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Fall Home Decor: Decorating a Small Apartment | Halloween Home Decor | Running in Heels

Fall Home Decor: Decorating a Small Apartment | Halloween Home Decor | Running in Heels

hey guys what’s up I’m Kasey I am here
today decorating I’m decorating my whole apartment for fall I’m really excited that you
guys are here so if you end up loving this video please give me a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel so today I’m decorating my whole apartment for fall even
though it is about 95 degrees here, in Texas I am so excited because after
September I think it is just time because you’re ready there’s pumpkin spice
everything out pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks so it is about time of
my apartment joins to the game here so I think first thing first I’m not dressed I have to clean the entire apartment OK the next thing we want to do is
make sure we get rid of everything Summery I think the only Summer themed things I have are on my bar cart so I’m just gonna go ahead and grab these but
I’ve just got my coasters and my Lilly napkins and more coasters so these are
all going to go wait until next summer Ok guys, now for the fun part. We get to decorate! OK so I just grabbed everything I have and brought it all out here. It’s all in Target bags because I got most
different from the Target dollar section really,
and a few other things a little bit higher-priced, but honestly I went super
budget on my decor and bought a lot of freaking pumpkins so I may not
keep all of it so we will see but I’m excited to see what happens here.
I’m going to start with my coffee table OK so here is our island.
We’re just going to put a few things down here and then we’ll work on the tray
and that’s going to be to the main decor for the kitchen area and then I have a couple
things that will go– I have something that will go on the door and then that’s probably about
it so I have these little, umm.. styrofoam pumpkins last year I put them in our wine cork thing and mixed them up here and it looked super cute so we’re going to do
it again

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