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Fifty Minecraft Lighting Techniques – Cool Lamp Designs You Can Build

Fifty Minecraft Lighting Techniques – Cool Lamp Designs You Can Build

Hi I’m George Peirson and this is 50-plus Minecraft Lamp Ideas. If you like this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, you can support my channel through Patreon, and don’t forget to Subscribe. I do a bunch of videos each week, there’s my current schedule. And take a look at my graphics training courses as well if you are into using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and there’s a link for that right down there in the description. Okay let’s get to it! to it we’ll start down here at the most to it we’ll start down here at the most basic of all lamps which is just the torch on the wall I’ll be getting into much fancier stuff of course in just a bit but when up on the wall that’s your standard one you’re using your torch right here you can make this look better by putting it on a picture frame or an item frame right there here’s your picture frame there’s your item frame now with the item frame you can also put an anvil in there which makes it look like you have kind of a nice holder on that let me show you that’s real simple real basic trick but to do this you first want to put your torch on the wall then add your item frame just here just outside of the torch like that and then grab your anvil and just outside of the torch again click on that and that gives you that nice holder right there for your torch it’s a real easy technique but looks great especially in castles and other types of medieval effects like I had this wall in here kind of a pattern wall using just some standard trapdoors here – what paneling on the wall and then in behind this item frame there’s just a bit of dark oak in there in that in frames on dark oak so real basic real simple but it does look great for that kind of a scene now along with that you can place your torches on top of all kinds of stuff like your fence post there’s a spruce fence right there just make sure you put it a ways away from something else if you’re putting it up right next to your fence you get the whole fence showing you don’t want the a so make sure it’s not up against anything you can also use a wall like our prisoner een wall right here again same thing as with the fence as long as you are away from anything like that you can then put your torch on top and it will look like just a stand do you have a base for it just put a block down there and there is your base again very easy stuff real standard stuff in here but real nice now looks a little bit better than here if you use iron bars same trick again you need to be a little bit away for anything else then you get just that single bar so there’s the iron bar again do you have a nice base on that just put a block down below it will match or go with your iron bar now a little fancier than that is to come in and use one of these in Roswell you find these if you’re working in creative mode and the end rod has a real nice modern look to it that’s a block of iron down below which also matches that very nicely now the end rod does have this strange kind of a glowing of thick in here but that also works out will you put your torch on top you can stack two in rods together and that’s right here you see we have that kind of little bit on the base here you get the same little bit right here so you have a little base for your torch right there so lots of ways of using torches that actually look pretty good something else you can do with torches and that’s to use them on boxes the ones in the back there kind of look like presents with a candle on top and of course a TNT there’s your lit fuse as well okay last a little bit on the torches and that’s that they also work out very nicely on the bamboo scaffolding looks on a nice little table with a torch on top okay let’s just begin to expand now on these basic ideas and here we go a bit of glowstone and it’s on a fencepost row so we had our torches but the glowstone does act as a light source and to give it a bit better effect I have some signs put in here on top of that same trick again to fenceposts one on top of another so it’s too high and then at the top up here we have a sea lantern and then just like I use these signs here I have these banners on the sides making a bit of a light shade for the sea lanterns as you can see it’s just kind of an advance on the trick we use down there with the torches just changing our top and add on these banners again it’s very easy to do but it has a real nice look to it you want a more modern look again right down here that’s the end rod and then this time up here I have a redstone lamp now I’m nice thing about the redstone lamp is you can use a light detector on top up here add a light detector click on that yet lights up click it again and unlights so you have a little on/off switch right there for your light it also works out very well if you want to use this as a street lamp just put that on top of the street lamp we’ll be talking about that a little later on ok going a little bit further now on this concept just taking it just a few more steps down the road here nice little desk lamps this is something where the end rod right there works very nicely as a desk lamp this is just a flower pot on top again real nice look for a little better look over here go right there now it’s put on backwards to put this off from the backside so we have just the black front to it let me show you where you’ll find that if you’re in creative mode just open this up here go to your decoration blocks scroll down just a bit in here and you’ll find your doc towards the bottom down here there you go right there there’s your wither skeleton skull right there and put it on from the backside and it looks real nice there’s also the standard skeleton skull which is white I think the black actually it looks better other options in here you put your own hit on a lip if you already want to kind of a strange thing but you can do that and there’s also a zombie head and a creeper head as well and even the dragon head but this one here the widow skeleton it works out very very well for this particular look just a real nice modern desk lamp effect ok moving on to the right one more interesting idea again I’m still using that in rod down here this time on top I have a magma block now a nice thing about this as you can see there it has animation to it which makes it a real modern look kind of a mod II fix if you’re doing a an ultra modern house on a real mod lamp there you go looks real