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Explore Architecture With Us : British Museum | Sia Moore

Explore Architecture With Us : British Museum | Sia Moore

Hi, I’m architect Banu Altay from Sia Moore.
Today I’m with you, with our “Explore Architecture Series”. In these videos I’m exploring architectural buildings on-site! As you know, we’re still in London to receive two very prestigious architectural awards that Sia Moore has won! We are full of excitement and joy! And here you see behind me, the infamous British Museum.If you’re asking why it’s so infamous; the answer is that it holds the feature of being the first national public museum in the world! The main buildings of the British Museum consist of 4 main wings, that have been built in the 19th century by the architect Sir Robert Smirke. And today, 6 million ‘studious and curious persons’ visit the British Museum per year! The gorgeous columns and buildings over there, simply mimicing the classical Greek architecture, form the core structures of the museum. Foster’s Great Court has been constructed out of 3312 panes of glass! And in a very intelligent manner, it increased the public spaces of the museum by 40% Thank you so much for watching this
video. I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to subscribe to see more if you want to
learn more about architecture and see more of London with us! Bye.

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