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Getting My Serb On ~ Honoring My Heritage With Clothes & Home Decor

Getting My Serb On ~ Honoring My Heritage With Clothes & Home Decor

Hello friends, welcome to my channel. I am Serbian/American and today I would like
to talk to you a little bit about what that means to me and how I’ve been able to incorporate
some special pieces from my heritage into my wardrobe and into my home décor. But first, thank you so much for watching,
I appreciate it more than you know. I’m trying to grow the channel and every
subscriber and view means so much to me because I love doing this, and want to keep on doing
it. If you haven’t subscribed, and you like
what you’re seeing, please press the button, just right down there below. It’s free, it’ll mean so much to me. We are also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
@Thedressupmom, #Thedressupmom. I am first-generation born American. My parents immigrated after World War II from
the former Yugoslavia, they’re Serbian by background, so I am almost 100%, 75% my dad
is half Russian, 75% Serbian and I grew up with a lot of that in my background. Grew up with extended family living with us,
grandmothers, aunts and uncles on a big farm. The Serbian church has been a very important
part of my life, I go to a beautiful church in San Diego, sing in the choir and that has
a lot of meaning to me. I was recently at a Serbian festival at our
church, which was so much fun. Brought me back to a lot of things I used
to do when I was a kid there. I was also in the Serbian dancing group and
I played a little instrument. And so, it was a very big part of my growing
up and my heritage. My grandparents were also a very big part
of that, they were incredible people, both of them. My grandfather was actually a General back
in the war, he fought the communists. He had been a Priest first and then when the
war came, he was able to rally a group of people, fought the communists. They were on the losing side of the battle,
but he was remembered particularly for one thing and people kind of considered him a
hero for this, he was able to rescue about 10,000 women and children. When he knew that they were going to be on
the losing side, it was in the middle of the winter, and he and his group took mostly women
and children, 10,000 of them, helped them across this water bank and was able to get
them all into safety and then originally place them into the free world, the US, Canada and
Australia. This picture of him was painted by an artist
and also the drawing was done by my Godfather, who was part of that process with him and
kind of depicts what had happened. So, this is all part of who I am and my background. I personally have never been to Serbia, but
I would love to go. I do speak the language and have a lot of
desire to see the place. But, I have a lot of things that I’ve been
able to gather up from family, from friends, that I either incorporate into my wardrobe
or into my home. And, I was going to kind of show you some
of those today, because I think all of us have some background, again, I’m first and
foremost American, but there’s some part of all of our heritage, that I think it’s
a little bit fun to honor in our homes as well as in our wardrobes. Sometimes it’s a little tricky, I will admit. But I think there’s ways to do it, and hopefully
I’ll show you how to do that. So, the first piece is this blouse that I’m
wearing. And, actually, I’ll step back. Probably ten, fifteen years ago, I went and
raided, probably longer than that, twenty years ago or so, I went and raided my mom’s
closet. And I noticed that she had a lot of these
pieces from Serbia in there that were just tucked away and not being used. So, I took some of my favorite ones and had
them altered. I took this blouse. I thought it was really pretty, kind of a
peasant blouse. It has a nice feel to it, it’s well made,
embroidered beautifully. And so, I’ve incorporated this and worn
it in my wardrobe for a very long time. Another thing that I love and have worn for
many, many years, is this skirt. And the story on this, again, it’s this
just beautiful embroidery all around. I wear this a bunch of different ways, with
boots and a turtleneck in the winter. I’m showing you another way that I’m wearing
it. But, this was a dress and it was way too much
as a dress. It had these big huge sleeves that were embroidered,
and I really loved the bottom of it, particularly this detail of the way that it folds out. So, what I did is I went and had it altered
and turned into a skirt and I’ve gotten so much use out of it. This is a little purse. It’s a little purse that is from Serbia. It has the fringe around it. I love the colors. And, I’ll just pair this with a pair of
jeans or a little plain dress or something and it gives it a little pop of color. Actually, it has quite a bit of room inside
of it and fits a lot of things, so this is kind of fun. I also have this sash. It has some fringe at the end of it here,
on both ends and it is pretty long. So, I can wear it and turn it around wear
it kind of as a scarf almost, or as a belt. And again, because of the colors, which I
love, I put it with something usually fairly basic and have this be the statement piece
of it. I currently have a couple of friends that
are living in Serbia. And they told me about this really cool line
of clothing there it’s called Petra. And, I got it–one of my friends sent me this
cool pair of pants that I love wearing. They’re very modern. They’re super well-made and they’re really
inexpensive. I mean, it’s the kind of pant that here
in the states you would pay, you know, probably $150 for them because they’re really nice. I think she said she paid something like $15
there, another reason I desperately want to go. Finally, I recently ordered online this Serbian
streetwear jacket that says “Serbia” across the front of it. But, it also has so many of the different
details and things that are Serbian about it. It feels really fun on and I wear it as a
fun kind of jacket with jeans and things. And, it has some of the insignia and symbols
for Serbia, the eagle in the back of it is very Serbian with the crown. So, I found this–we brought it online, it
came here really quickly, and I’ve enjoyed wearing it and sort of getting my Serb on
every time I wear it. As part of my home décor, I have these icons
that we have on the wall and each one of these icons was gifted to us by somebody very important
and special in our lives. I made a sort of collage of them, which I
think is a nice way to sort of honor that, but still look like a piece of art. I also have displayed in one of my little
display areas, a couple little pieces here. This is a canteen and a little shot glass. This is a picture of me and my grandfather
when I was a little girl. And this tray was one of the only things that
my grandmother was able to get out of the country when they had to escape. Then, finally down here I saved my instrument,
it’s a called a tamburica a prima. I saved that, and have it displayed. I don’t think I could play it anymore, but
here’s a picture of my sister and I playing that when we were little and I just kind of
keep that as a reminder in my little display area. So, that’s how I honor and sort of wear
and display pieces from my heritage, my Serbian background in my life. I would very much love to hear your stories
about this and if there’s anything that you either wear or have in your home that
depicts your background and makes you feel good. I’d love to know about that in the comments
below. Thank you so much for watching, I appreciate
it more than you know. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little.

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  1. What an awesome video. Your grandfather truly was a hero. What a fabulous heritage. My immediate ancestry is British. On all sides. I can trace several lines back to the Mayflower and before. Which is probably why we don't have much tradition or culture passed down. Most old American traditions began in England.

  2. You are so pretty! It must be the Serbian heritage ☺️. Beautiful eyes!
    When I started watching the video I immediately noticed the portrait of a man that you later in the video described as your grandfather. You didn't mention his name, but, could it be the Vojvoda Momcilo Djujic? Maybe I'm wrong, but the resemblance is amazing! I also have Serbian heritage. I loved the items you showed in the video. I wish you all the best!!!

  3. Wow gorgeous Serbian pieces! I am Slavic myself and I am working on my style to reflect my heritage. I love the flowyness, the colors, and the detail!

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