nice and last a little bit here using our single rod effect and that’s two of these rods and then just another decorative block on top for again a nice little floor lamp and the last little bit last little idea here just a little bit fancier but not much and that’s doing a jack-o’-lantern in here two fences side-by-side the torch on top of each one looks like hands and kind of a scarecrow effect and at the top right there that’s just a sea pickle which makes a real nice stem for your jack-o’-lantern okay let’s go ahead take a look now at our second row and we have some real interesting things back here this whole row is devoted to using these armor stands which actually make great stands like that for limps I’ll talk you through this whole process right now it’s pretty easy pretty fun to do and there’s a lot of possibilities with this you have your standard armor stand you place your texture block whatever you want above that and then press that down using a piston you’ll see it right here basic set up and that puts it down and gives you a nice little stand in here a little two-legged stand let’s go ahead and see how this is done first let’s just get rid of that there’s our armor stand and then right above that also put a block or no that’s just a light blue wool so you have your armor stand and then your block above that our tub Evette is a piston as you can see right there and then to put the piston in place you just need a stack of blocks in behind and then one coming out the top you can then push your piston on top once you have it set up like that all you need to do is fire that piston I don’t use a block of redstone here so go ahead and click on that fires the piston and it presses that block down on to the armor stand giving that really nice lamp effect because anything you walk that’s blue light blue wool here’s black well this looks great as a speaker I think it looks like it has a real nice kind of a speaker effect it’s using a black wool like that you can also use that see lantern again right here the sea lantern is a light source so it lights up the armor stand you can see down there so you can see the armor stand because lit by the sea lantern you can’t see it down here it’s dark because it’s in shadow underneath that block so you get black legs with a non lighting light and you get the standard color down here with a lit light kind of interesting little thing and you can you know do some real fancy ones like our terra cotta in here real pretty very decorative modern looking kind of a limp now that’s only half way on what you can do with this thing it’s a great trick but it can go a lot further with this and here’s the next little bit and that is to combine multiple armor stands together giving you even fancier looking stands for your lamps you’ll see right down there three of those real fancy stance I mean just walk you through this whole process and how you do these kind of really tricky looking but actually very easy to do armor stand which can then use as a lamp stand now I got this idea from a video by bigs 87 X I’ll put a link to his video in my description in case you want to see the source for this particular trick as you can see it’s a great idea I’m making real complex looking lamp stands okay so go ahead now walk you through this whole process let’s just move on down here’s one of these lamp stands that’s the X format that’s that first one right there makes a real nice lamp stand notice with this that the lamps don’t go down quite as far as they did before so we actually have two levels now these are shorter ones and these are taller once you have additional aspect there as well here’s another one this again has that redstone lamp on top there you go so you can lighten those as it’s lit you can see the stand and if it’s unlit the stand goes black and then down here of course the glowstone sitting on the circular style stand right there okay let’s go ahead now and build one of these right here to the left side I’ll start off by putting just a stack of blocks in here there we go and then let’s put the quartz slab right in front of that makes a real nice looking base and the quartz slab by the way is the reason why these in it being taller then the other lamps down down plus you can use the exact same quartz slab technique on those lips if you want to now this works because the armorstand Falls I just put it up here like that that’s how it falls into place just drops straight down we can use that little action to go ahead and put in our other armor scan so I’ll just come in here to the side just a bit get a real nice position just into the cell you want to be right next to the side like that’s your rod on the side click on your back wall there it drops one down and they didn’t come in quite all the way to the side and a little bit further on drop another one there we go so I have two on there now one is directly side words and then one’s has a slight curve to it let’s now come around and I’ll put one more from this angle in here and that drops down and there we go and now I have four stands one is dropped in from straight ones dropped in from the side and two are dropped in from your two different diagonals and it gives you this round stand there we go okay now let’s put a block above that there we go now we need to have a block above that block so for that let’s just put a block up here that get a standard cobblestone there we go I’ll put that right there and then come back down again grab our piston there’s a reason for that block is but the piston so it’s facing downwards there it is now all we have to do is just fire that piston far as a piston pushes that block down on top of that stand and there you go it’s that easy to do so a great idea a great look just using multiple stands and again it works because the stands tend to fall down you sure that one last time I just like how this works click up there the stand falls down just like that just a touch click again and the stand falls down and they merge together when they fall down okay let’s now walk around to our next Lane over here and let’s do some more fun lamp ideas this is all of our lamp stands the armor stands let’s look at some ceiling lights now different ideas on working with ceiling lights my favorite signal light is that sea lantern right there it looks kind of like a fluorescent like when they come with basic fluorescent light idea now to give this drop down effect what I have is a series of slabs right there at the top end of the slab and that puts the sea lamps in there are sea lanterns so if they drop down underneath now to the left of this over here exact