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Film look – Affordable LED lamp for night scenes

Film look – Affordable LED lamp for night scenes

Hello guys and happy new year. Let’s start the year by doing a new toturial on how to light your films – in and easy and inexpensive way. Normally you would need a lot of equipment to get good lighting on set. You would need some lamps, a stand for a lamp – extension cable, diffusion paper – to dim and soften the light. Blue gel to change the colour temperature – gaffertape to attach the paper and some gloves to opperate the hot lamp. It can be a real struggle to carry all that
equipment – but there are some solutions that can
help you. Take a look at the bag. It actually may be the only thing that you need. Let’s take a look what’s inside the bag. It’s the Amaran HR672C led lamp with two batteries and a gorillapod. How can this replace all the equipment Eskild tried to carry? Let’s take a look. The batteries makes it wireless and replaces the extension cable. The wheel is for adjusting colour temperature, and replaces the blue gel. The dimer wheel is for adjusting the brightness – and the diffusion filter replaces the diffusion paper and the gaffertape. The led lamp never gets hot so you would not need any gloves, and it’s quite robust – so you don’t need a big suitcase for it. In addition, it’s so light it might be enough to use just a gorillapod on the set. There’s a tripod mount on the side and
underneath. So, let’s test it out. When filming outside during the night you might get enough light from street lamps – but it limits your area of filming – and you would need a really light sensitive
camera like Canon 5d mark 3 which we are using here now. By gaining the ISO which makes the sensor inside the camera more light-sensitive – your image will get brighter, however you will get a
lot of noise which kills the film look. Instead of gaining the ISO, you can use the Amaran led lamp. Attach it to a tree with the gorillapod and point it towards your subject. It makes it look more filmatic than just gaining the ISO. Experiment with the colour temperature to see what looks the best and test with different angles – to create other filmatic looks. We wanted to see if it was possible to create a filmatic short film outside at night – carrying only a camera and
the Amaran led lamp attached to the gorillapod. Here is the result. So, how did we use the lamp? In the first scene we got enough light appearing from the street lamps – so here the led lamp was not necessary. The shot from behind Eskild was filmed on another location where there were no street lamps – so I used the lamp to imitate the light of the previous shot. I placed the lamp behind him to the right. By placing the lamp behind Eskild in
this shot – it created a nice halo around him. Since I wanted a mystical atmosphere, I placed the light behind Eskild in this shot as well. Here the light is pointed towards his face, and by using some branches – I could make a cool shadow effect on
his face. For the final shot we pretended that we saw ourselves, and then we filmed us again – standing at the points we were looking. Then, I merged the two videoes together. The Aputure Amaran HR672C costs 298USD – and includes the white diffusion filter,
power adapter – two batteries, one lamp bracket with screw adapter – one carrying case and one remote controller. If you don’t want to spend money on lighting equipment, you can still achieve some good lightning by just being creative. Just take a look at this video where I explain how you can do it for free. So, thanks for watching, and if you want me to make more videos like this – tell me by commenting, or press the like
button. And, if you want to stay tuned with all my new videos, just subscribe. So, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you again soon. Bye bye.

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  1. damn dude i swear someone should give you an award! thank you for you time! thank you for everything! you have helped so much!

  2. Hi guys, i am going to purchase a few of these lights, they look brilliant. I dont currently own any light stands, i assume these dont come with any, can you give me advise on decent stands that are budget friendly 🙂 thanks

  3. That slider/pull focus shot from behind the trees was awesome, was that handheld? If so, how did you make it so silky smooth?! Thank you!

  4. Hahah, reminded me of the movie with the comet, can't remember it's name, do you have an idea what I'm talking about?

  5. I really enjoy your videos. I never would have found this lamp without watching this, I'm thinking about buying one.

  6. I want to see you talk about Colour Harmony, because you are the one who explains  everything so nice and crisp. Thanks 🙂

  7. As always, great video! I'm looking into buying the HR672, but I have a quick question. I don't own any other lightning equipment. Would you recommend getting the HR672S (spot) or this one? Would you say the HR672C works well enough as a key light?

  8. Dude u're the best .. and yes, more similar videos pls. ammm one more thing, ur shirt is awesome where can i get one like it ?

  9. Hey Andy, I have been watching your videos for decades. it always feels fantastic when I grab an eye on it. particularly when you explain lightings as filmmaking. .. I have been struggling with shadows when it comes to lighting, especially when I film a moving subjects…. no matter how I adjust accordingly with film terminologies.. . .. .. could you help me out to go through that on the topic of how to film a moving subject with lighting

  10. you know you're just a cool reviewer
    love to see all your videos always learn from you guys.
    thank for taking the time to share your styles in film shooting.

  11. Veldig bra videoer du har lagt ut! Jeg har også nylig kjøpt en slik lampe til videoproduksjon (mest dokumentar) men skal ikke se bort i fra at det kan bli noen kortfilmer og. Tro om tre slike (og stativ) kan gjøre susen på et set av moderat størrelse?

  12. You guys are so creative. I been watching all your videos back to back. I think it's becoming a problem LOL 😉👍 new subbie

  13. Have you guys had any problems with flicker with this light? I have another LED light that flickers a lot at certain aperture and ISO settings. Thanks for the video!

  14. Are there any lights out there you recommend thats inbetween free and say $100? This light is nice for 300 but I'm looking to spend maybe half that. Nice video thanks.

  15. You know! you have imagination of geniu, i had really exciting went i found your youtube channel. And i hope someday you'll visit my hometown VietNam 😀
    really awesome channel!!!!!!

  16. AWESOME ANDY!!.. thanks for the sharing, that help me for next film making 🙂 thanks dude. and your film great dramatic!!

  17. Hi Andyax! I love your videos it has helped me so much and inspired me! I would just like to ask if you have any small LED lights you can recommend? Those that can attach to the DSLR. Thank you and keep making videos!:D

  18. Is it worth getting ONE Aputure Amaran HR672C 672 LED light for 350$ or TWO Aputure Amaran AL-528S LEDs for practically the same price? The only reason I ask is because I really like the feature to change colour temperature on the the light itself.. where the AL- 528S model only has the option to control the intensity of the light and comes with an orange plastic gel..

  19. You did a great job with the demo-short – I didn't really expect to see such inspirational usage of light, especially the scene where you are walking towards the LED lamp and covering it up with your head.
    Thank you for the effort! 🙂

  20. Nice video and cool demo !

    Are you still satisfied with the HR672C after a little bit more of one year or usage ? Or did you abandoned it ?

    One interesting thing with your demo video is you use it as the only light — letting aside the "natural" light. But I read somewhere it was not powerful enough to serve as key light in a typical three-point lighting setup and has to be reserved for fill light or back light. Do you agree with that statement ?

  21. Just my opinion but for filming information I think this is the best channel on YouTube and I really like the short films.

  22. is anyone have this problem?
    , it will not turn on when the batteries are in fully charged. I have to put pressure on the batteries in order to get it working. With this, it will now not dim and change color. The screen to indicate battery life and dim will not show the number. I can't even use the remote to change anything. When I plug it in with the charger, it still doesn't show the screen. it does this randomly now. it will work one hour then the next it won't

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