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hey awesome ones Heather here. Now
whether you’re planning to attend maybe a holiday office party or maybe it’s a
special gala, maybe it’s just hanging out with some neighborhood friends for the
holidays, I have some really nice party looks for you in dresses. I even have a
skirt and also even pants for you so there’s all different styles and wait to you
see the backdrop. We are in a very special location and it all starts in
just a few seconds. So I really enjoyed making this video for you. I’ve got some
outfits that won’t break the bank and really in a lot of cases all I did was
use something like a plain dress but added a little bit of sparkly jewelry,
sparkly shoes or maybe even a sparkly scarf. And we filmed all of this in the
Omni King Edward hotel. Now this hotel is over a hundred years old and they even
let us go up to the Crystal Ballroom which has been renovated and it had been
closed for 50 years. So my number one outfit I am going to feature in the
Crystal Ballroom, it had six point five million dollars in renovations and again
this is at the Omni King Edward hotel in Toronto. Let’s take a look at the dress
with this beautiful backdrop. So you may have seen this dress before. I think
every woman should have that special special gift…a gift…a dress and this one
has some lovely beading on it. I got it on a clearance sale it was about 90
percent off. Also wearing the shapewear underneath so make sure that you do that.
I put on some sheer hose and also some sparkly shoes. We should be sparkling
from our head to our toes and in a venue like this and where we are
again in the Crystal Ballroom. I want to do a little walkthrough through this
beautiful King Edward hotel it’s an omni hotel in Toronto. And this is called the
Crystal Ballroom. It was closed up for 50 years and in 2015 it opened up again
and they actually got a fellow from France to do a lot of the gilding that
you see here. It’s absolutely spectacular. Hey let’s keep on going with some of the
beautiful aspects of this lovely hotel. So for my next outfit I thought it would
tackle maybe the office party or perhaps it’s a networking event or
maybe even just a family or a neighborhood get-together. So sometimes
you don’t really feel the need to wear a full dress and this is a skirt and top
but notice the detailing the nice lace on the on the blouse here and then also
the skirt this can go from work to party just with a slit and a zipper. And notice
the shoes. I didn’t go for just black shoes I wanted to add a little bit of
pizzazz and red always works great for the holidays. So the next dress I’m going to show you
it’s a wraparound dress. I actually got it from Amazon. I’ve seen some women
on Instagram wearing it and oh by the way did you know I have an Instagram
account? It’s on instagram.com/AwesomeOver50 I saw this dress and
then I checked it out it was only $39.99 and after it got delivered I realized
you know I like the material. I’m definitely gonna wear this dress and
what I’m also going to do is below the video under the description I’m going to
have some links so you can get the same dress. It’s available in other colors as
well and it’s also going to be in our blog which is AwesomeOver50.com
but let’s take a look at what I’m wearing. So this is a nice alternative to
the little black dress. It’s a little navy dress and why not add some big
statement earrings. These are absolutely beautiful and sparkly and I also have
some sparkle sparkle on my wrist as well. They’re just rhinestones but they’re so
pretty. And again this is a wraparound with some
nice ruching to hide our tummies and also the sparkly shoes. Why not. They work
with this outfit as well. I’m choosing not to wear any hose with this
but I could always do a little spray-on tan if I wanted to underneath. I’ve got
my shape wear and a little camisole as well just in case that top gets a little
bit too low. And I feel very pretty. And hey if you like what you’re seeing
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are out. Hey we’d love you to be part of our community here and I’d love to see
your comments so come on down. So for the fourth party outfit I thought I would
show you that even pants can work for you know a cocktail party, a holiday
party, a get-together. Let’s take a look. So for this outfit it’s kind of a
trending look. It has a faux snakeskin jacket and a nice little turtleneck
underneath it as well and also what I have here are the skinny pants and they
sort of look very trendy with a high-heeled bootie. So you know you’ve
got something something going on even though you are wearing pants. And I still
want to put a little sparkle sparkle so even the turtleneck has some sparkle to
it with a pretty gold turtleneck. So for my fifth outfit, what if all you
have is a little black dress and even worse than that you wore it last year to
the event. So what do you do? We’ll check this out.
So if you’re invited to something like a gala or a New Year’s party and you say, I
have nothing to wear. I wore my black dress last year just get a shawl like
this. It’s a pretty gold one. They come in silver as well. This also comes with a
clasp to keep it shut and it just adds a little bit of elegance and they’re very
inexpensive. But to change up the look you’ve got to go to these parties. You’ve
got to get out there and I just wanted to show you with this one I just wore
kind of a strappy sandal with it and it does it changes it up completely. Now let’s
say that you’re dancing. You just take this off and go dance the night away.
Have some fun you know we’re talking about being awesome over 50 let’s do it
let’s have some fun and be the Cinderella and don’t miss the ball, let’s
take a look at this beautiful chandelier. So I really hope you enjoyed our time at
the Omni King Edward hotel in Toronto. And this was not a sponsored video by
them, but you know they allowed us to go ahead and film there and to be honest
with you they treated us well like royalty. And someone else who gets
treated like royalty around here is our little Hurricane. So let’s go get him. So
here he is hey Hurricane how are you today. Whenever little Hurricane comes on the
scene I’m reminded to talk to you about upcoming videos and also new things. Talking about new things did you know that we have a newsletter? It’s called
The Awesome Times and it comes out only once a month. So don’t forget to sign up
for that it’s at AwesomeOver50.com/newsletter or you know what below
the video we’ll also have below the description we’ll have a link for it for
you and over on our second which is Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration
we really do try to have some inspirational videos on health on
food on travel and with the holiday season coming up we are doing our 10
awesome finds. These are tried-and-true wonderful things to give as gifts and
that’s coming up on that channel. And on this channel the beauty and fashion
channel I don’t know if you can tell but I have more of a smoky eye on today. It’s
a little bit more for party season. I’m going to show you some more makeup
tricks and also the smoky eye and I’m doing more unboxing. I showed you that
navy dress that I got from Amazon well I’ve got more from Amazon. I have a nice
hoodie coming through…well I’ve already got them so I can’t wait to
unbox them for you. A raincoat, a robe and I even have a leopard animal print skirt.
So stay tuned for those. So I really hope that this video helped to inspire you to
say you know I think I’m gonna go to that party. I’m going to go to that
get-together. And I hope it helped you not to have to say you know what, I’ve got
nothing to wear, because if you get the chance to dance…dance. And if you have
the chance to be with some really good friends then go. And my hope for you is
that this channel of mine will always kind of inspire you to be more youthful,
to have more confidence and whether it’s the holiday season or not I just really
hope that you can get out there have a few laughs have some fun and of course
keep it awesome.

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