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Fashion over 50 (12 Wardrobe Outfit Favorites & Style Tips, Mature Women over 50 )

Fashion over 50 (12 Wardrobe Outfit Favorites & Style Tips, Mature Women over 50 )

Hey awesome ones, Heather here. You know I
was thinking about my favorite fashion pieces and I thought, hey if these are
some of my favorites they could be maybe some of your favorites too. So these are
the kind of clothes that I wear over and over again and I really want to share
them with you. Let’s take a look. So I gotta say I’ve made some terrible
fashion choices but I’ve made some really good ones too. I kind of call
them my gems. And if you kind of like some of my sense of style, I’m really
hoping that they become your gems as well. Let’s start with number one. This is
a timeless piece that you can wear over and over again and it never gets old.
It’s my camel colored wool coat. Hey I can dress this coat up or down. It can be
worn with a business appointment or maybe even a date night or just to even
go out shopping. Let’s do a little twirl here because I absolutely love all the
aspects of this coat. I bought this coat years ago before this color of coat was
really trending as it is now. I always thought this had that classic chic look
from the 1960s and still to this day I think it looks great on women of any age.
Now for a little extra Flair or to keep me warm on a cold days, I wear a
trending scarf. I happen to be wearing a leopard print one today. It’s my number
two fashion piece. It’s a scarf that kind of keeps you on trend with style but
it’s rather inexpensive to add to your wardrobe. I can also add one of these
trending blankets scarves. That would really look nice with it as well or maybe even
a color of scarf that’s not only pretty but shows off my eye color. Now for
number three, although I try hard not to wear a lot of black, it has to be a
little black dress. And hey, I did a video on five ways to wear a little
black dress and I’ll put the link at the end of this video for you. This one has a
lovely neck line and has some ruching in the front to
hide my tummy. And talking about my tummy, let’s check out number four. My stretchy
belt. Well you’ve heard me talk about this accessory before but it truly is a
magical fine and hey I know it’s hard to find in stores so I’ll put a link below
in the description. And you can also find it at Amazon.com/shop/AwesomeOver50 just look under our fashion section there and you’ll find
the stretchy belts and this belt just cinches into my waist and it gives me a
better shape and yet I can still eat a meal with it. So still with this outfit
is my fifth staple piece of my wardrobe and that’s the kitten heel shoe in a
pump style. Again this type of shoe never goes out of style and I’ve got many
colors of this including red. I love the height of this shoe because it still
gives me a lean look yet my feet and back are comfortable. For me the six-inch
heels days are gone. Hey we don’t have to impress anyone anymore with how tall we
are. We don’t have to wear those painful shoes that are difficult to walk in and
with these ones you can still have style and comfort. So let’s switch things up a
little bit and hey there were a lot of items in that camel coat kind of
lookbook but remember that you can mix and match these clothes like all over
the place, especially the scarves. And anyway number six. Number six is a
classic blazer something similar to what I’m wearing right now and let’s take a
look at this outfit. Now this is a beautiful powder blue
blazer, but like I mentioned to you I also have a blazer style in lots of other
colors. Just choose the kind of colors that you absolutely love. What I love
about this color is it not only brightens up my face but it also adds
some color to an otherwise kind of black slimming undertone. I like wearing a
lower neckline under and remember that blue scarf that I showed you earlier, it
looks great with this. You know that’s another reason like that I love all
these pieces. I can just throw things together and make up completely
different looks. So under this blazer I have my seventh
staple piece for my wardrobe and that’s a pencil skirt. This one has a sexy slit
up the back. If you think of me going on a date with my husband after some
business meetings, you know I’m wearing the blazer and all that sort of thing, if
I take off the Blazer this sexy outfit does the trick. And oh yeah the material
is stretchy. Now for number eight let’s just switch this blazer for another
staple in my wardrobe my jean jacket. Now don’t just think of the jean jacket for
only casual days. It now can work for many events. And take a look at this. I
added a little brooch. Isn’t that cute to sort of add a little bit of bling to it?
