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Fall 2019 FabFitFun Review & Unboxing

Fall 2019 FabFitFun Review & Unboxing

Hey everyone, Bridget from Money After
Graduation here to do a more fun, break from traditional finance videos and give
you my fall 2019 FabFitFun Review. Now if you follow me on Twitter or have
already read the blog post about this, you know that I really hesitated to do a
fabfitfun review because I don’t want to be a “fabfitfun girl”. f you’re a woman
that uses the internet you probably know what that is because if you’ve ever
clicked something remotely fabfitfun related, it will stalk you for the next
three months trying to get you to sign up for the box. I felt that way for years
until I finally caved and gave fabfitfun a try. And the reason I did so is
because my best friend was a subscriber and she showed me some of the items that
she got in her box and it was actually pretty good!
I’ve now subscribed to fabfitfun for a year, I’ve loved every single box that
I’ve gotten and I truly feel for me it is worth the money. But I’ll show you
some of the items I got this season and give you a breakdown of how it works so
you can decide if it’s actually worth the investment for you. So for those of
you that don’t know what fabfitfun is because you’ve been living under a rock
for a decade, it’s a quarterly subscription box where you subscribe
either on a three month or an annual basis and every season they send you a
box filled with goodies that are related to that season. Before I joined fabfitfun, I thought it was mostly all beauty things like makeup and hair products, and
it’s still really heavily slanted towards that, but I’ve been pleasantly
surprised by how many home accessories and fashion items that I actually get in
my seasonal boxes. I’m a fabfitfun select member, which means I pay on an
annual basis and I get some perks for paying for that premium membership. It’s
actually cheaper than the monthly membership, I think you pay like twenty
dollars less, but it all comes out at once so it feels quite expensive. I’m
Canadian so I’m charged in USD for fabfitfun and my select membership I
think is around $300 per year. Whoo! That sounds like a lot when I say
it out loud. I prefer being a select member for fabfitfun because one of the
perks that gives you is customization of your box. It is really fun to get
surprise and unexpected things in the mail but
when you’re paying like $50 USD plus shipping, I like to have some control
over the items that come in my box. Often I’ve actually found some of the
customizations I’ve liked so much I’ve chosen more than one of the items
because when you’re choosing what fabfitfun items you want to go in your
box, sometimes you can add one of the other selections for just $10 or $15
depending what it is. If you’re not a fabfitfun select member you don’t
get to do that customization. So let’s jump into what I got in my box this
season! I love seeing what other people put in their boxes so I hope you’re as
interested in this otherwise well you can stop watching this video to anytime.
You’re definitely interested in this. For the first item in the fabfitfun box I
actually went with the mystery choice, which I’ve never done before. I was
really nervous because as I just told you earlier in this video I generally
don’t like surprises in my fabfitfun box but I wasn’t super excited about any of
the choices. The one item I really wanted was the scarf but I own so many scarves. I
mean, I’m Canadian so I have so many scarves and I felt like I didn’t need
another one so I opted for the mystery choice and what I got was this Grown
Alchemist detox night cream. And it’s just a little
tube of moisturizer. At first I was like oh great, another moisturizer
because I have like 15,000, but I’ve been using it every night since I got it and
I love it. My skin is so soft! It feels so good after this and it really smells
really nice. It smells like there’s rose in it, so it’s just overall a beautiful
product and I really lucked out with the mystery choice this time. Anyway the
first item I got is this adorable Kate Spade lunchbox. This is actually a little
bit smaller than I expected but that doesn’t bother me because I think it’s
really really cute. It holds lunches that I pack so it’s the
right size for me. I was really undecided, I can’t remember what the other items
were in this customization, but I remember I wasn’t really excited about
any of the choices. I kind of picked the lunch box because
it seemed the best of the bunch and when it arrived I actually loved it so much
more than I expected I would. But who doesn’t like Kate Spade? The other item I
got is this Eparé salt and pepper grinder. It’s beautiful and I’m so glad this came and
fabfitfun because I was literally like seconds away from buying a pepper
grinder for my home. So this was I think the last customisation on the box and I
can’t remember what the other choices were cuz it’s been a while that I chose
this. You can see I still haven’t put anything in it yet but I’m gonna go get
some pink Himalayan salt from Winners, and some peppercorns and fill it
up this week. The other item I got was this Skin & Co toner.
I’m so embarrassed that I never used a toner until now. Again this is one of the
items where I wasn’t sure if I would really love it because I don’t use
toners, but I’ve been using it every night since I bought it and I absolutely
adore this. I feel like my skin looks so good since using this toner. Honestly
it’s taken away so many of the blackheads on my nose that I’ve had since
I was like 13 and my skin just feels a lot cleaner after I use it. What
surprised me is after I wash all the makeup off my face using a cleanser
and then I put this on a cotton pad and just swipe especially over my t-zone, I
can still see some dirt and residue that it picks up. So I was genuinely shocked
by how dirty my face still is even after I wash it. This really just pulls the
last dirt and grime out of my pores before I go to sleep at night. The other
item I got was this Aveda damage remedy daily hair repair. This is just a
styling cream. It’s a heat protectant I think. I’ve been using it but I’ve used a
lot of Aveda products before. I even have one that I use after my showers
regularly and I feel like this is the same. Probably because it’s really close
to the same product from the same company, but still a really nice tube of
hair product. Another item that I got in this fabfitfun were these cute little
juice cleanse sugar cubes. These are exfoliating soap so you just
take one out and you crush it in your hand in the shower and you use that to
