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Fashion over 50 | Scarf Looks, Scarves for Mature Women

Fashion over 50 | Scarf Looks, Scarves for Mature Women

Hey awesome ones, Heather here. I know
that one of the best wardrobe extenders is the scarf and so what I’m doing in
this video I’m actually doing an unboxing from Amazon of several scarves.
Also I’m going to show you some different styles and a lot of them are
really trending these kind of styles right now. Let’s get started. It all
starts in just a few seconds. So this video is a little bit different
than a lot of videos I’ve done before because I actually purchased the videos
er…..the videos the scarves but I’m going to show you in a few minutes. They all came
to me from amazon.com. We’re going to have the prices up for you what they
cost at the time of this video and some unboxing can’t wait to get started.
Let’s go! So this is my very first unboxing and again I got all the
products from Amazon. I kind of opened it a little bit just to start off with but
what have we here…ok so what we have here is a blanket scarf and let me just
show you what this is…this is the popular plaid…oh it’s really soft
– it’s really really soft and Bill will put the prices up as what they are right
now as the making of this video. So he’ll put those on the screen, but it’s very
very soft it’s very big and also I’m going to show you my little walk in the
park with this scarf. And you’ll find that you know it just folds up into
really nothingness and if you put it over a cardigan especially for the fall
or the spring it’s going to keep you a lot warmer because after all it’s a blanket. So here I am in that plaid blanket type of scarf and I’m wearing it belted.
A lot of people are wearing it belted. I’ve just made it into a bit of a
triangle so that I’ve got the Cape at the back as you can sort of see there
and I don’t want to wear a big belt with this I think that the skinny belts work
a lot nicer and let me just sort of remove the belt. I think I prefer it
unbelted myself. And also kind of thrown over top of my shoulder and you
can see that I just have underneath is that beige cardigan that kind of
cashmere cardigan that I like. And of course this is just a little extra
something something to keep me warmer. You never know what the weather these
days. You know sometimes it’s cold in the morning, sometimes it’s warmer in the
afternoon, but what else am I going to do here, that’s the the sort of Cape style
that I showed you with the triangle in the back, but if we sort of shake it out
a little bit and I’m going to show you how I shake it out into its full square
there. Twist it around and then what I’m going to do is just sort of put it over
my neck without that V in the back and that looks rather pretty as well. Just
sort of hanging down naturally. But what I do love about this blanket scarf is
it’s actually a very comfortable blanket. So all you need to do is maybe just fold
it up and as you can see I’m just folding it up here. Whether you want
to keep it maybe in the backseat of the car or maybe even in a little purse look
at that look at how small I can go and what a handy scarf to have around. So
let’s see what’s next? Why do I feel like it’s Christmas time
with all of this. Alright, oh yes yes yes yes this is a very pretty kind of almost a
gold sparkly scarf and there’s a little clasp in here. I don’t know if you can
see that? Again Bill’s gonna put the price up for you from amazon.com and oh
by the way I don’t know if I mentioned this already, we’re gonna have links
below in the description where you can find these products and also in my blog
at amazon.com… not amazon.com no no no…
at AwesomeOver50.com anyway so excited because like it’s Christmas
here. Oh yes this is very very pretty but you’re probably thinking to yourself
what did I do with this and what did I do with this little buckle here? Well I
can tell you I didn’t go for a walk in the park. I went someplace tres elegant.
Now let’s just say that you’re invited to a nice charity event a gala or maybe
an upscale party this sort of…it comes in the silver and also gold. It’s like a
shawl and you can see how that buckle is so pretty there and it just adds a
little something-something a little sparkle to your basic black dress. And
again it’s in all different colors from Amazon. I just thought I’d show
you the shoes I’m wearing. A little sandal here a strappy sandal to go with
the look, but let’s say that there’s dancing and you wanna dance, well all you
need to do is just take this off and you don’t have a shawl anymore. You you’re
ready for dancing with your little black dress and you know a lot of these events
are absolutely beautiful. I just want to give it a little shot of the chandelier
here. So what have I got next? Oh right! Okay so this is a…like a poncho. Ponchos and
capes are really really popular right now. And you’ll see it in the video a
little more. I’ve actually got…there actually sized in these ponchos. So I actually got
an extra…..oh that’s really soft it’s so soft.
You’ll see what this looks like but yeah super soft. It really reminds me of again
like a blanket scarf sort of thing and you remember that turquoise jewelry that
I had? I did a video on how to sort of put outfits together and one of the
outfits had the turquoise jewelry. So you know what? I’m gonna put the video up
there for you as a link so you can take a look at it. But let’s go off to the
park again and what did I do with this? So I picked out this south western kind
of style of poncho and I thought it’s so pretty and I put on a black turtleneck
to really show off that turquoise necklace that I have. And also some
stretchy skinny jeggings. And check out the cowboy boots. Yes they’re back in
style, for a lot of cowgirls I guess they never really went out of style, but
they’re very popular right now as well. I can also sort of throw it over my
