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Google Home/Assistant Tips: Smart Home Devices

Google Home/Assistant Tips: Smart Home Devices

if you have Google home devices in your
residence and have been curious about what types of smart home devices can
work with the Google home as well as how to set up these smart home devices with
your Google assistant enabled devices this is the video for you
I’m Josh Teder for 6 Months Later and in this video I’m going to talk a
little bit about the different types of categories of smart devices that can
work with your Google home devices as well as show you how to set up smart
home devices with the Google assistant in today’s video we’re going to be
setting up a Lenovo smart switch but the same process will work for pretty much
any other brand of smart switch with the Google assistant and we also have the
Lenovo smart bulb here we’ll be setting these up as well again this process will
work with a lot of different smart devices out there so with that let’s go
ahead and dive into talking about what types of smart home devices work with
the Google assistant typically I think about smart home devices with the Google
assistant in a few different categories you have thermostats smart lights smart
switches security cameras security systems smart door locks as well is
another one that pretty much covers most of the categories of devices out there
and luckily for the Google assistant setting up any of these smart home
devices is pretty easy and the process is very similar across all of the smart
home device brands out there so let’s go ahead and dive in and first I’m going to
start with how to set up a smart switch so the first thing you’re going to want
to do with pretty much any smart device with the Google assistant is after
you’ve opened up your smart device you’re going to want to download the app
associated with the smart device most smart devices whether it’s a thermostat
light smart plugs etc are all going to have their own companion app that you
will need to download either on your iOS or Android device so for this smart
switch this is a Lenovo smart switch so I’m going to want to go to the App Store
and download the Lenovo link the next step into setting up any smart device
with the Google is to go ahead and go through the steps
of the companion app to make sure that you get your device set up and running
now sometimes in these devices if you don’t have an existing account which for
most of the cases if you’re setting up a new smart device you’re not going to
have an account with this specific manufacturer you’ll need to add an
account we’ve gone ahead and created an account for this lanova device and now
we’re going to go ahead and add the device so in oval-link here we’re
setting up the smart blog we’re gonna hit smart plug alright and now it’s
going to give us instructions now pretty much for any other device manufacturer
this process is going to be similar you’re going to need to power on the
device then through your phone is going to need to search for that device and
then it will establish a link once the device has been powered on and linked to
your account you then will be able to add it to the Google assistant through
the Google assistant app so let’s go ahead and plug in the Lenovo smart
switch all right the blue light is pulsing we’ve copied the password over
next alright now we’ll need to connect to the Lenovo smart plug Wi-Fi live a
smart plug all right we’ve connected to the lid of
a smart plug now the app through the phone is going to connect to the smart
plug all right and we’ve now connected to our
smart plug I’m going to just title this Lenovo plug now obviously if you have
something plugged into a smart plug for instance if a lamp is plugged into it or
something else is plugged into your smart plug you probably would want to
name your smart plug mat but for this video I’m just doing this as demo so I’m
going to say it’s a Lenovo plug let’s see it’s in the living room we’re going
to get started all right and so now from the Lenovo app we can turn on and off
some smart switches are not as snappy as this one this one is uh it like it’s
instantaneous when you turn it on and off so the next step is to connect your
smart device to your Google home app see that you can control the smart device
either on a Google home hub using the touchscreen or more likely you’re going
to want to control it using your voice this is the new redesigned Google home
app in case you haven’t seen it Google has really made the smart devices and
home control a priority and it’s at the forefront of their design of the home
app so what we’re going to do here is we’re going to set up a device setting
up new devices this is what we would do if we were setting up like a new Google
home or Google home hub Google alarm clock etc we already have something set
up we’re just linking the account to the Google assistance so this is actually
what we’re going to choose and this is what you would choose if you’re setting
up a tp-link smart switch a philips hue bulb etc this is where you would just
link accounts all right so now what you do here is we’re gonna click search and
we’re gonna hit search for Lenovo there you go Lenovo smart home so I’ve gone
ahead signed in I’ll save that password sure that wants to access your account
just make sure you authorize it all right and now we have gone ahead and
our lenovo account has been linked to the google assistant you’ll see similar
page when you do this with phillips you or any of the other smart device brands
here and it’ll basically give you an option of okay what devices do you want
to bring into your environment and the one we want to bring in is our lenovo
plug we’re going to choose a home to connect this device to and then we’re
going to say okay we’re in the home is at which room so we’re going to say this
one is in the living room and that is it we have now connected our smart device
with our google home and you can see here it is going to be in the living
room and instead of having to go into the lenovo app you can actually just go
into the Google home app to control everything within all of your rooms this
is a really great solution if you have a lot of different smart devices in your
residence like I do now with smart bulbs typically there are two types there are
smart bulbs like this Lenovo smart ball where it doesn’t connect to a hub or
there are smart bulbs like the most popular the philips hue bulb which i
have a ton of in my residence and these smart bulbs all connect to a central hub
and that hub will directly connect into your router and then that’s how the
google assistant will connect to it for these types of bulbs they are just
directly going to connect to your Wi-Fi network and then connect to the Google
assistant so let’s go ahead and set up a smart bulb now we already have our
Lenovo account linked up to the Google home app so you may be thinking okay
cool it’s just the same process like we did before when we link the Lenovo count
you just sit set up a device works with Google gray and Lenovo smart home and
then you’re like wait a minute I don’t want to unlike the account so what do we
do here well what you actually need to do is you need to tell Google to sync
devices so all you have to do is use the trigger word and tell Google sync
devices all right now that we’ve synced devices let’s go ahead and refresh here
now what you’re not going to want to do is you’re not going to want to click Add
again we’ve already linked the Lenovo device
and we’ve already synced devices to the Google assistants so in theory the
device should just show up in our home but it’s probably not the sign to a room
and I’m exactly right because there it is there’s porch light so let’s go ahead
and open up porch light here and let’s add this to a room so we just click add
to a room and we’re going to add this to we’re gonna need a new room here we’re
going to say gonna create a new room called porch and hit next all right so
now the Lenovo smart bulb has been synced up to the Google assistant and
you will now be able to use either your voice or the touch screen on a Google
smart display if you have one to control your Lenovo smart bulb again this works
for any other bulbs like I’ve got philips hue bulbs right there like
they’re in my closet there’s a philips u bulb it looks exactly the same on the
device and works the same way it’s just linking the account can vary slightly
but overall it’s going to link to the Google assistant in a very similar way
that you saw when I went through and linked our Lenovo account to the Google
assistant app well that concludes our video for smart home devices thank you
guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed our deep dive into smart home
devices with the Google assistant if you liked this video give us that thumbs up
button and subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more videos like this
one we’ve actually done a lot of videos on the channel of smart home devices
that do work with the Google assistant I’ll be sure to link those in the video
right now as well as in the description below so make sure you check those out
if you’re interested in a particular product or smart home device category
well that wraps up this video thanks again so much for watching for 6 months
later I’m Josh Tedder

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  1. Full Transparency: Lenovo gave us the Lenovo smart devices we used in the video for free. We weren't paid by them to make this video.

  2. Hi Josh 👋

    Thank You so much for this Helpful video, (I need all the help I can get, lol).
    Adding this to my Smart Home Setup Playlist 🙂.

    Enjoy Your Saturday 🌅.
    JaneLee 🕊️
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