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Gary Vee Agent 2021 | Millennial Home Buyers Interview

Gary Vee Agent 2021 | Millennial Home Buyers Interview

hey hey guys it’s michele bee how are you
oh my gosh I can’t see there we go uh okay so couple things Gary V agent 2021
let me tell you something if you have an opportunity to go next year come to
Miami it was awesome and let me tell you why there’s a couple reasons well more
than a couple one he knows his shit and I think that’s really really important
he’s a great speaker he tells it like it is fantastic you guys all know this my
takeaways I had quite a few of them I have them on my flash briefings this
last couple days I’m gonna keep going through because I put everything on my
Trello boards for the panels that I was watching and so I’m happy to share on my
flash briefings with you guys but I will tell you I think it was really great and
one of the things I want to talk to you guys about is the Millennial buyer track
that they were talking about and you may or may not know I have two daughters you
can see them on #SoooBoca on my other Instagram channel they’re 23 and 28 we
talk all the time about you know what their struggles are and I never wanted
to discount it because look when I was at age I had struggles they have their
struggles Millennials have millennial struggles and we were but we were
talking about real estate and my oldest daughter actually has two real estate
license so we were talking about well they did the track on the Millennial
buyers and it was really really fantastic Vayner was on there
chase was on there ace was on there I can’t remember the name of his company
grant wise and I think it was Lisa from Pinterest was on there I mean it’s
fantastic and then women mortgage or mortgage women magazine I don’t mind
notes in front of me anyway it’s really really good and you know I talked to my
girls all the time about stuff and so we definitely talked about hey guys I can’t
see my sunglasses but one of the things I’m
huge on misha’s in real estate if you follow me you will see I talked about
niches in real estate from seniors downsizing to divorce to probate
situations to relocation to me relocation is a niche first time home buyer niche that’s a niche you’ve got all types of
niches that you can work in as agents and you do not have to you know I like
to say I swim upstream a lot of times because I focus on listing niches and
then there’s some buyer niches that I’ve been involved with you know over the
years millenials are great niche and it doesn’t take brain surgery to figure out
what they want and need I’m going to put this out there I heard questions in the
room and you know the panel was fantastic all right we’re gonna try this
again I think my phone gets hot I was outside so I was gonna talk to you guys
a little bit about agent 2021 what some of the takeaways were you can follow my
flash briefings this week hey I’m back it’s so hot out right so my phone
got hot anyways so here’s where I was going I went to
Gary vee’s agent 20 21 down in Miami this week it was fantastic some key
words patience your personal brand is personal you can’t outsource it at all
and we aren’t going to end up having a recession of sorts so just be prepared
for that I went through the housing crash as many of you have it was ugly it
was dirty it was messy I don’t wish it on anyone people I know lost their homes
people were in foreclosure my house was in foreclosure
I mean thankfully we made it out of it but it took a while to get that handled
it was a nightmare but it happened and things that we could take away hey guys
how are you we want to we want to be able to pivot and learn from what
happened and in 2008 9 10 11 and so one of the
panels was working with Millennial’s and how do agents work with Millennials what
you can do now I live with mills as I was started to say before my daughters
are 28 and 23 we talk all the time I know their thoughts right now on
buying a house and rents and things like that because I talked to them and I did
say when they had the end of the panel by the way panel was great
this guy ace was on there’s fantastic grant wise was on there I think she
would her name was Lisa from Pinterest chase I think her name was Amy from
Chase I mean is it mortgage woman magazine was the moderator and then
someone from Vayner was there so it was really really good and you know some of
the takeaways I can tell you is I used to work with first-time homebuyers a lot
and that was when the prices were really high I’m one of the things that I
learned how to do was gifting programs and jab human assistance so one anything
just so cool is as they were talking about Millennials I’m like I know my
Millennials so this is not they’re not like you know from Mars they’re who we
were at that age come on it’s not a mystery they like coffee and rosy and
you know not overly attached a whole lot they like experiences and travel and a
lot of other things and honestly you can do some research on that but here was my
suggestion Millennials are a big piece of our
market right and Michelle Bee is all about the niche I’m a niche which sometimes
people could say I’m a niche biatch but I’m a niche which I’m the listing side
when I pivoted the listening side for me is all about estate sales divorce
seniors to downsize on the buyer side I do a little first-time home buyer I also
do relocations there you go because I live in South Florida so real locations
are a big deal but if you want to work in a buyer niche
the millenials are great niche by the way you just have to understand what
they want and what they don’t want so guess what I did today my younger
daughter had some friends over so I walked out I said can I do an Instagram
story I want to talk to you guys about real estate and they’re all graduated
from college right so I said okay here here’s my thoughts I’m just gonna roll
this and I want to know what you think well son of a gun everything the piano
said everything my girls said so I’m gonna turn out into a little video and
I’m gonna share it because it was it was good you know there it’s about location
if they have animals it’s about their animals they don’t want to overpay they
