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GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture, works with Amazon Alexa

GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture, works with Amazon Alexa

C by GE Sol Review. This smart light has Alexa built in, but you
have to really like its circular design to pay this much. Comprised of a large silver plastic ring mounted
to a silver cylindrical base, GE’s novel smart light looks a lot like Dyson’s new-agey fan. Regarding design, it’s a real departure from
any other smart light, and while I’ll give credit to GE for trying something different,
it doesn’t exactly align with my tastes for home decor. With a diameter of 13 inches, you’d have to
really like having a large, glowing ring taking up a lot of space on your dresser. It’s nice, but not nice enough to want as
a decoration. The outer part of the ring is made of white
LEDs, which can be color-tuned to emit a warmer or cooler hue; the former is good for the
evening, while the latter is better in the morning. Can get pretty bright; At max brightness,
the 60-watt equivalent Sol was more than able to flood my bedroom with light. The inside part of the ring is also lined
with LEDs, but these are red and blue. Their most practical application is a clock;
a red LED indicates the minute, while a blue LED notes the hour. The lights are diffuse enough so that you
can’t tell the exact minute, but it gives you a general sense of the time to within
5 minutes. When you set a timer using Alexa, the lights
will turn off one by one as the timer runs out. Both the outer and inner lights can be controlled
using touch buttons on the Sol’s base. Here, you’ll also find volume controls for
its speaker, as well as a microphone mute button. You then have to create an Automation to activate
that scene at a specific time. It’s a slightly more cumbersome process than
on the Philips Hue app. As with most third-party devices that have
Alexa built in, you can do almost everything you can with an Amazon Echo smart speaker,
such as asking for the weather, news, playing trivia, reading recipes and more. When Alexa recognizes your voice, the inner
ring of the Sol lights up in blue. It’s a neat effect. Another feature the Sol doesn’t support is
whole-home audio, but after listening to a few tunes on the Sol, it’s doubtful you’d
want to use it for that function. The Sol sounds better than the Echo Dot, but
not by much. Music is tinny, with little bass, and higher tones are harsh. It will suit for reading the news and weather,
but anything more and you should get a real speaker. The Sol light from GE should be considered
more of a proof of concept than anything else. In that regard, it has some useful features,
such as lights that change when you’ve got an Alexa timer running. It’s design isn’t for everyone, though, and
its speaker is pretty weak if you’re looking for something to play music. Kudos to GE for trying something different,
but it needs better audio and more Alexa-centric applications for its lights, to be truly useful. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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