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Giant Chocolate Easter Egg

Giant Chocolate Easter Egg

– If this works, sign me up for the Olympics. Okay, so today, I’m gonna be making a giant chocolate Easter egg, one of my favorite things
to eat on Easter morning. First, I’m just gonna
melt down the chocolate. I’m using semi-sweet chocolate. I’ll use two bags for now, and we’ll see. Maybe we need more. When you’re melting chocolate,
it burns super quickly. So, I’m just gonna do one
minute intervals and stir it, and keep doing that
until it’s melted down. The coconut oil will also help
with setting the chocolate into the egg shape too,
so I think it’s just like a win-win situation to
use the coconut oil. The chocolate seems like
a nice consistency that’ll just spread around the balloon,
so I’m hopeful about that. Now, we have our bottle
filled with chocolate. I’m gonna overcompensate
a little, because I know I’m gonna lose- oh, I’m a little light-headed. Woo! I’m gonna twist it to create
kind of a seal before I try to snap this around this squeeze bottle. Oh! Dang it. I have, like, a phobia
of balloons popping. Just so you know that. This is the perfect
thing for me to be doing. I will own the risk. Because this is like, do or die. Let’s flip this. Oh! Okay. Something’s happening. Definitely I’m gonna need more chocolate. So, there is a chance I
can’t do this, by the way. So, I’m gonna maybe tilt it this way. So hard to tell where it needs to go. I’m just gonna roll it around a lot. I feel like this is like,
Tetris or something. My god, I think I did it. If this works, sign me
up for the Olympics. This should work as like a little nest. The inside is chocolate! I’m gonna freeze it,
this is a better freezer. 30 minutes, and I’ll check on
it, see if it’s like solid, because coconut oil helps
chocolate set super quickly. So, it shouldn’t take too long. We’ll see, stay tuned. It’s pretty hard, so I’m happy with that. So, I’m just gonna cut the balloon now, and hopefully peel it off. Okay, here. Wow, that was so satisfying! Yeah, it’s definitely more of a round egg. Not a great decorator. Let’s get that out there first. This is pretty fun though, I have to say. Oh, a little messy. I feel like I’m just trolling this egg. Should do some sprinkles. All right, I think that
concludes the decorating portion. Do you like it? Happy Easter! Well, looks like Easter
just threw up all over this chocolate egg. Tune in next time for
another Super Mega Challenge. Oh yes!

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  1. Anyone worried because the taste will kinda ruin because of the balloon
    Lmao that smell when you touch a balloon

  2. Alix you’re the best! I love your bubbly personality and bright smile! 😀 not to mention how pretty you are!

  3. Love itching you but please, put your hair UP! This isn't a beauty contest. You're beautiful with it up too, and I'm not obsessing over your hair being in the food. Pllzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Just saying you probably don’t want to eat that latex balloons have a powder in them to keep the latex from sticking to it self so you got that all over the chocolate

  5. thumbnail: hey alix is in this ! 
    my dumb bi ass that not only only likes alix out of the tasty crew but also has a sort of crush on here: hey

  6. She so needs to brush her hair. Every time she cooks, her hair looks like it’s going to get into everything

  7. Here You should not blow it with your mouth because your saliva had gone inside it and now every One will eat that

  8. Urm I'm still gobsmacked at how she out chocolate inside the balloon?! I thot she was going to do it on top.

  9. I know it’s a year late but I signed you up for the upcoming Olympics game. You’re gonna do awesome.

  10. First time Alix made something in her first attempt and fun fact is it was pretty hard to make😂😂

  11. The name of the fobia is “globofobia” and usually ppl who has that fobia don’t even dare to touch a ballon ( I have that fobia ;-;)

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