do a lot of research ahead of time they set up Pinterest boards they like
outdoor space I like outdoor space honestly if I were buying a house today
I don’t care about how big the inside is as much as I want living space outside I
want views I want a view of a pool view of water something so when the panel was
over and there was a QA I didn’t have a question my statement was if you want to
work with Millennials go where they are it’s like with social media go where
your people are go where your sphere of influence is right right so I say go to
a coffee shop go to a microbrewery go where they’re gonna go and do your own
research you know like buy them some coffee buy them a round of drinks as
long as they’re you know legal age to drink and just talk to them you know and
say listen I’m a real estate agent I want to work with millennial homebuyers
and I’d love to know your tea on the market let me tell you one
takeaway that I got today this was awesome
I don’t think Realtors know how to connect with us and we don’t know how to
connect with them Thank You Sara that was awesome and it’s true now I’m
in my mid 50s yeah I can connect with Millennials don’t tell me that you’re 40
and you cannot figure this shit out all you have to do is talk to them and
they’re fun it’s a fun group actually and I like traveling with my girls
because they’re fun but they’re serious about their money they’re serious about
their investment they don’t want to overpay they want a good location
they’re gonna be there for a while I don’t from what my impression was they
want to be there for a while some of the takeaways were really cool about the
Millennials if you do work with them and you have closes with them some of the
really cool things that you can do to continue working with their millennial
friends so for example like look I want to Instagram there’s a reason I’m on
Instagram I would not say my my sphere is on Instagram my big sphere of people
my age per se but there are and there are other people on here that I love
connecting with because I’m a young thinker and I thankfully you know I want
to stay that way and this is where you can see I’m gonna do scroll through an
Instagram feed and see what’s going on go on Pinterest like I said go to a
coffee shop do your research do your own little Roundtable you know and ask them
questions you can do a first time home buyer workshop but make sure you do it
in a manner that works for them maybe it needs to be a webinar though you know
not everybody wants to come up in to workshop on a Saturday morning shed I
don’t want to slap it in and workshop on Saturday morning so think about how can
you change your game up a little bit and attract attract which is my word of the
air millennial buyers so you have a very robust and each they work and get with
your lenders there were some amazed using lenders by the way at this event
it was awesome talking to them and start carving out the buyer niche the
Millennial buyer niche so they’re gonna buy and they are buying they’re a big
part of the buyer market and if you have any questions like I said I am on my
flash briefings on Alexa she can’t hear me
you can enable my flash briefing it is the real estate influencer buzz flash
pop it on because I’m going to be doing at least three or four more flashes on
the Gary Vee agent 2021 event which was amazing
I think from a female standpoint to just an FYI a lot of women’s speakers there
and I like that I like that a lot and I have a podcast today when my friends was
on a panel there Chelsea pipes follow her you will get an extensive amount of
information from her she’s a thought leader and she is just amazing on how
she process and this shares how she processes so I have a really good
interview with her on my podcast my podcast is on iTunes buzz for us
stitcher it’s the same name the real estate influence or buzz podcast I’m
going to have by the way more interviews that are dropping I have some great
interviews already ready to go season two’s mainly my women friends so great
information for everyone but I’m just letting you know up front went after the
gal pal thing it’s called sub social sell sesh and it’s one of my sessions on
my podcast but with that being said I’m dropping a lot of takeaways on my flash
briefings and I think you guys will really be able to use some of the
information that I learned from agent 2021 I did get to meet Gary Vee that was
so very very cool by the way and and the story behind it is even cooler so you
need to follow you loan officers out there LOL life
Josh he’s awesome so he was waiting to do an interview and
ironically this was right after John Henry did his session at lunch and so I
was kind of waiting there on the tennis course that was that hard rock hard rock
now has I think they’re having the Miami open there now and it was at the Hard
Rock Stadium I’m a big Dolphins fan I’ve been in Florida forever and so I was
kind of just I don’t know what I was doing I was going over to the Facebook
tent actually and I saw this little crowd I’m like oh my gosh Gary Vee is
like you just showed up and he was at one of the vendor tents so I’m standing
there and I am five ninety one five two and he else I’m about five five so I
square like this with my camera phone and I got some video of him but Josh
says to me get your ass in there get a picture and he said and he says you’re a
woman get in there he’ll love that cuz it was all guys so I I ran in and I said
Gary I’m a woman in business and I’m 55 he goes five is my favorite number
and I was like can I get a selfie he’s like yes I I got my selfie but it was
really cool because I really do like what he has to say and I was actually
showing my husband today my husband is you know he’s he’s a fisherman and you
know not and on the business side of things
and I was like you know watch some of this stuff you you’re gonna like him
he’s like oh yeah he’s pretty cool it was awesome so I was kind of sharing
with him but if you get a chance next year come to Miami coz he’s doing it I
think for two more years – in Miami come to Miami I think if if you’re in any of
these tracks in particular you’re gonna walk away with great information but the
