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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Lobster | Season 7 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook The Perfect Lobster | Season 7 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF

Please be careful,
because this one here is a super sharp fast claw. This one is to crush. Do not get your
fingers in there, OK. Now, you got to kill it quickly. We’ll do this as safe and
as humane as possible. There’s the cross line there. Across there, knife in, and
down through, and that is it. Straight into the water,
a touch of salt, and that is in there for two minutes. We’re not cooking it
all the way through. We’re just poaching
it to release the meat from the shell. So, I’m taking mental
notes in my head right now like I’m a student
in one of my classes. I’m memorizing
every step he does because I’m going to
de-shell this lobster exactly how Gordon’s doing it. Now snap off the claws. Get down to the knuckles
and twist and off. And then from there, straighten
out the tail and twist. So you’ve got all that
meat left in there. Open up the tail and then just
press the shell very gently. Don’t crush it. Now, once you’ve gone
2/3 of the way through, press here and shake, and
carefully pull out the tail. Now, claws snap off the
knuckles, twist and pull. You get that blade out there. OK, the blade comes out. And we want these claws intact. Just gently pries out that claw,
and then open up the knuckles. But some of you
stop at that point. There’s more meat in
here– the eight legs that the majority of the
population forget about. I am not going to let
these legs go to waste. You start from thin end. You place that down there, and
you literally push and roll. Wow. That’s awesome. What? Now, how do we present that? Let me show. You take your tail and
you just gently slice, and this helps it flatten out. That sits on your board. Your claws go on, and then
your knuckles, and then very carefully your legs. We’re not done. Take this beautiful head. Pull that off. Open it very carefully. And then you take
your scissors and I’m going to trim the shell. Now, that should
stand up usually. And then finally take a little
touch of extra virgin olive oil, just very carefully brush. That gives it a nice sheen. Wow. Oh, my God. That is how you extract
every ounce of lobster from your shell.
Got it? Wow. [applause]

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  1. The lobster: Why do you have a knife
    Gordon: KNIFE IN
    The lobster: 😵😵😵

    3minutes later

    Gordon: Smash the lobster
    The lobster: (Fet hos inside on the outside)

  2. “Do not put your fingers near the claws, you will get hurt”

    Gordon 2 seconds earlier: lifts claw with fingers

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  4. Funny how people are this hypocrite finding this interesting because it was done by Gordon Ramsey but when I see other videos like japanese chefs doing almost the exact same thing they get triggered

  5. That vein running through the top of the lobsters tail is actually it's digestive tract and it's accumulated digested waste.

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