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Fashion over 50 | Fall & Winter Styles

Fashion over 50 | Fall & Winter Styles

Hey awesome ones, Heather here and it’s time
for another unboxing! Yeah! What I like about these unboxings is if you really
like some of the things that I show you you can get them probably the exact
match right now. So let’s get this unboxing going it all starts in just a
few seconds. So I’ve got a real mixed bag of fashions to show you or I should say
mixed bags so fashion good to show you. So let’s start with number one here and
open it up. Oh yeah I have got a beautiful …..oops
we’ll do it this way it’s a very long…I don’t know if you can see it there but
it’s a very long hoody and it has some really nice fleece on the inside. I don’t
know if you can see that or not…maybe Bill can get a little bit of a close-up
here. I really like the detailing of the
zipper as well and it’s got pockets, it’s a great kind of look if you’re going to
the gym or maybe you’re just kind of having a casual day and well let’s take
a look. Let’s take a look at me modeling this one. So if it’s not too
chilly outside you could certainly wear this fleece lined hoodie and I’m just
having some fun in the snow here but it’s nice and long and comfy and it’s
got a zipper at the top and also at the bottom. Plus of course the hoodie if it
starts snowing which is always handy to have there but
are you…also yeah again I want to just show this is great for…if you’re wearing
jeggings because it covers your butt which is really important.
Oh and by the way if you’re not keen on purple that hoodie comes in a lot of
different colors as well. So let’s look at what’s in package number two. Talking
about colors I’m gonna call this color pumpkin spice. I’m not too sure what they
called it but it’s a beautiful…I think it’s a very beautiful rich kind of jewel
tone almost a pumpkin spice if you want but on the material it’s really silky
kind of silky and soft and I’m gonna model this in a minute and show you how
this vest looks but it’s so great it’s so versatile and you know we
wear jackets all the time and sweaters but to wear a vest it just kind of adds
that something something to it. And this vest I would wear this you know out for
well out for lunch with my girlfriends, casual kind of day, but I’d also wear it
in a business or work environment as well. I think it works well for both
casual and work environments so let’s take a look at this vest and how I wore
it with some other clothes. So because of the length of this vest it’s very
elongated especially if you wear black underneath it’s very slimming as well if
you wear the black underneath. And I’ve got an animal print scarf here which I
think’s adds to it but if you don’t like the animal print scarf just add some
pretty jewelry there. And one thing I like about this color I think it works
for all skin types. And for unboxing number three.
You know I always feel like I’m opening up Christmas presents when I’m doing
this. So oh yeah yeah this believe it or not is a raincoat. Now you’re saying to yourself
a raincoat? Well you can see that a little bit in the fall but you know what
the one thing about it even winter weather is that it’s so unpredictable.
And I could be using or I could be wearing maybe a really nice wool and
cashmere coat and then the sleet and the rain and all that mess comes along and
it just… I don’t know it just really wrecks your woolen coat so I’ve got this
which was really inexpensive. It’s a lovely raincoat. Again I really
love the color of this one as well but what I like about it is that I could
almost roll this up in a little ball. Let me just show you what I can do here. I’m always thinking about you know, I buy some good clothes and I always don’t
want them to you know they get kind of pilli and now you know what I’m talking
about when the rain and the sleet gets to them, but look at this I can put this
in a little bag in my car and I could be going someplace and the sun is shining
in the morning and then by the afternoon it’s that darn sleet. Well if I’ve got
this in my car I have got my my little first aid for my coat and I could just
put this on it instead. Well let’s take a look at me in the park
wearing this raincoat. So this raincoat has some really great coverage and it
has a zipper plus snaps which is great just to keep that wind away as well. And
of course like all…I struggled with this a bit… with all rain coats it
as a lovely little hoodie there to keep me dry and it also can be tightened. I’m
fumbling around looking for it but it can be tightened on the hoodie.
It also has pockets which we always need and I’ve got something in my bag here
that I want to show you because yeah this looks a little bit boring but let’s
see what I’ve got. I have got that blanket scarf. Do you remember that in a video