Now for number nine let’s get a bit more casual. I’ve had this white hoodie for
years and it really makes me feel youthful. Remember that feeling youthful
is your choice and if you still want to rock a hoodie and jeans go for it.
Now this is white and I do use OxiClean to watch this…er…to wash this hoodie
because I really love the look of you know the white with the jeans and I
don’t know it just always looks great. Now let’s talk about number 10. My jeans.
Now these you know they’ve got kind of the roll-up kind of bottoms on them but
the nice thing about these jeans is I can also roll them down if that kind of
look of the rolled up bottoms goes out of style. But I also have jeggings and
denim capris but these are my absolute go to jeans. They’re stretchy and they
don’t even have a bulky zipper. It’s like wearing pajamas but nobody knows. I do
have a lighter washed version of these but I prefer the darker denim because
it’s more slimming. My number 11 item is my, gotta-run-out-the-door jacket. It’s
a lightweight raincoat that’s perfect when you don’t know what’s gonna happen
with the weather. I also bring a fold up bag with me and just tuck it in the
pocket when I’m going shopping. Then I just fold up the the raincoat into a
ball and shop without the bulk of a coat. I’ve shown you many other colors of
this raincoat in other videos. I think I’ve shown you some hunter green ones.
Hey we don’t have to wear a yellow raincoat anymore and they’re inexpensive
and a great go-to item that I’m so happy I have in my wardrobe. Wow I can’t believe
we’re at number 12 already. And it’s the item I wear every day and
that’s my small purse. Are you still lugging around that big purse that you
think you need. Try to put aside half of what’s in it right now or maybe after
you watch the video and go for a smaller handbag. So watch this.
I’ve ditched the big brush. I just have a little one here and you know those big
wallets nope don’t need it anymore and all my makeup don’t need that either.
Really truly I just need some lipstick and my anti-shine cream. You know there’s
also a few other essentials in here like my keys and just a few other things but
the other thing I love about this is this little purse can fit into a big
purse. So maybe I just want to change up the look and not wear the little
purse or maybe I need to put in a mini umbrella or maybe my iPad. You know I can
have any other big purse and this little one fits perfectly inside. The other
thing I love is if you buy a small purse with a zipper right at the top you just,
you’re able to access everything in the small purse out of the big purse. So no
more this dumping everything from one purse to another. So there you have it.
My 12 favorite fashion items that I wear on a regular basis. Did you find any that
kind of inspired you? I really hope so. Let me know in the comments my goal with
these videos is to really help make your life a little more awesome. And you know
I find that if I’ve got those staple pieces in my wardrobe I don’t run out
and buy more and more. I can use them for years and years. I I really hope that
this hit home with you and helps you get on that kind of track as well. And
talking about something that I have loved for years, let’s bring out our
little Yorkie Hurricane. Hi hurricane! How are you doing?
When Hurricane comes on the scene he reminds me to talk to you about upcoming
videos. I gotta say I’m planning to keep on making these videos you know all
of you awesome ones you are encouraging me to keep on going. And so I’m planning
some more videos. I’ve got some new reviews of makeup. I have some trips to
the mall to check out some new fashion. Of course other fashion videos and some
more self-care. Really important that we take care of ourselves. And over at our
second channel Youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration we’re going to
continue doing videos over there too. We’re planning a trip to Rome this year.
So we’ll definitely be doing some filming and sharing that with you. And we
also have some plans for food and health and all kinds of things you can find
over there on that channel at the end screen at the end screen of this video.
You’ll find a link and check it out we’d love to have you join us over there. So
thank you so much you awesome ones and I just enjoy your encouraging words and
reading, I try to read each and every one of your comments. So and hey if you have
a staple item that you think you know you want to share with all of us, please
go ahead and put it in the comments. We’d love to hear your stories and what you
love to wear and remember that we’re on this aging path together. Let’s stay
youthful, let’s stay connected and let’s keep it awesome.

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