cleanse and exfoliate your skin. I keep this in
my gym bag. It’s my favorite way to take soap to the gym because it’s way easier
than bringing a bottle of body wash, and I find just being able to take like
one little cube to the shower is perfect. So this is my gym bag soap and my
favorite thing about it is it just smells so good. It honestly smells
like I don’t know a pina colada. It’s delicious and it’s my favorite
after gym treat now. The other item that I got that I’m super excited about
because I love this brand are these earrings from Bauble Bar, and I’ll do a
close-up so you can see them a little better. But they’re really beautiful
ear crawlers which is a cool style that I hadn’t worn before. You can actually
wear them two ways so they go up your ear the way they’re designed or if you
turn them you can wear them as drop down earrings, and they’re really beautiful
either way. I love Bauble Bar, I have bought so much jewelry from Bauble Bar
over the past few years so getting a piece like this in my fabfitfun box was
super exciting to me. Another item I got that was actually an add-on that I paid
for is this necklace that I’m wearing you probably saw I was wearing it in
another one of my youtube videos too because I love it it’s a gold and opal
little piece of delicate jewelry I’m so into delicate gold jewelry right now I
feel like I add something to every single facet fun order that I have but I
find that I’m getting so many beautiful pieces and it’s just a fun thing to add
on to my fabfitfun box that makes me even more excited to receive it so the
add-ons actually come in addition to the items that you have in your box but you
have to pay extra for them this is something that I get into trouble with
with that bit fun because I’m always adding so many things to my box I
honestly have now set a budget of like $30 per fabfitfun box of add-ons that
I’m allowed because otherwise I get like wildly carried away as a select member I
do have early access to the add-ons which is really good because they sell
out I mean it’s wild health fast some of these items go it’s at the point that I
actually set an alarm when add-ons open for the seasonal boxes so it can be one
of the first ones on to browse and add things to my box I’m still
waiting from one of the other add-ons that I had from fabfitfun it just didn’t
make it into the box because I don’t know they had some production or
shipping issues on their side and they had to ship it out separately later but
it was like a sponge el body wash thing I don’t know it was another item I got
to put in my gym bag nonetheless because I’m all about like smelling really good
after the gym because I don’t after a workout okay I totally forgot to mention
one thing that came in my fat fun box that is awesome and it’s this human plus
kind skin care with a conscience lotion I don’t know this body Oh guys I am done
filming for the day anyway this is a body souffle it smells so freakin good
I’ve been putting this on every day after the shower and it’s completely
delicious it’s wonderful so I can’t believe I forgot that in my fabfitfun
box sorry so as you can see from the items that I received in my fall 2019
fabfitfun box it’s definitely worth more than the $50 u.s. that it costs every
season to subscribe to the box however as a Canadian I am paying a little bit
more of a premium not only am i paying the exchange rate on that $50 u.s. but I
also have to pay $10 shipping for every box again this comes out in my annual
membership because I’m a select member so I pay all at once once a year but it
essentially works out to $50 u.s. per box plus $10 u.s. shipping plus any
additional add-ons that I add on to the box so for Canadian you are looking at
spending about I’d say 250 to $300 to subscribe to that fit fun it’s still
worth it for me because I actually found that it really reduced how much I was
spending at Sephora I have a few other videos that you guys can tell I spent a
ton of money at Sephora and one of the reasons I do so is because I like to try
so many new beauty and makeup products and now I don’t do that cos fabfitfun
delivers them to my house when you’re calculating whether or not fabfitfun is
worth it to you it really depends on how you like to spend your money and if you
like getting surprises or not I strongly recommend it
if you’re a Canadian to subscribe to the Select membership so you can customize
your box it really sucks to spend a lot of money plus the shipping cost and then
not have control over what you receive however if you like getting surprises
and you think everything in every fat bit fun box is cool you’re not gonna be
disappointed just paying the seasonal membership the other important thing is
that you’d like to try new beauty products and you will use them up
because the things I get in my fabfitfun box I mean it only comes every three
months but it’s actually hard for me to use up all of them in those three months
because if I’m getting a lot of lotions and hair care products even if I’m using
them everyday they are kind of starting to accumulate in my bathroom which is
one of the reasons I love choosing household or fashion or jewelry products
instead so even when I have the option to choose another moisturizer I’ll often
opt for the household item or the fashion item instead just because I’ll
get a little bit more use of it rather than just accumulating a basket of hair
serums as you guys already know I think you should spend your money on whatever
makes you happiest as long as it fits in your budget for me fabfitfun makes me
really happy every season and I love sharing the items that I got with you
and I love seeing what ones you picked if you want to leave a comment below
letting me know what you thought of the fall 2019 box and what items you
selected for your customized agents I would love to hear it because I’m so
interested in other people’s choices otherwise I feel like I’m probably just
gonna do these videos every season because I want to they’re really fun and
I just want to share more fun videos with you guys anyway I hope you enjoyed
this video and it gave you some clarity into how much fabfitfun cost and whether
or not it’s worth it and if the products in it are really the value that they say
they are they totally are if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel and I will see you next week

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  1. I'm annoyed by your voice in the first minute. You sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. I'm going to seek financial advice elsewhere.

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