shoulder for a completely different kind of look. It’s so comfy it’s like
wearing a blanket again and perfect for fall or spring days. And check out the
back. Let me just…oh no I’m showing you the front sorry. How I rolled out the the
detail in the front to sort of go against that jewelry it looked a lot
nicer and could really show the jewelry but also accessorizing don’t forget we
got to accessorize. So on my wrists I’ve got all kinds of different bangles. There’s
some turquoise, some leather and it’s so pretty.
Let’s take a look at the back now and as you can see for the price wow it really
really is a nice look and I love it. All right I kind
of forgot when I put on this kind of animal style scarf because they are so
popular. I didn’t get this from Amazon but we’re going to find some that are
very similar to it and we’re going to put the links below for you and oh by
the way we make a little bit of commission on every sale we make from
Amazon and from the bottom of our hearts it really helps. All of you that support
us this way…thanks so much for that. Let’s get unboxing! What’s next ?
I’m going to tell you something else. These little packets that come from
Amazon a lot of times they just fit them in our mailbox or they put them between
the doors. So you know they’re not like a great big television set you don’t have
to worry about them that much anyway. Oh yes…oh isn’t this pretty? I saw this and I
thought wouldn’t that look nice against you know my blue eyes type of thing. So it’s
very…it’s almost like a chiffon kind of style here. So just before I show you
what this beautiful pretty scarf can do for you
have you seen the video that I did? I worked really hard on it. I showed 20
different ways to wear a scarf and what I’m going to do if you wait till the end
of the video, you’ll see a link for that particular video and it’s so much fun to
try different styles and what you can do with a scarf. I even show you how to do
like a beach cover-up and even a beach bag with a scarf. So enjoy that one. So
this is a lovely long kind of chiffon type of scarf and I picked the blue but
will probably show you a page where there’s lots of different ones. This is
just a basic black outfit and watch what the scarf does. This is one I’m just kind
of looping through to give it a very pretty neckline
and the blues pretty if you have blue eyes and let’s just see another little
style. Again don’t forget at the end of the video I’m gonna have twenty
different ways to tie a scarf so don’t forget to check that one out. I’m
just gonna tie the ends to this and then what I’m going to do is just roll it
around my neck. I don’t have a mirror so it’s a little bit…yeah right, to do
without a mirror but just roll that around and it makes a very pretty little
look around your neck. And how about one more, let’s just do one more with no
mirror, not so easy but we’ll get there and again just untie that and what I
like to do is kind of roll it around and around and around and that sort of helps
the look a little bit. So here we go around the neck and I’m just looping it
over one side but since I’ve rolled it around it really stays in place quite
nicely and hope you like that look. So there you have it. And I have ordered a
lot more products from Amazon. What I thought I would do is order some
products for you so you can order the exact same ones. I know a lot of times
you know I’m just wearing black stretchy pants or something and we put the links
for Amazon. I mean with those yeah they’re all pretty well similar but for
some of these scarfs and that I know you want to try to get the same one. So I’ve
got some dresses coming. I have a hoodie coming. I even have a black kind of silky
robe coming in. So and a raincoat too. So I can’t wait to show those to you.
But talking about future videos it’s time for the cuteness factor little
Hurricane. Where I talk about the future videos. So here he is our little Yorkie
Hurricane. Hurricane you’re kind of blending in with my animal print scarf here. When
Hurricane comes on the scene we’re going to talk about well let’s just talk about
our second channel first of all. It’s Awesome no sorry it’s Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration and Bill and I we have found a new way
to grocery shop. Yeah I’m talking about grocery shopping it is healthy, it’s a
way that we have less spoilage and we can’t wait to share that with you. And
also it’s getting close to the holiday season the holiday Christmas season. Yeah
I know it’s kind of too soon, but we are working on some videos for for you for
that particular season. So enjoy those. And what about this channel? Well as I
mentioned to you I’ve got more fashion coming up with the unboxing also what
about some party looks and some office party looks and we are going to that
beautiful King Edward hotel that I just showed in this video with the the gold.
So it’s so beautiful there and I’m gonna do some makeup too, some party makeup and
that’s all coming up very very shortly. I also want to tell you that I’ve
decided that being here on YouTube is where I’m gonna be. I really love doing
this. I I love the comments that you give me in saying that hey you’re helping me
with fashion or you’re helping me with makeup. I’m also on Instagram by
the way if you want to check out awesome over 50 on Instagram and I just want to
inspire people and and it just makes me so happy because just because we’re over
50 you know we can still rock this world. So hey we’re all the awesome ones and if
you are more mature woman and hey I’m 64 years old now with four kids and Bill
and I are looking after his mom she’s 95 years old. I know a lot of us have a lot
on our plates and sometimes it’s just fun to have a little fun with fashion or
a little bit of lipstick and makeup and you know I just am so glad you’re here
and I’m so glad that you’re here to help keep it awesome.

