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  1. Hello there ,i like the laptop you using it please well you tell me which type of this  laptop waiting for your reply  thanks

  2. I'm having a hard time deciding weather to get the versa or the gear s3 frontier 🙁 ??? What do u guys think

  3. Hello ,veryone,100% free fitbit watch bands , if you're interested ,Please kindly contact me ,Thank you .

  4. $250 CAD, an excellent competitive price… except I'm still unwilling to buy a Smart watch because they're all so expensive.

    All I need is a decently bright display, that shows me the time and can display text from test messages, and will buzz for say a reminder I can set via my phone.
    Of course the fitness tracking and sleep tracking would be nice additions but…. I'm a lazy sack of potatoes so I don't care.

    I wouldn't even need a colour display, nor a large square one for that matter, even a slim rectangular one would be fine.
    I feel like the only devices that do those simple tasks are fully priced smart watches, and any lesser devices just show the time and track heart rate.

  5. The Fitbit Versa
    Does the display stay on all of the time. Just like the Surge
    Does the display go blank after 10 seconds. Just like the Blaze

  6. Damn, I came here just to see if it had Kayaking in the list and was disappointed when it was mentioned. I guess I wouldn't take it whitewater kayaking, though.

  7. This looks like a cheap replica of the Apple Watch, in no way is this a competitor lol. Look at that terrible leg when you’re swiping across that shitty screen. What are you even talking about?

  8. Great review!!! Thinking of getting one of these but I just was on the fence about it. Now I think I might actually enjoy one from FitBit!! Thank you for the the review!!!

  9. I have the Fitbit Charge 2 and that keeps logging steps as I’m driving my work van because it’s not the most refined to drive, for the past three days I’ve got the congrats for 10k steps notification while on the highway home.

  10. Great review, I'm on the fence about this Smartwatch or a newer Samsung smartwatch. I have the the gear fit 2 but looking for something less fitness looking and more watch looking. Any other suggestions besides the versa?

  11. For the woman tracking feature, can you upload it with the fitbit app or do you have to purchase a special fitbit.

  12. Great review. This is going on sale at Target for Black Friday for $149.99. That's the same price as the new Charge 3. I'm torn on which one to get.

  13. I bought this from Amazon.
    It's a lovely slim light watch but it's no good for me I'm afraid.
    It doesn't seem to be very accurate on the step count. The other day I got up, had breakfast and cycled to work. When I looked at the step count it said 4000. Later on that day I was working on a machine at work and I didn't move an inch just moved my arms to load and unload the machine and I could see the steps just counting all by themselves. In the evening at about 18:30 I notched up 10000 steps and with the cycle ride home I ended up on 21000 steps.
    I don't think that's right so it's going back.

  14. I just got a Versa. I had an Apple Watch Series 2 and I liked it. I just need something that’s fitness tracking heavy and the Versa does that well. I wasn’t using most of the apps on the Apple Watch, to be honest. And, while I was tempted to get the Series 4, the base model starts at $399. I got the Versa on sale for $149..

  15. I wanted a Tracker not Apps and notifications. I have a Phone for such things. I see A LOT of people in the gym texting, searching for music and chatting rather than working out. No phone, no distraction 😉 #Versa

  16. I know this is an old review but I'm just catching up on all your stuff. One thing about the special edition is it also had nfc if that's important to anyone.

  17. I bought my Fitbit Versa mid November. It's January now and I love it! I went through one hardware upgrade via WiFi. Was a little tricky but I figured it out. Now the Versa is better than ever!

  18. Good informative review but please, before recommending any Fitbit device do some research. They are the absolute worst when it comes to reliability,
    both software and hardware.

    Check the Fitbit community forum for both Ionic and Versa to see all the people complaining about problems synchronizing the watch to their app, all the buggy updates they release, and most of all the inability to charge the devices at random times leaving you with an expensive brick.

    All the reviews talk about the initial impressions and ideal conditions and do not follow-up over time to see how the devices hold up, if they even reach 1 year to begin with.

    The majority of Fitbit devices certainly does not live up to the longevity one should expect from a wearable. 2-3 years is simply common sense with all the money spent and the waste they generate.

    They'll likely be out of business soon enough but in the meantime, I would NOT recommend a Fitbit to anyone.

  19. hello, I love the versa, I want to buy it, I have a xiaomi mi 8 lite and apparently it is not compatible. I know what can be put with fitbit os 3.0 always on display, have you tried it? thank you I hope you can help me.

  20. I just bought me this fitbit versa for my iPhone 8plus and I’m lookin at videos how to use it can I reply a message I see some people do that but can I I don’t see reply message only delete botton

  21. Michael FISHER!!! I literally spit my coffee out laughing when you said "FIre up AOL Instant Messenger"!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! HIGH-larious! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Hi, Compare to ionic, which one u think is a better tracker? Looking for something to track my swimming n run. The ionic interface is sluggish, does it improve in versa?

  23. Great review! I'm tempted to get something like this in the future though I have the Samsung S10 and maybe the Galaxy Sport Watch might be better… but your reviews rock man!

  24. I like that Pebble stainless bracelet lol I've honestly been looking for a reason to keep my bracelet as well.

  25. I had it for a week and I am returning it because of connect GPS issues. It disconnects and stay "connecting…" for most of the time ure exercising.

  26. I got the versa 2 and was worried about the square shape and size on my tiny wrists, but it's really not that bad at all! only issue im really having is with the placement.. my wrist is boney, and the back of the watch is pressing right on the bone constantly and can be pretty uncomfortable.. 🙁

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