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  1. I work in healthcare. We don’t even test for this virus. If it were a true pandemic we would be testing people that had symptoms and trying to contain it. The virus is being used as a scare tactic to once again try to politically destroy our president. Seriously people, wake up. Not one doctor I work with is worried about this virus. Not one.

  2. It feels like not only is there going to be an outbreak of flu coronavirus in the United States, there's going to be riot.

  3. I see it coming for most of Us poor people, We get sick, no work no money, loose rental, loose car, if we don't die from it , we go homeless 🥴,Hope the Lord saves US all🙏✝️💓😔

  4. I love how everyone is 1.5 months behind telling consumers about this. Talk about reactive instead of proactive. smh

  5. Are they planning to quarantine the entire country? What are we preparing for???? All this prep talk but what's the PLAN.

  6. All other countries have limitless tests. The US won't test citizens, it's like a massive shortage. What's up with that?

  7. A bunch of BS tips coming a little too late. I worry about all the people that are weak/very sick already. We all just brace for it. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. They should ground all travel now because when its to late it's to late peaple still going everywhere in California watch the news peaple have it and they are not saying nothing about it tell they die one person had it did not even test them tell the day before she died.

  9. Most countries are calling this an urgent epidemic. The local stores in country has ran out of hand sanitizers and masks. But luckily I found https://mask-care.com/ is still selling masks WORLDWIDE. Everything is selling out even their kids masks are sold out!! Please be safe and get a mask from https://mask-care.com/ …

  10. I don't get how some insurance companies won't cover a month supply of subscriptions, mine forces me to do three month supplies at a time. /shrug.

  11. Meanwhile, in america nothing to see here folks, the flu is worse, keep
    that economy going like good little slaves, do not use words like
    "pandemic" that may bring hysteria as people realize they are being lied
    to, do not do anything to save yourselves just die!

  12. China experts already worked out the family tree
    of this type C new corona virus and hinted that the virus is not originated
    from China but brought into China with politic motive by one most famous evil
    country, China don't have the A and B types of corona virus, and C type of
    corona virus is derived from A and B type, just like if there is one kangaroo
    run out from the jungle of China, this kangaroo is definitely brought in by
    someone, so this virus is bringing into China with politic motive, and USA got
    all A to E type of corona viruses.

  13. USA is fuster clucked and is likely to become the main "exporter" of mutated forms of the Corona virus. The lack of action in the States will have devastating effects around the world later on!

  14. You guys it's not just a sickness you can die from it it's not fake it's a real thing you should be scared wherever you live it's going to come if it's spreads everyone's talking about it I'm scared you guys should be scared and I'm a kid I'm not ready to die 😭😭😭😭😭 I'm scared it might come where I live but it's not here yet it started in China stay healthy wash your hands and eat healthy food or you can get the virus it spreads very fast so you better be careful where you go or what you touch you should trust me my friend told me about the virus everyone in my school is freaking out in my class you can't get rid of it to unless you don't eat junk food and eat healthy food if you have the virus ☹️

  15. Title should read "everything we want you to know about coronavirus because we lack effective planning and not enough masks for hospitals"

  16. Coronavirus in America: exists
    American Health Insurance Companies and Hospitals: hippity hoppity FREE REAL ESTATE

  17. They don’t even have test kits that work. Oh wait, those will be ready in a week. Meanwhile covid19 has spread, smh

  18. I've been watching Dr. John Campbell. He's knowledgeable and down to earth. Gives sensible info. and explains it all well.

  19. call your congressmen and tell them to ban the export of medical resources amidst this pandemic. all the masks are going to china

  20. Bosses and supervisors throughout America should not be allowed to fire an employee who gets sick or quarantined because of this virus going around. That's only fair/right thing to do I think. But some how we need to replenish what all we are out of. Be it foods and non foods and medicines and get them to the stores some way. People need fresh air and to eat and take their medicine(s). And lastly, find out who is responsible for causing this virus to show up out of nowhere & spread so quickly. 🔍🔎🔎🔎🔍🔍🛃☢☣???who??

  21. There is zero preparation or plan under the Trump administration. Trump literally removed funding from the CDC, fired viral experts and removed programs for pandemic prevention- years ago. Currently, Trump is removing healthcare programs for the people. The coronavirus hotline never answers. Doctors, clinics and hospitals have no plans if you try to seek treatment for this coronavirus. Government officials under Trump have said that many Americans won't be able to afford Covid19 tests and there aren't enough any way. Plus, a future vaccine will not be affordable to all as well. We're screwed.

  22. It's always good to have a food storage, hygiene storage, medicines storage in advance to prepare for any possiblity of calamity.

  23. Priority: containment. Here are the numbers if it becomes a global pandemic. Very sobering..COVID 19 projections..based on the sources and links below, here are some numbers which are astounding when factored into the global population and current trends.

    Global population est. 2020 : 7.8 billion. CDC Projected infection rate of 70% : 5.460 billion

    80% of cases are MILD = 4,368,000,000
    14% are SEVERE = 764,400,000
    6% become CRITICALLY ill = 327,600,000

    COVID 19 – ANNUAL Case fatality projected GLOBALLY:
    @ 2.0% = 109,200,000 to @ 4.0% =. 218,400,000

    SEASONAL FLU annual fatalities: 290,000 to 650,000

    1918 SPANISH FLU deaths globally: 50,000,000

    One billion people could die within a five to ten year period if BOTH The FLU AND COVID 19 becomes seasonal. there is no cure or vaccine yet. Those over 50 and those sick will be the main victims. Younger folks and kids will survive as if they just had the flu. Population will decline to below 5 billion if remain unchecked leaving a global population no older than 50. This population size seems more manageable in addressing climate change and global scarcity of resources ..especially by 2050 when habitats around the coasts will begin to disappear due to rising ocean levels…was this designed to avert climate change disaster in the future? Will a new global political and economic order arise?