same idea but this time I put the slabs down one one notch and the seal enters in the exact same place as you can see but this time because the slabs are down one notch it means that the sea lanterns are flush with the ceiling so two different ways of using those seal entrance right there flush or not flush I think it has a real nice effect you can go a bit further on this one and this is just a little bit fancier and that’s that in here where the sea lanterns are up there it inside of the ceiling or above the ceiling again I’m using slabs and this time using some glass blocks down here in these glass blocks look like they are you know glass covers for lamps and then your sea lanterns are up there we’ll see how this is done let’s just back up a touch here and go up there you go there’s your slabs or at the top setting so that we can then put those glass blocks down below and then the sea lanterns just sitting on top of those glass blocks and it gives that real nice kind of modern lighting effect and of course because those are sea lanterns they do emit light so they will light up your room for you okay taking these basic ideas just a little bit further kind of going along with that glass look and a couple of beacons up here now these beacons of course don’t light up because their beacons you’ll have to have you know diamond around them or something else do you make them light up so they’re just use just as impractical lighting but they look good and again same idea I have these slabs at the top half of the block and then these are placed right and below now these won’t go into just the side of the slab so to make this work I have to have something above those so this a couple of slabs on top and then those beacons are attached to those slabs on top and it gives you a real nice actual look in there now if you want to have this room actually lit up you can put in C lanterns down below here and then cover those up with carpet and that will then light your room up just as well so you can have your light and have your interesting looking lights as well one last quick idea on this whole idea of these recessed lights that’s is using different kinds of lights in here and on the right-hand side we have our glow stone right there looks real nice kind of a modern look and on the left-hand side we have these redstone lamps and they have a little more of an ethnic look to them so it goes well with kind of a darker wood maybe a tile floor like that terracotta tile floor I’ll give us a few ideas on working with different ways of using ceiling lamps let’s now take a look at using the lantern which is a great lighting source that actually lights up but it’s also very decorative as well and it has some of those back over here a whole section of working with these lanterns there’s a couple of restaurant designs using our terra cotta in there a nice restaurant and then a wood ceiling again using wood slabs to give us that beam look in the ceiling and these lanterns look great when they’re up here against a wooden ceiling real nice look to that now to finish that off of course I have a table in here and just a torch torches work well in these kind of tables as well now here’s something which is kind of new and that’s the item frames can now be placed flat on a surface and it acts like a tray or a placemat and then I have sitting inside that just a couple of snowballs right there which look like plates sitting on top of the table so it’s real interesting way of making a restaurant look we can take that a little further over here this time I’m using the old standard fence post and torch as a wall sconce again works out very very well in this kind of an environment old standard look but what looks really well works where you will and again there’s the landers up on top on that wooden ceiling okay the left just a bit more in here a few more ideas or with lanterns and one interesting thing about this I wanted to point out there is little Chandalar again made just using fences and then hanging the lanterns from the bottom of that fence again real easy designed to do looks great but here’s the interesting thing about this there’s a lantern on a post there’s a lantern on two posts those look good but notice the top up here right there when it’s on a post you have just one little bit of a top thing up here if it’s up on to a beam like this then you have just a little piece of chain not much if it’s over here and it’s on the bottom of the fence post you much longer chain so the chain actually changes depending upon how you’re using the lantern kind of a neat need a fix so here it is without any changes little top piece here it is with a chain only difference is this one is placed on top of a post and this is placed on the bottom of a post so there we go to some different ideas for restaurants in here okay so take a look at a few more things down here just a few worth finishing off some ideas some basic ideas again using our fence post designs making outdoor lighting there’s a whole bunch of fence posts for them on top glowstone on top and then right there just a trapdoor to make some design around that you can do it an older style here you know more modern style there’s that sea lantern and again just some those trapdoors here’s the design as a street light now this uses that redstone lamp and if I click on the daylight sensor at the top you can turn that on and off now what that sensor does is if it’s daylight outside it will turn off like that and if it goes to nighttime it will then turn on they actually have a working streetlight using those redstone lamps there we go okay let this last little idea over here kind of finish things off just adding a few more details making your Street let’s look a bit fancier just glowstone a couple of stairs in there and again using those trapdoors so there you go there’s 50-plus different ideas you can do using all kinds of different lighting tricks in here to make some different lamps for all kinds of different uses modern uses and more rustic more themed uses and of course some real basic standard stuff as well to start this whole video off if you like this video don’t forget to hit that like button and hit share you can support my channel through patreon make sure you subscribe and I do a lot of videos each week a lot of them on minecraft and a lot of them on other graphics programs like Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and I also have training courses for different graphics programs and you’ll find the links for that right down there in the description [Music]

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