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Gör dina egna ornament – Autentico Terrapieno – Make your own furniture appliques

Gör dina egna ornament – Autentico Terrapieno – Make your own furniture appliques

Make your own furniture appliques Autentico Paint – Terrapieno (3D-paste) Hello! Now I stand here again! I have a very nice small cabinet here that I’ve painted green before I have used the paint versante Matt (Autentico) on this, so this will just be to paint right on, I have not used any wax and stuff so it will not need any prep work! I have some other plans now, for this cabinet and I am thinking first and foremost that I will paint frame black to begin with I will leave these boxes, here I am thinking that I should do something more fun with those Well… Yes. What is now, is that my black color is almost empty so I thought I’d show how you can get the paint to last a little bit longer! With a water-spray! You can mix the Autentico’s paints up to 10% with water without affecting sustainability in any way and what you do then, quite simply, to… Well, you paint on with some paint… And so… (Make sure to have a water bottle that works) Then spray on some water so suffice brushstrokes little longer This is a great trick also for those who think that this paint is a bit too creamy to work with, because it is a thick paint. Now it will be very easy and the brush strokes will go very, very easy. I, personally, think that Autentico’s paints is very pleasant to work with precisely because the brush glides well But, yes, all do not feel the way I do so then you can use a water spray This facilitates incidentally also brushstrokes. The thinner paint you paint with, the less visible brushstrokes you will get So if you have some problems there, getting very visible brush strokes with Autentico – which you can get – this is a great trick! So… Now the cabinet is covered Now I paint brighter here in the doors I will do exactly the same on the inside of the doors because it is a cute little detail I think. So… I have actually chosen a color named Silver. I will do this freehand now, so I will be quite careful and cautious in the edges and stuff. So, then I paint two coats. There… Now I have finished painting that, Now! I’ll take one of these you can buy them at www.wackygoose.se some models It is a silicone mold and with this, I saw a little inspiration from a customer to me actually You can make your own furniture appliques with these! Super fun! and for that you need only a little Autentico 3D paste (Terrapieno) and well, one of these also … then you need some glue I will use me out of a spray glue which is also available in the web shop (www.wackygoose.se) But anyway, I have a small flat shovel here I apply this… and now I think it is quite important that you really press out, so that you really is pushing in this pasta So it really (!) Gets filled There. Now I put it on something flat on a table for example hehe and so I let it dry then I’ll make another one Now is this dry There you go !!! Now I’ll make another one like this. and then I glue them on the cupboard doors! There! Now they are glued and painted over with Autentico Silver. So, now I just finish this with a matte varnish. Well… I thought that I would be finished with this cabinet after I lacquered it But… I actually think it was a little too big difference… so, I have decided to add some craquelure at these light parts and then I will black-wax them! Well, then I just take first on the base coat and then the Top-coat and when it has dried, I will Black wax and create some effect with it! Black wax Lint-free cloth.

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  1. Hi Lina lov the applique u made it gives it more character! lovely finish maybe u could also used a crackle finish in the middle ! it turned out really fantastic thanks x😊

  2. I'm thinking og pain a cabinet with as olive. this crackle paste would look lovely. do you think a dark wax would get an as good an effect?

  3. Hi Lina, Jean here from prince Edward Island, Canada. can you tell me where to find the molds?I love your work.hope you are doing well.

  4. Wow i thought it looked great prior to the wax….but the wax just took it over the top. Looks amazin

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