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Fresh Farmers Market Vs. Store-Bought Ingredients: Apple Pie • Tasty

Fresh Farmers Market Vs. Store-Bought Ingredients: Apple Pie • Tasty

okay so they’re the same recipe but one has all local ingredients the other one’s all store-bought ingredients local ingredients what’s a local ingredient Oh from the farmers market at Union Square this is fresh yes from today and hi I’m Merle and today we’re gonna be doing a locally sourced versus store-bought apple pie challenge so originally I was just gonna buy a premade store-bought apple pie but then I looked at the ingredients on the box and like I don’t even know what a lot of these are to be honest with you we’ve got corn syrup palm and or soybean oil Malto dextran what the hell is dextran sodium prop POA night I don’t know what this stuff is so we’re not gonna do that instead I’m going to have one recipe that’s gonna be exactly the same the only difference is gonna be that in one pie almost all of the ingredients will be locally sourced and in the other pie all of them will be store-bought and then at the end we’re gonna have a few people taste test to see if they can taste the difference between locally sourced and store-bought all right let’s get cooking first thing we’re gonna do is add the flour and the salt into it like a medium-sized bowl and just mix it with a fork until it’s nicely combined so the great thing about this farm that I bought this flour from is that they focus heavily on sustainability so by buying their products I’m directly supporting that cause then I’m gonna add in the cubed butter and just try to break it up really nicely with the fork you want the lumps to be like the size of small peas the butter we have today is from a dairy farm in Pennsylvania you might be noticing that the color is a little more yellow than some of the sticks you see in the store the reason for that is because of what the cow eats pasture-raised cows are given a lot of fresh grass which contributes to this really pretty color then gradually you want to add in the ice water while you’re mixing the dough eventually the dough is going to come together you may not need all the water but if the dough is too dry then you can add more you just want to make sure the dough isn’t very sticky or tacky so now I’m just going to work the dough together nicely until I can get it into a smooth ball and then with cling wrap and refrigerate it for both recipes we’re gonna be using granny smith apples these are kind of like the apple of apple pies the thing that you can notice right away between the store-bought and the locally source is the way they look the store-bought one is a bit shinier and the reason for that is because most store-bought apples actually have a wax coating on them this is to help them last longer your average store-bought Apple could be anywhere from five months to even a year old that doesn’t necessarily affect the taste but I guess we will do the judge of that in a little while with the locally sourced one you’ll notice they’re not entirely green the reason for this is because well we’re in the Northeast so the colder temperatures give them like a little red blush which is I think kind of adorable you’re probably wondering why should I care the store-bought Apple has traveled 2,500 miles from Washington State to New York State that requires a lot of energy fuel and extra time and of course the apples not going to be as fresh meanwhile the locally sourced apple has come just under 100 miles from upstate New York okay next we’re gonna peel the apples then core and slice them in a bowl you’re gonna toss together the apples with some sugar flour salt nutmeg cinnamon and a little bit of lemon juice we did our best to make sure all of our ingredients were local but with things like cinnamon sugar and salt it’s not always possible depending on where you live all right so you’re gonna mix those up until they’re evenly combined and refrigerate those as well pre-heat your oven to around 375 degrees Fahrenheit cut your pie dough in half and roll out both halves until they’re both round and about 1/8 of an inch thick an easy way to move your dough is to roll it right up onto your rolling pin and then unroll it onto your pie dish then you’re gonna pour in your apple filling and Pat it down so it’s even then just roll the other half of the dough on top and trim the extra dough from the edges pinch the edges to create a nice little crimp effect and make sure that all the edges are steel together cut four slits into the top of the pie to create a nice little vent for a while it’s baking now you just want to brush your pie with the egg wash even for the egg wash on this pie we got locally sourced eggs these chickens were pasture raised which means they get to eat grass and bugs and run around and be happy and therefore they produce more nutritional and colorful eggs now you’re just want to sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top bake your pie for 50 to 60 minutes you’ll know it’s ready when the crust is nice and golden brown so we’ve got our store bought version and we have our locally sourced version they’re both looking very beautiful so I’m just gonna cut these up and then we’re gonna get some taste testers in here to see the pink I just gotta say this crust looks unbelievable it looks really really delicious so my prediction is this I’m I think that possibly the store-bought one might taste a bit more familiar to people so I’m not sure I hope they like the locally sourced one but we’re gonna have to just find out [Music] it has a weird consistency it’s a lot it’s it’s it’s like it’s sweet but it’s good but it’s it’s very there’s a lot of stuff inside too sweet for me I need a glass of milk it’s more of like a it’s like a pudding it’s like a pudding pie I mean I have to try the second one before I can give you any serious opinions I hate this pipe I like this one the crust is perfect the apples are really like tight those are some tight apples this one I can already tell make it looks more flaky it’s like crunchy and it’s not as sweet the apples are still crunchy yeah which is actually kind of nice okay so if you had to pick which one do you like better absolutely like this pie better okay this was the locally sourced one so you like did good for the world by liking that behind nice this crust for me is like the bond and I would probably guess that this is the one that’s made with locally sourced ingredients ding ding ding yeah you got it this one just feels amazing the whole time so awesome someone’s the all locally sourced ingredients one can you teach me how to make it because then I want to go and shop at a store cos all I can do is this for now Wow okay I genuinely thought that a lot of people were gonna pick the store-bought slice I was a little bit worried I’m not gonna lie to you but I’m really happy to see that they could actually taste the difference in the crust because of that butter and I think it just goes to show that when you do invest a little bit in local ingredients you’re not only supporting a great cause you’re also providing yourself with that extra taste and like that extra kick that you can give to any dish yo I actually I didn’t know that like local food was a thing and it tastes a lot better so [Music]