that I did? I’ll put the link at the end of this video for you because I did
unboxing of a lot of different scarves. And it will keep me extra toasty extra
warm but it also just adds another kind of dimension to this look as well. So
what came to me in this teeny tiny package? Well it also took a while to get
to me. It came from…I’m in North America and it came from Manchester United
Kingdom. And hey a shout out to all of you awesome ones in the UK that I talked
to hi this came from your area. So let’s open this up and see what I’ve got here. Alright they say big things come in
small packages. So here we go. What what is that? This is a pencil skirt can you
believe that it’s a pencil skirt. Now it was super inexpensive it’s not the
thickest of material but it has an elastic waist which I really like and
also I’m just going to pair this with a pair of tights and I know own I mean
it’s not see-through but you know it isn’t really thick. The reason why I
didn’t spend a lot of money on this skirt is because I do find that animal
prints are sometimes a trend and especially for older women you know
sometimes I get tired of wearing animal prints a lot .So you know it’s one of
those things that I can still wear but if I decide you know what it’s not for
me at least I didn’t put a big investment into it but I think I put together
quite a nice little outfit with this little skirt and Bill you like this
skirt hard. So anyway let’s take a look. So I decided to put this animal print
skirt with my camel style coat and you can see that the top is longer just to
cover the top of the elastic waistband there. So it’s a nice outfit for work or
also to go out on a date. So someone else who has raincoats and sweaters and
coats is our little Yorkie Hurricane. Hey Hurriance how are you? Hurricane you’re looking rather
spiffy in your sweater today. And whenever hurricane comes up on the scene
he reminds me to talk to you about upcoming videos. And over at our second
channel…hey it’s the holiday season coming up so over on the second channel
which is Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration we’ve got a lot of real
fun videos. So we have tips and trips… tips and trips?… well we do have a
few trips too and travel but anyway we have tips and tricks to doing online
shopping and everything that I showed you here was from online shopping. And
we also have created AwesomeOnlineStores.com and check that out because
this is a portal to all kinds of stores that you probably know and love
including Amazon but also we have Macy’s and Nordstrom’s and well about 20 others.
So I think that should help with some of your online shopping. And what else do we
have? There…oh yes the ten awesome finds… we’ve got appliances, we have books, we
have all kinds of things that Bill and I absolutely love and we want to share
them with you with our awesome finds video. Plus there’s lots of other healthy
eating etc…etc. Now I haven’t forgotten about this channel of course, awesome
over 50 the beauty and fashion channel. And I’m working on some videos and one
of them is five fashion mistakes. Now I’ve made some of these mistakes myself
so I want to show you that one and also five fashion items that I splurge on. You
know these are items that I wear a lot that I think it’s very important to
splurge on a few items and we deserve it anyway.
And of course I’ve got tutorials as my skin is aging I’m trying all kinds of
things that I want to share with you, but you know in the winter time and in the
cold weather the fall or whenever it is, don’t hide underneath a puffy jacket and
dowdy black dreary clothes. You know it’s time to still keep on shining and so go
ahead and and wear maybe a purple hoodie or maybe even an animal print skirt. I
always say that us over fifty women we can rock this world and it doesn’t
matter if it’s snowing on the outside if you’re shining on the inside and keeping
it awesome.

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  1. Hi everyone, Heather here… if you want to find the links for the fashion I unboxed it's on my blog (scroll down while on page to find links) Enjoy! https://www.awesomeover50.com/fall-winter-fashion-un-boxing/

  2. Great buys, Heather. The purple hoodie is a dream. Coming from a land of unrelenting rain, I love the rain jacket, and the animal print skirt is very glamorous. Really good value, lovely styling, and practical, very cute garments. I have never bought clothing from Amazon, but I think it's time to start. Thank you, and Bill, very much. Love to the beautiful furry one. XOXO

  3. Great finds Heather! I love the idea of mixing new pieces to what you already have. Love your accessories too! You always have the greatest necklaces and scarves. Have a great weekend H, B & Little H 🌹

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