? Wow. *giggles* Okay, did I put a top coat on here? Nope. Oh, we’re sticking with the silver, right? You like the silver. I do like sil- I mean, you can do the gold on this. Go for it. You can do that. How about…both? *gasp* Patience and a steady hand. Mm…I have neither of those. I was saying you couldn’t be a nail technician. No. You drink too much coffee. mm hmm Coffee is bae! Coffee is bae~ Art. Beauty. Wow. Placement is very important. That’s cute. Ah~ Wow. I feel so, umm…Victorian. Oh! And now, I’m going to top coat them, so they’re nice and secure. And they won’t fall off. Did you know… I cracked 5000 instagram followers. You did?! Yes. I think so. No, you didn’t. I did. Really? There’s been a lot lately. That’s pretty cool. But, Natalie, Natalie has 8000. Yes. And I was like: No, that’s not fair. Well, she does nails. Yes. I know. But still. You’re a little jealous. Yes. I am a little jealous. It’s a side of you I’m- Yeah. I know. Shocking that I get jealous. but, either way, we’re going to fight about it, so…It’s going to be good. You’re competitive. Mmm hmm So, you want to nuke this again for a full cure and I believe the Shinee is 60 seconds for a full cure. Okay. Before your clients leaves out into the snowy snowy day, just make sure you put a little bit of cuticle oil on there. Well, a lot of it… Then, I massage it into their cuticles. Aww. Isn’t that nice? It is! No extra charge for the massage. *laughs* Okay. Let’s check out the reveals of Grant’s little nail furniture. Okay. If you want to follow me on Instagram, my handle is @g_mclachlan Cameraman, can you put a cute, little graphic of that? Thanks. Cameraman: I will. Thank You. I need to catch up to Natalie, so please follow me And you can also follow- Look how professional you are! I mess that up every time I do it! You can follow me- I’m going to post the colour that I’m wearing and I’m gong to post the colour that Grant is wearing today and the one he has on his other hand Buy what’s my- umm- how do you find me on instagram? What’s my- Your handle is “nailcareereducation”. “Handle”. We used that back in the 80’s when you did like, like the *makes static-like noises* “ten, four, good buddy.” Anyway, thanks for joining me. *laughs* I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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