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  1. Hey everyone, Heather here, if you want to find links to the scarves in this video from Amazon, they're at my blog at https://www.awesomeover50.com/scarves-to-extend-your-wardrobe/ (scroll down page on blog to find them) Enjoy!

  2. The poncho is stunning! You are. very elegant and beautiful! You truly are an inspiration to growing older naturally ❤❤

  3. Beautiful scarves, Heather. I love the poncho too. The torquoise jewellery really set it off very well. Scarves are one of the really enjoyable things about Winter – all those wonderful colors. Thank you very much, Heather, and Bill. Have a great weekend. Cuddles to the adorable one. XOXO

  4. I really loved YOU in the fancy gold scarf! Does amazing things for a “little back dress.” I especially loved the SW style poncho, with the turquoise necklace. Living in Arizona for so many years, I have a lot of beautiful original turquoise jewelry, so I may order that. The trouble with living in Northern Arizona is that it is hot for so long, then perfect weather for 2-3 weeks and then “wham” we are into seriously cold weather. So a poncho doesn’t work for very long. I’d love you to do a style session with real coats, like a long dress coat or maybe you can venture out to a Moto jacket. Also some current jeans, skinny jeans with cropped boots or tall boots for the cold winter. Just some ideas.

  5. Heather: First off, I think you are SO pretty, and…without a ton of makeup! Thanks much for the term, "blanket scarf". I've been searching for that item, but, not using that term, and oh, I love that plaid one…so cozy and so lovely!! ☺ At 69, I'm into cozy things, big time. Great ideas in this video; I love a touch of animal print, like in the beginning shots (and the touch of sparkle look, also). Something cozy about that, too! Thank you and enjoy your weekend, you three! Rosemarie 🌹 xo

  6. P.S. As a petite woman, I don't find ponchos flattering. However, I'm sure it would conceal a multitude of sins. 😊 Rosemarie 🌹

  7. Hey Heather! I get Amazon packages daily! They are the best! Beautiful Scarves! Love the blue one! I have a huge drawers full…need to wash them all because I haven't used them since last fall….always freshen them up and I iron them too! I watched your video on the many ways you tie them…great! Thx for sharing the links! Makes it easy for me to click on and check out! Enjoyed! Hugs xo

  8. I have a WALL full of scarves that I never wear lol!!! I was planning on wearing 1 out on a date tomorrow. I have no idea what I will wear. Amazon has some FABULOUS large sheer scarves

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