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Giaco Whatever Makes a  Space Lamp

Giaco Whatever Makes a Space Lamp

Hi this is Giaco from the Giaco Whatever YouTube
Channel. One of the questions I get the most is “what’s
the best project to start making things?” And my answer is “A Lamp!” Because you just need, basically, a lightbulb,
a lightbulb socket, and a wire with a plug at the end. And what you put in the middle
is your art, and it can be made with whatever tools you have, whatever skills, and essentially
whatever you have. So, let me show you how I made mine.

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  1. So glad to see you on Make: channel, you definitely deserve to have more subs and I hope this way you'll get many more! Saluti da Croazia 😉

  2. great video and build.
    I didn't like the music though, i'd much prefer some tips on the process instead.

  3. Una volta tanto commento in italiano… Vista da fuori, la tua presenza sul canale di Make sembra un notevole traguardo che va a "consacrare" ulteriormente le tue capacità e il tuo progetto di quest'anno. Sono contento di averti conosciuto di persona, ti meriti tutto quanto. Continua così!

  4. Fantastic edit as always Giaco! Can see you put as much effort into your videos as your projects, well deserved to be featured on Make: 🙂

  5. If you never seen Giaco Whatever you should subscribe to his channel. He's insanely talented. And his videos are top notch.

  6. Finally I know how to pronounce your name! Great project as always man, really enjoyed the art and design aspect in this one

  7. I might be in the minority here, but I don't expect nor want artsy lighting and angles in "here's how I built this" kind of videos. I know it probably took a fair bit of time to put this together and I don't knock the effort, but I'm not a fan. No voice-over I can live with, but the dark shots and such are far more distracting than entertaining and they take away from the build itself.

  8. hello I am Brazilian and my English is not good. I love to watch your videos. It would be nice if it had caption for the portuguese of Brazil.

  9. If you are making a video promoting the "first project", you should be including safety. Using power tools in poor to no lighting is not safe. You may be going for a videographer award, but safety first.

  10. I love this, and great to see you making content for Make! Your advice about making a lamp is excellent – consider me inspired.

  11. very nice, Mr Whatever!. Your videos are pretty unique! found you through that crazy Waelder guy. You guys are doing good things 🙂

  12. i have never seen such a clean workshop and smooth flow in a making video… great stuff
    I will never get that clean…ridin' on dirty…

  13. Giaco   I like it  a lot ,   You have given me a few ideas for future projects……..   Thank you….Say hello to David….. and Remember ………………..Protect your DIGITS

  14. I shat my pants. The quality is just absurdly great 60fps and all the fancy shit. I was missing your stuff.

  15. So cool how you need the big jack just to turn it on, love it! so fun to see you doing build videos for these bigger channels, things are going up!

  16. That's a badass lamp Giaco.  Congrats on working with Make I hope there will be more videos of yours on Make's channel.

  17. I'm loving the look of this lamp, and as always the awesome editing! Using the audio jack as a sort of "key" to allow the lamp to be on was a really cool touch.

  18. @GiacoWhatever if you used mylar for the lamp watch out from high temperature this summer, mylar contains high temperature and it can go fused if you do not keep it in a cold place!

  19. Giaco this is a really really great build. Very interesting building details as well. Awesome video shooting. Greetings from Greece man.

  20. Nice lamp but given the awesome workshop and access to huge range of materials, kind of expected something a bit better.

  21. Next project idea: have you seen the Intel space capsule? Sadly it is only available for reviewers and it is hand built and -painted. Essentially when you turn the safety lock it starts a countdown with yellow LED bargraph. Then it opens four little locks and the clear acrylic container inside will raise up and will be illuminated with a LED light strip and the new Intel® Core™ i7-5960X Extreme Edition 8-core processor rests inside and can then be removed. It's a beautiful device. So, can you make a similar container? That would be cool. It would be easy to control with a Arduino and there are some clever ways to make the inner container rise up, like using four strings in a clever but very simple mechanism.

  22. Does anyone know how the jack works as a switch? I really want to add that to a project I'm working on as a safety type thing. Would it work to just put the jack receiver in series (not sure if that's the right word, ((I'm new to electronics)) but What I mean is can I solder it on to a split wire between the two main components.) and use it to complete the circuit or would I need something else to make it work like a safety?

  23. That must be one of the ugliest lamps I've ever seen. No offence to your work. It's just to childish for me

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