friendships the business relationships and the networking that we did was
profound and I don’t go to a lot of stuff anymore maybe because I’ve gone to
a lot of stuff and I never walk away feeling like
that was fabulous I walked away from this fabulous no I did have a lot of
friends there I went in Tuesday Tuesday night we you know we had cocktails and
we just hung out we rented an Airbnb so there there’s a there’s a low budget way
to do some of this stuff and that would be one of them get a bunch of your
friends together and go but if you’re an insurance automotive mortgage or real
estate it was really really good now I know our four is coming up if you’re a
Remax agent so a lot of people are going out there I am on the fence right now
because I’ve already committed to some other things so I don’t know but I did
get to me our Remax CEO Adam contest if you’re a
Remax agent I got to tell you terrific guy all ears very open to conversations
to suggestions I got to tell you fantastic
I mean it was just a really amazing opportunity to have a conversation with
the CEO Remax Adam Contos I mean that’s huge and so I just had these little opportunities
throughout the really the two days that I was there the day the conference is
just one day so anyways just think about that find your niche stay in your lane
that was a John Henry quote your personal brand is your personal brand
you can’t outsource it so realtor stop throwing out the same crap that every
other realtor is throwing out there stop signing up for these generic Oh we’ll
handle your social media for you come on you can automate almost everything now
but put your personal touch on it big chunky pieces of content break it down
and use it for everything else so you’re not losing your mind and losing business
because you’re spending too much time on social right you know who listen I’ve
been there we’ve all been there big chunky piece of content don’t know how
to write and hire someone to write for you go in and put your voice on it don’t
know how to do a podcast learn I do pockets it’s really not hard do it right
from your phone I do it from my phone all the time I record my flash briefings
on anchor and then I go on the desktop and I download it to movavi so that I
mp3 of it I’ve got it down now so I went boom boo-boom dun dun dun it’s off it’s
out there my podcast I used bus from for now and I set up my own Alexa flash
briefing I learned how to do it there was a couple glitches I ran it by a
couple of the guys than I’m friends with and they’re like nope thought you’d do
this and the site name do that so I feel like if I can learn this stuff and I’m a
mid-life mama you can learn it there’s no excuses and no matter what kind of
real estate your son high end medium you know lower priced coastal whatever you
can do it I also just recently wrote a blog post it’s on sip social self.com
check it out it’s all about why did my listing not why did my property nuts
it’s all it’s all about expired listings and I haven’t put it out a lot of places
but I’m going to because I did pop it on one industry website and got a lot of
traction on it and so I think I’m gonna pop it out there yes Michelle bee gets a
little nervous I think it’s definitely can go in and talk like this for them
like so anyways I hope you guys are having a good Saturday and you you know
we still have a few days left in January to do a little planning and enable your
flash briefings the real estate influencer buzz with Michelle be my
podcast ad garyvee man he’s good and look at some of the people that I’m
following and you know if you want some suggestions let me know I will be happy
to share with you you send me a DM asked me if I’m following happy to let you
know who I’m following on the flashes there’s people I’m following and there’s
some people I’ve had to unfollowed because it just wanted to be supportive
but it’s also not overly relevant to my my life so but I can skip through a lot
oh by the way I had the great pleasure of meeting Peter Lorimer he’s awesome he
is a Beverly Hill real estate agent broker he’s amazing
follow him here and follow his show on Netflix you are going to love it I think
it’s called stay here it’s all about remodeling reinventing Airbnb s for
Airbnb owners classically good you’re gonna love it
and what else if you have any questions for me some medium but I’m gonna try and
get my husband to go to an art show that’s like pulling teeth and I hope you
guys are having a great day I’m gonna try and wave to everybody now hold on
here I’ve been very bad about waving I’m sorry I’m trying hello hello everybody
my phone is like going crooked because my computer’s not out here here we go
all right did my best alright guys you have a great weekend go
plan your social media week alright don’t lose your minds over it go uh find
a niche if you want some suggestions send me a DM
hey guys so this week I was at the Gary V agent 20 21 conference and one of the
panel’s was about mortgages and Millennials buying homes I guess what I
have Millennials here at my house I put out my hand so here we go I’m gonna ask them a few questions let me see I gotta
turn this around okay buying a home versus renting a home
and remember this is kind of short so what are your thoughts on do you want
eventually in the right spot where is the right spot what would be important
to you guys like like one or two things that are important to you when you think
about buying a fordman okay okay what about lifestyle is there
a certain room or that something that you would end up looking for that would
stand out to you more than another and if this goes a little long I’ll just
stop it and jump onto the next one real quick like backyards kitchens okay okay
that’s pets are in yeah okay what what about working with a realtor I love that well I’m a realtor and
that’s why I’m asking you this so I’m gonna share all this… this is Alle my
daughter and her all of her besties

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  1. Sounds like an interesting event. Gary sure did create some fuss after that with his comments about buying real estate.

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