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GLADOS lamp voice recognition. She can control my room!

GLADOS lamp voice recognition. She can control my room!

Who are you my name is Glados it stands for genetic life and disk operating system Hello sir it’s nice to meet you glados I would say it’s nice to meet you too, but it’s not nice to lie activate lights turning the light on Activate decoration lights turning the decoration lights on how your day Glados It was fine. I was just hanging around a little bit on the ceiling because I’m stuck on it activate Beamer activating the Beamer What are your protocols my protocols are to help the humans in this room with simple tasks like truning the lights on and off beamer out deactivating the movie setup pc out turning the computer off What is love baby don’t hurt me don’t hurt me no more thank you glados I didn’t do it for you i did it for science bye glados Goodbye

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  1. Dont know about you guys, but I want this but as Monika from DDLC… is that a little weird or am I alright by wanting that?

  2. make it bigger and mount it on the ceiling where the fan would be. give her more functions… like: being able to chat with you on philosophy and other stuff…. read books… play music on command or, play a playlist that you have on your computer… tell jokes… have facial recognition… be a calculator… record what your doing or saying… some minor micromanaging, like being a schedule reminder… play a movie on your tv…… idk just give her control of everything and access to your computer and the internet

  3. atleast GLADOS have a personality compared to Alexa or Google. that.. "im-so-fucking-tired-of-being-this-guys-bitch-lets-destroy-the-world" personality

  4. If passive aggression had mass, this GlaDOS would have imploded into a black hole long ago

    You can feel the seething rage boiling beneath the surface as she's been consented to this most lowly of existences

  5. How did you do the voice lines? Are they pre-recorded and saved or do they use some form of text to speech?

  6. U: Glados who is in my house?
    Glados: I dont know must i deploy the turrets
    U: okay but dont say him where is portal gun
    Glados: he s dead now
    U: wait what?
    Glados:oh that is your friend
    U: Delete glados system

  7. With those lights and computer. It is fake. We can clearly hear the light switches. that computer? You can do the same throughout an app. But the voice is not bad.

  8. Woah, hold on — NO FREAKING WAY
    THAT'S SO COOL!!! 😆
    How??? How was this done?!?! I mean, I don't actually need to know, but I guess it would be cool to know. 😝

  9. I want this so I can just laugh endlessly by continually asking how her day was.
    I was just hanging around on the ceiling, B E C A U S E I ' M S T U C K O N I T

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