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Extendable Scissor Lamp

Extendable Scissor Lamp

A clamp light is useful, but this area needs a designated lamp. Some extra pine and walnut scraps will work great! Planing everything down to thickness. Ripping boards into thin strips Cutting strips down to final slat length. One more pass on the planer to ensure everything is the same thickness. Some thicker (left) for the outside pieces and some longer (middle) for center slats. Boring a countersunk hole in the outside slats. Drilling the through hole in the center. Drilling the rest of the holes quickly using a makeshift jig. Easing the edges with a roundover profile. Adding a chamfer to all edges. After sanding smooth, all the parts are ready! Applying polyurethane Beautiful. Assembly time. Using nylon washers inside to allow for smooth movement. Tightening enough for the lock nut to catch. It scissors! More assembly. Folds together nicely! More assembly. Now for some connecting pieces. Cutting a deep groove in a block of wood. Marking off excess Cutting off the waste on the bandsaw. Test fit. Back seats perfectly! Marking where the front needs to be trimmed. Using the tablesaw for straighter cuts most of the way down the length. Using the bandsaw to remove the remaining waste. Sanding everything evenly. Perfect fit! Marking the extremes of the scissor holes. Drilling the holes. Connecting the two holes to form a slot. A complicated piece, finally done! Two blocks to attach to the other end of the scissor. Marking for a perfect fit. Hogging out the waste. One for the top, one for the bottom. Drilling a large hole for the hardware. And drilling the through hole. The top and bottom connectors. Drilling a hole for the knob connection. Rounding the edges. Applying polyurethane. Large shaft collar. Applying two-part epoxy. Carefully aligning the collar so the holes match up. Attaching the front support. Test drive. Attaching the back connectors. Threading in the lamp cord. Installing the ball stud. Attaching the lamp. Black iron pipe and fittings for the lamp support. Mounting to the side of the tool cabinet. Sliding the lamp into place. Attaching the top of the iron support. The lamp can swivel and pivot. And also raised/lowered and locked into place. The bottom support stays in place while the top support glides along the iron pipe. The front guide glides in the support slot. Glamour shots.

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  1. Man this is much more satisfying and better than cringy satisfying videos, Measured Workshop doesn't have any excessive music, talking and their captions describe what they're doing. Keep it up 😀

  2. Very satisfying video
    No BS, no nonsense, and no annoying music
    I wish i could have given you more than one "like", but i did subscribe too, hope your channel grows and grows

  3. There are not many projects I see that impress me as much as this one does. Something that is needed in the shop and very unique. I'm sure you will eventually add a bracket for your camera as well. Just a thought. Great job.

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