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  1. Palm oil is horrible! You shouldn't buy products with palm oil! Research on how it's acquired… you'll scare yourself and feel bad for the animals suffering for it. For an OIL

  2. bitch just cause you dont know what an ingredient is just means you're ignorant. Do your research instead of being scared of the unknown. you realize the ingredients are added for food storage and to keep them from spoiling and fresh etc. there's a science behind it

  3. Slower credits please give your creators some recognition also I really just read John Cera as John Cena and that’s a problem

  4. in america 100 miles is local ? in ireland and france local means 12 mile radius haha 100 miles is still alot of travel you can get apples more local i bet

  5. I love this idea and goal for sustainability but I have lived in a food dessert most of my life and the only way we can have fruits or vegetables is with transportation being cheap. Our economy cannot afford to pay so much for "organic" or anything life that. It is a literal desert and farming is hard. Getting water to us is very tough. This issue seems bigger than simply wanting to do good

  6. The store boxed one is no doubt extremely overly sweet. The apples in it are definitely soft like, sludge. The apple "sludge" swimming in high fructose corn syrup. The crust more like shelf rack AM PM gas station pre-packaged mass manufactured donut pastry in a bag.

  7. I live in a farming town and all these ingredients would be readily available for me but I’ve never tried to buy locally and honestly it’s started to bug me. I understand that for others it’s a little harder to get the fresh eggs and fresh fruit but I honestly have no excuse. Seeing everyone complain about well we aren’t rich. You definitely don’t have to be rich or privileged to shop locally. The eggs sold in my town for a dozen is 3 dollars. If I went to the store it would be 5-6 dollars. People need to realize that buying locally and trying to be better for the environment doesn’t mean you’ll be paying more. You just have to find the right place.

  8. How about making guacamole with store bought and the locally sourced ingredients. By the way nice vid.👌👏❤😂

  9. Pfff yeah but even if you go to the farmers market you can get scammed and pay extra for ingredients that aren’t local at all ! It is the case where I live, unfortunately. The farmers will try and sell you the idea that everything is local and that they are traditional farmers, but a lot of them don’t grow anything at all. Check out “marketplace farmers market” on YouTube. So yeah, it is a good idea to buy local but beware of fake farmers because you will be paying extra for something you can get at a Walmart.

  10. I am always bothered that Tasty uses cling wrap instead of just putting a towel on it. Considering how the other videos are promoting less waste, I hope Tasty can eliminate at least that.

  11. i expected the comment section to explode about how beautiful she is but everyone's bitching about how biased this video is

  12. Its really easy for me living in northern California to go to the farmers market. Everything is grown were I live. It's much harder if you live in Wyoming.

  13. This seems rigged, almost like you want the farmers market to win, another thing is that store bought ingredients can also be fresh. Depending on your store.
    Whole Foods and whole earth center are better than Walmart and target just saying.

  14. The apples in the LS pie weren’t completely cooked. They said the apples were crunchy. If they cooked the pie longer, it wouldn’t have been nearly as tall as it was.

  15. Fresh?? Hardly! To make my apple pie…
    First I wake up the cow (she loves to sleep in). We milk her and immediately make fresh butter.
    To make the crust I go through our wheat fields and individually pick out the grains and then mill them myself. I ask our chickens for a couple eggs….(make sure the egg hasn’t been fertilized…cuz that’s a whole new type of pie)…..I then harvest our sugar cane real quick for some super fresh…uh…sugar. I do run into trouble with ingredients like baking powder but did end up finding some sort of white powder in our sons room and it totally did the trick …people said the pie made them happy and carefree. Gotta love when you take a bite of something and it takes you away..
    Oh and we get a lot of sugar questions and we always answer the same….As far as white and brown sugar…we think all sugar colors are beautiful.
    The rest of the ingredients are self explanatory: lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger….you know…all those things grow in our back yard in North Texas!
    Who needs market fresh or store bought ingredients when you can harvest your own cinnamon right ?


