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  1. Don’t think this would be a “go to” snack for me but I love the diversity in flavor and the narrator’s personality 😁

  2. I didn't think I could LOVE POPCORN more than I do now but I do after watching this video…😋😋😋

  3. I don't understand the point to this video , like don't get me wrong it's popcorn but when I searched through the internet I can hardly find any info based on Erin , also why queer I'm so confused ( not being homophobic just genuinely confused pls don't attack me )

    (Ok so it turns out she is a chef that does synaesthetic performances , this whole time I searched on Google and all I could find was the actress Erin from a couple of movies. )

  4. Si tu t'Abonnes 👈
    Je m'abonne 👍
    Je tien la promesse 👌
    Like et commente quelque chose pour que je sache qui s'est abonne 😉

  5. Please stop saying "queerness", you are normal that's fine. No need to label yourself as "strange" or "queer".

  6. So now apparantly, you cant even watch how to make popcorn without another agenda driven message. It's so boring at this point.

  7. I like to hot air pop my popcorn. Will that popcorn work? I also like to use a coffee grinder to fresh grind my herbs just before adding to popcorn. After popping my popcorn I like to add my oils and some flavorings that can handle the heat, bake at a low temperature to make everything really crispy. Then I add my final flavorings and herbs last. This is a great place to play with herbs that you'd never try in any other dish to get a real sense of the herb.

  8. So to sum up, You are Different and want to express yourself in the best way you know and that is by making Food "Different" and thereby show others that "Different" Isn't bad? Interesting idea. Good Luck with that. Nice Popcorn !

  9. Dang that one person keeps replying to every queer comment getting all pissy as if they're actually hurt. Kinda funny imo.

  10. Never thought I'd hear the word 'queer' in a video that's about making fucking popcorn.
    Many of us come here to relax and watch videos about 'Tasty' (get that?) looking food, not for woke bullshit, we have that in so many other places.
    Buzzfeed be Buzzfeed

  11. Nothing against people and their sexualities because that's their choice but why mentioning it in a food vid? It shall be bout food right?

  12. It's popcorn.. no need to make it complicated by over explaining how you want to make it sprinkled with puppy farts or unicorn whatever it is. If it's good people will like it!

  13. What's a queee without a little nutrition?

    Yeah… Like only gays can eat food

    Bitch, you're making popcorn and yku just made popcorn pretentious

  14. Thanks for the amazing video GEO!! Love you!! So many homophobic comments… no wonder we can't have nice things. Over 1,600 likes! ♥️

  15. Why tf is everyone in the comments complaining about how "it's popcorn calm down" and shit like that?..it's popcorn. Calm down.

  16. Wow u fuckin ppl r just so rude im reading threw these comments and u dam ppl disgust me. Especially the ones that r badgering her cuz shes gay im lez myself. the LGBT r ppl too🌈.Stop being so fuckin ignorant!! smdh either watch the video or dnt…

  17. I'm going to be real but I'm a transwoman in a translesbian relationship with another transwoman but you sound dumb as shit in this video. There's no such thing as queer cuisines and you spent this video saying mouth diarrhea. There's something really stupid about a white lesbian butch woman talking about colonization while making gay popcorn.

  18. look. I'm queer. I get it, wanting to educate people about queer ideas and issues. but holy shit it's just popcorn calm down

  19. I actually appreciated the little bits of history in there about the flavors, and I kinda wish that had been expanded on instead of the emphasis on 'queer'. Also interested in why this Chinese dried herb is so difficult to get.. I feel like it's as much about her need to push acceptance as it is a bit of disorganization. It was kinda hard to follow, i feel like she jumped around without really connecting thoughts completely. Looks tasty tho!

  20. WAIT hold up . when you do eat sweet popcorn do you eat caramel or butter ? Like I'm French and we eat caramel popcorn or salty . that's IT HONEY . So I am curious

  21. I could already tell they caught the gay just by the thumbnail……lol advanced degrees in make. Believe so thinking there are more then 2 genders xDDDDD

    Wait make believe…….hmmmm like that every white male is a racist homophobic bigot LOL

  22. – What do you do for living
    = I'm a conceptional artist
    – oh so do you draw or paint or what?
    = oh no it's none of that, i just know how to express things
    – ohh….
    – so you're just a fucking looser
    = ok just hold on for a second there!!….fucking is a strong word!!

  23. Love the video interesting ideas but why does everything have to incorporate gay in some way or queer I guess. I mean I’m gay too but I don’t make it my personality.

  24. I had to go make popcorn after watching this video! Stove top style! I forgot how much I loved stove top version. I use the chili lime seasoning on my popcorn for that roasted street corn taste! LOL!

  25. How do you get the seasoning mix to stick to the popcorn? Whenever I've tried it all eventually works it's way down to the bottom of the bowl.

  26. Me; looks at comments.

    Me: wonders what wrong with there voice?

    Also me; watches video.

    Me again: mutes videos.

  27. Thank you Geo, for this background and centering your queerness, and relationships in the performances you create. This was beautiful! Hope to see more of you and your creations!!

  28. All the commenters a bunch of hoi polloi troglodytes. Carry on, with your corporate heteronormative popcorn.

  29. I love this! All of this! Great way to level up your popcorn and your life! Thanks Geo!! How can I get more popcorn ideas?

  30. Politics, queers, and deliciously tasty popcorn? So here for this. Thank you Geo for all that you're doing here!

  31. i’m sorry but what the heck is “queer cuisine” i never knew “queer” had a specific type of cuisine? if that makes sense.

  32. Nice work, geo! I love how you weave together the complex roots of food and spices with something that's SO delicious. It's tough that so many comments here are like "omg chill out it's just food," but I bet those same folks have very little idea of who grows, picks, transports, processes, cooks, and serves most of the food they eat. I hope this helps people think a little more about where their food comes from and how. Would love if there was a resource guide for folks in case they wanted to learn more about all of the gems you dropped in just 3 little minutes.

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