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Gluten Free Desserts: Silky Custard

Gluten Free Desserts: Silky Custard

Gluten free desserts: Silky Smooth Custard
Hi, I’m Bron, welcome to Believe It’s Not Gluten, the home of amazing recipes for the
gluten intolerant. Amazing because they taste so good that no one will know they are gluten
free. This is a really delicious custard, far nicer than what you can get with custard
powder, great for special desserts but also great as a healthy dessert with fresh fruit.
You need milk, our GF flour mix, or you could use cornflour if you prefer , egg, sugar and
vanilla. You can use any kind of sugar you like, white, raw or even coconut palm sugar.
So start by heating nearly 2 cups of milk, just hold back a little of the milk, heat
in a heavy based saucepan on medium heat. Meantime, in a small bowl, blend the flour
with the milk that you held back, start with just a very small amount of milk and gradually
add more until you get a really thick paste – only add just enough to get it to form
a paste then you can squash it against the side of the bowl and get all the lumps out
– if you add too much at first you’ll never get the lumps out. It’s not as easy
to work with as cornflour – but once the lumps are out it’s just the same to use.
Just keep checking that your milk’s not boiling over. Once the lumps are out gradually
add the rest of the milk to thin it down. So take your nearly boiling milk off the heat
and pour the flour mix in a thin stream into the hot milk while mixing all the time.
Put it back onto the heat and bring back to the boil, stirring all the time, then turn
down the heat and boil it gently for 1 minute stirring most of the time. Cover the saucepan
and allow the mixture to cool so it doesn’t form a skin on the top – otherwise this
will form lumps later on. If you want to speed things up put it in a sink with some cold
water and it will soon be cool enough to use. You can use cornflour if you prefer.
Meanitme 2 eggs in a bowl with the sugar and vanilla bean paste and whisk it together,
then pour about half of the warm – or cold – milk mixture into the eggs, still whisking
all the time again. I usually just add all the milk (A recipe will normally say to just
add half of the hot milk here so if iI’s up to you how you want to do it. )
Return it all to the saucepan and put it back on to medium heat. Now this is the tricky
part. So just keep going without worrying until it is steaming hot, nothing will happen
before then. Then its best to turn down the heat a little and continue to whisk until
it gest to nearly boiling, it will then thicken very slightly and start to coat the whisk. You can see here that the mixture
is just running straight off the whisk like milk – that means its not ready yet. You
need to keep whisking the whole time and not to leave it on the heat when if you think
it is cooked. You don’t’ want to go by how thick it is, you want to go by how hot
it is – that is hot enough to cook the eggs and thicken the custard but not hot enough
to boil. If you think it is getting close lift it up from the heat while you keep whisking
and check it out. If it’s not ready put it back down on the heat and keep going, and
just keep repeating this until it is done. Don’t’ leave it on the heat while you
decide if it might be ready or you may end up leaving it just long enough for it to boil.
See here now it is coating the whisk, not just running off it like milk. Keep it off
the heat them but keep whisking it as the bottom may keep cooking in a heavy based pan.
Quickly remove from the heat and pour into a serving bowl or jug, or, continue to whisk
until the saucepan has cooled enough to not keep ‘cooking’ the custard. Just remember this is not a really thick custard
so don’t go by how thick it is, go by how hot it is and you must get it off before it
boils. You can double the flour if you want a thicker custard. Store in the fridge for
up to 5 days if your ingredients have all been fresh, serve with fresh fruit and you
have a delicious healthy everyday dessert. Please visit the blog for the full recipe,
and plenty of tips so that you can make this successfully yourself, if you like this please
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and – Believe It! It’s not Gluten!

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