    1. For all the lovelies out there who have a difficult time understanding sarcasm and all it’s glory…..the above steps are 100% true
    2. I actually wrote this to see how long it takes my wife to wonder why her YouTube notifications are going nuts. Hey babe…..might not leave your phone out in the open…you never know who might stumble across it and notice what video you were watching. Never know who could pick it up and pretend to be you. Just sayin. (Oh And please let me know if this long message annoys people and you get a bunch of comments saying you have too much time in your hands)
    You are welcome! I’m nice like that.
    You know you love me….I’m awesome .

  16. Aww I thought Merle would show us a vegan apple pie since she was here. Also I have a big tub of maltodextrin, to make powdered nuttela, peanut butter and olive oil for gastronomi cuisines.

  17. This was too scripted, even the "locally sourced" pie looked better than the other pie. This was way too biased, if this is a series its a definite cancel, its just going to be the same results over and over again.

  18. This is the worst way to advertise environmentalism. You can advertise it, but there’s a line between that and shoving it down people’s throats. Her tone made it seem like she was dimming it down.

    The really fake “reactions” don’t help. They’re both still apple pie. One may not be as good as the other, but if you like apple pie you wouldn’t hate the other one.

    Oh, and the cookware change, different crust formation, and obvious filling difference.

    Advocation done wrong just does the opposite.

  19. Why is everyone hating this video. This was made to see the differences of homemade or store bought apple 🍎pie🥧 . It was not made to say that store bought pie 🥧 is bad

  20. Locally grown is ethically better to buy but this video seemed painfully scripted. Might make someone who might have actually wanted to try it think that it's all BS. Could hurt the locally grown cause. Just be honest. Pie is gonna be good. Its pie!

  21. Not everything needs to be "locally sourced and freshly pulled from your asshole" to be good a lot of farmers markets lie about where they get their stuff

  22. I actually didn’t like apple pie from the first time I tried it which was years ago but this is really making me crave apple pie now…. brb, I’m getting hungry

  23. Just to be clear, I want to like this video but, from where I live, making pies that are "locally sourced" is impossible. The climate in our country cannot sustain the growth of apple trees. We heavily rely on importing foreign goods when the local market demands it but can't supply it. What if I want apple pie but can't eat it because I made a rule to myself that what I consume has to be locally grown?

  24. I like a lot of Tasty's videos. But by far this one was my least favorite. It was bias. I am really disappointed. I wish it showed them make both, making that side by side comparison so it can prove their point. But this was clear which one they did their precautions and love with. Well, time to go watch some of their other videos.

  25. It's heartening to see how people are becoming more conscious about locally sourced ,organic, fresh,seasonal, naturally grown food items all around the world. Its a win win for the consumers, farmers and environment as well

  26. This reminds me of my high school social experiment about fruit loops where I had someone try red and blue fruit loops and tell me if they tasted a difference. I figured they wouldn’t taste a difference (because they’re the same flavor) so I put kool aid powder on the blue one, and yup they said they tasted different and the WHOLE class was amazed

  27. Great, now I feel like an asshole for going to the goddamn store because I’m trying to live on college budget and not spend 1000+ dollars on food

  28. This shit sounds so scripted sksksk who says “I hate this pie!!!” just because it’s slightly too sweet.

  29. What about sustainability. The amount of energy and resources used to produce the ingredients?
    Edit: continuing…. and pasture raise cows. Yes that’s nice but it’s likely you need to clear out land just to raise them. everyone’s so dismissive over sustainability, price and accessibility. And yet how does that benefit the world.? Cows produce methane. The amount of land used to create each ingredient is apparently meaningless. Not only that but what if you live in an area where you must get store bought and not locally sourced due to living conditions? Am I negative? I dunno the whole thing seems biased towards locally sourced. (The term local is so vague. Like natural)

  30. Of course the homemade pie would win, since it's freshly baked. In order to have a fair comparison, a homemade pie with local and non-local ingredients should have been compared.

  31. First of all, you would not say you hate whatever your friend is giving to you, you wouldn't want to make them feel bad about it, so i'm immediately thinking whatever they said is just scripted as fck.

  32. Does everyone know that not all farmers markets are over priced???? Most of them are either equally the same or even less. Calm down people 😂

  33. „I hate the pie“ how rude
    Don‘t say that when someone just spent so much time making it even if you‘re comparing it to another pie :(( so rude, it made me a bit sad 🙁

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