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Fiesta de los Patios – Cordoba

Fiesta de los Patios – Cordoba

Welcome to the gorgeous Spanish city of Cordoba. Every year in May the city celebrates the Patios Festival… …and every cordobés opens their doors to show to visitors their most intimate room. Cordoba’s Patios Festival has received numerous mentions… …among them the most notable one: it has been made part of the World Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2012. Patios have existed since ancient Greece, the Romans added water to it, also to collect water from the rain. Afterwards, the Arabic people turned them into social areas. The festival dates from 1918, although the competition began in 1921, with the idea of giving prices for the best patios. It’s a great way to motivate people to keep their houses pretty. We are here with Rafael Varón, the secretary of the Claveles y Gitanillas Asociation… …who’s going to tell us the best time to visit the patios of Cordoba. Please Rafael. Rafael, please tell us… What are the tasks and duties it takes to have these wonderful results with a patio? Cordoba has so many things to offer beside the patios. It is well known all over the world, that’s no coincidence. So why don’t you come and visit us?

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