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hi guys it’s bekah & welcome to the
carriage house today I have my daughter sabana with me and we are doing our Fall
2019 giveaway which we’re really excited about I absolutely love going shopping
making the time to go shopping for these giveaways and trying to pick out things
that you guys might like so before we before we show you what we got I wanted
to say just thank you so much to each and every one of you for all of your
sweet comments and your thumbs ups and likes and you’re just so wonderful thank
you so much and I just like taking the time to do these giveaways whether
regardless of what the subscriber count’ know a lot of people do you know 5,000
giveaway or twenty thousand subscriber giveaway or ten you know I just were in
deep gratitude for you guys regardless of how many subscribers subscribers we
have so we’re thankful for what we add so okay so my daughter is gonna help me
she’s gonna help me show you guys what we got now we we did I go to went to
home goods and I have a one thing from Ulta and in Hobby Lobby and it is fall
themed so we’ll go ahead and show you what we got and then after that I will
give you guys some details on how to enter which is really easy so that will
be at the end so we’ll go ahead and get started since mom’s gonna hand me the
first thing which is from Hobby Lobby and it’s a fall pumpkin so it’s one of
those little pillow pumpkins that that are pretty popular but this will also be
good for Thanksgiving too as well that’s kind of like a double do anything so so
got the pumpkin and then what else we have and then we’ve got of course this
Bath and Body Works candle that’s been we’ve had for a while now because I knew
we knew we wanted to get one of these for the giveaway but this one is the
salted butter Scott there’s so many though there that that
are it’s hard to choose from but this is the one that is that was burning and our
fall home tour that we just released a couple days ago so and it does smell it
smell really good so we’ve got the candle okay and then we’ve got fall
coffee a fall pumpkin spice coffee so for the for those of you for coffee
lovers out there this will be good I think this one I think the rest of the
stuff is primarily from home good well know there’s some hobby lot more Hobby
Lobby stuff here but so there’s just a mixture home goods Hobby Lobby but
there’s coffee so ok no one else ok and so the next one are these little wooden
acorns and I actually have these out decorated they ladies what if I say oh
they’re a oh that’s a acorns yeah ok I’m glad you’re here with me because I would
have my acorns those early yeah their leaves believe cut-outs
thank you so on their wooden leaves but I do have these out ad do kit have
gotten a lot of questions about these because I’ve had to have them and the
tour and then the deck the fall decorate with me and I had a lot of people ask
where I got them and so I found on that Hobby Lobby cuz I got a couple years ago
so I was excited at Hobby Lobby when I saw these because I know a lot of y’all
were asking about them so that’s included and they’re really they’re
really good quality good too and again this can go all the way into
Thanksgiving if you do celebrate Thanksgiving or you could just you know
I know a lot of you guys are from different countries too so
ok so we’ll go on to the next one okay and this one was from home goods
but it’s a thankful grateful blessing pumpkin sign you can put this either in
your kitchen or living room or wear it whatever wherever but I thought it was
just really pretty I thought it’d brighten up your your room a little yeah
yeah and it’d be good for Thanksgiving – so the haunting okay and then we’ve got
four more things okay so we got these four set of kitchen towels and they’re
just real pretty fall colors they’re pretty yellow and white you have some
that are check it and out of it it’s like a waffle cloth and just different
just different different ones so I thought that was really pretty and
everybody can use kitchen towels so okay so there’s that three more things we’ve
got this country sampler magazine which was in our home tour in our guest
bedroom but I thought I decided to put it in the giveaway so it’s just a lot of
its kind of primitive I’m actually I’m really like I like I love this but they
also have a newer magazine as well but I’m really wanting to to check out I
forget what the name of it is but it’s um it’s really it’s really relaxing to
look through and sometimes it’s nice to just kind of take a break from your
phone I like Pinterest and all that stuff looking at everything I just kind
of put those a way to actually look at a real book or a real magazine and just
kind of calm down for the night but yeah a lot of it is kind of more of the
primitive country fall decor but it’s neat looking at
and kind of getting some new ideas they have some really cute different unique
things before as far as fall decor goes in here and how its set up everything so
there’s the magazine all right and then we’ve got this little pumpkin we got at
Hobby Lobby and it’s just like a little metal pumpkin but looks like you can put
maybe like a I know you can put like a little picture a photograph or like a
card of some kind they may be they may be intended for like maybe around
Thanksgiving you can put like seeing like label seating if you’re if you have
like a you know a large family a lot of people coming over for Thanksgiving it
you may be able to like a name card on there so you can put really I mean
anything get really creative I thought was really
cute good idea I like that idea like if you have what pumpkin pie but most
people know what pumpkin pie looks like but some of the sat like the casseroles
and everything a lot of people don’t know with what they are and you can put
like like hash brown casserole and print out and put a little thing that’s a
really good idea it’s good to get out of here okay
last thing we have one more thing I wish I could do so much more I’m hoping I can
eventually do like a 2-2 subscriber giveaway that would be that would be
really really nice on the future maybe that ends okay so the next one is from
Ulta and went there the other day and I saw these but they’re it’s a brown sugar
lip scrub which is really good for exfoliation and it helps with a little
bit of those fine lines and wrinkles if you do this every night I know I’ve been
starting to do it with with my own like little DIY recipe that I saw this and
and I thought the brown sugar kind of went with the fall theme so oh yeah so
there’s that so that’s all of our items for fall giveaway so all you have to do
is in the comment section below to be automatically entered all you have to do
is is write down or type what your favorite thing about fall is for example
you could do you know baking pumpkin bread or maybe watching the leaves
change or send out fire reading a good book with one of your favorite things oh the jump yeah that’s fun especially
when your kid oh yeah yeah well it depends on like early fall it’s nice to
sit outside but maybe later fall when it starts getting kind of like really cold
you can sit in your room and read and have the maybe the windows cracked a
little bit maybe to let a little bit of fresh air in and see that the tree
leaves change from the window maybe but take it I mean getting outside though is
definitely really taking walks nature walks or things like that but so yeah so
leave your your one of your favorite things about autumn and you can leave
that down a comment section below I’ll leave more details in the
description below but that’s the main thing and of course you got to be a
subscriber but I know most of you re are so
oh yeah so the giveaway does end on the first day of autumn which I will like I
said put all the information in the description box below but I want to make
sure you guys get this maybe I like you know the end of September I don’t want
to be too late I guess that’s it for the giveaway so thank you so much for being
part of the giveaway and thank you guys so much again I always enjoy reading
your comments especially at night or maybe early in the morning before we
start our day so I just really appreciate it and I hope to see you in
our next video a lot of fall more fall videos come out I don’t know if I can do
any more fall decorating I think we’ve decorated most of everything but some
baking recipes maybe some fall cleaning inspiration and also to you guys I’ve
left a lot of requests I’m going to be working on those as well and just kind
of try to get creative and Halloween to is coming up so some howling videos and
a baby will be do is it is due in mid October so I’ll probably if for some
reason a video doesn’t go out on a Monday night or something then that’s
probably because we were in the hospital more have it I’m having the baby but
I’ll probably end up maybe taking a couple weeks off we’ll see but thank you
guys so much and I hope to see you my next video and yeah take care happy fall

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