  24. I had a dream two years ago, were an angel showed me a tablet with the words "140 million people to die"…now, it is starting to be a possibility that it may happen…God have mercy on us.

  25. It's sad that they are telling people to prepare for 2 weeks instead of 2-3 months…. That would be a better span of preparedness…

  26. Bulletproof yourself with Autophagy. Wake up people, these idiots know nothing. Autophagy repairs and strengthens your immune system. Nobel prize for medicine (2016) went to Japanese researcher who proved the process.

  27. The coronavirus has evolved into two virulent forms: "S" and "L" … the latter being more dangerous. If you recover from one, you can still get sick again from the other. Scientists are working on a vaccine, hopefully to address both forms. It will take awhile for it to be available to all (10 to 18 months). In the meantime do everything to keep yourself well. For expert info see videos of Dr. John Campbell.

  28. @today, please note @Alaska airline is not providing full refund for all flights. My conference just got cancelled because of the virus. They charged me $120 to get credit for my flight because I had a saver fare and booked before 2/27. Please qualify your information before putting it on the air. Thank you!

  29. WashING hands is good habit. But right now it’s pointless. IT IS AIRBORNE. IT GETS IN YOUR CLOTHES, SHOES, HAIR, PETS, CARS, HVAC UNITS.

  30. There are MANY corona viruses! Sars was a corona virus. You should be calling it Covid19. Educate yourself before trying to educate the country please.

  31. 3:22 the answer to where do I go to get tested is "SOMEONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU OVER THE PHONE." Guess what happens. Tons of calls. You cannot get through. If you do get through. Those general practitioners do not know. They are flat out saying STAY HOME. This is a huge problem if you are truly sick. Give us real answers not vague double speak. Where does one go to get tested? What is the cost? NO ANSWERS. lmfao.

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  33. 1. Our lack of BASIC HYGIENE is scarier
    2. We may as well have infants in government
    3. People are hoarding toilet paper
    4. This is actually quite a contagious strain

    Should we be worried? https://youtu.be/5G49NWzVbEg

  34. I think 🤔 money 💵 is the number one ☝️ way where spreading the disease….should we wash our money 💵 🤔

  35. You'd think testing would be free. The virus kills the wealthy just as easily as it does the poor. If the poor can't afford testing just walk around and infect the rich people in their neighborhoods. Maybe take a bike ride or go on a walk everyday through their neighborhoods and see if they think it's important.

  36. I got all my prescription medcine atleast anywhere from a month to 3 months worth. I did get some supplies that will work personal items, some household items, ect. The pet food would probably bee the hardest to keep because we have a lot of pets. I stock up already before all of this. So this was just an extra push to do more.

  37. As of @ on Thursday night, how is it that a county with over 145 million people have had only 4 cases total and 2 of them already cured? Oh, did I mention that it was the county who's leader met behind closed doors with Donald Trump with no clue what was discussed, no paper trail and only 2 witnesses and who loves their country and can't wait to do business there? Oh, sorry. It's mother Russia. As Art Bell or George Noory might possibly say, it looks a little fishy… Almost like they had a vaccine already made up and ready to go. Hmmm…

  38. Tf is this? They’re teaching how to self quarantine basically. I’m trying to find out how one can obtain the ratchet virus and it’s effects because IGNF prior to hearing it now being in Montgomery County, MD😐

  39. What happens when a state of emergency declared?

    A state of emergency gives the government a wide range of special powers to deal with the situation at hand.

    It varies from country to country but things that could be invoked by the government following the declaration are:

    In some cases, conscript citizens to help with efforts to manage the emergency
    In others, to authorise qualified citizens to assist in emergency management efforts

    Make goods and resources available for distribution to those areas impacted
    Fix prices of goods and services, to avoid incidences of "price gouging"

    Impose a curfew on residents of the affected areas- martial law

    Prohibit, or at least limit, travel to, from or within the areas impacted by the emergency
    Establish emergency shelters

    Enter any building without a warrant – read this one again
    Confiscate equipment and property that will assist in emergency management – in other words, take your personal belongings.
    Order residents to evacuate the affected areas
        Force you to test for the COVID-19 virus

  40. Instead of the Media scary people with Corona.
    Why don't the Media talk about before the Corona Virus in our society? The amount of people coughing now is sky high, wherever you are on the bus, on the street, in the work place, in your house, your family/friends everyone is now coughing.
    The surge in people with Asthma and food related Allergies is increasing, the food you all eat is processed trash. A large percentage of food you eat is inflammatory, supermarket keeps stocking cheap awful food which you all purchase and eat for which most of it don't benefit your immune system. Pollution in our cities.
    Hundred and thousands die every year with flu related illnesses anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if the media pass the flu deaths as Corona deaths.

  41. This wasn't everything we need to know. How is it spread? What is the coronavirus? How can we protect ourselves?

  42. Insurance companies will generally only pay for a new refill of medication only after 80% of that medication is used up. On a 30 day prescription that is after 24 days. They will not let you fill it early just so you can get an extra amount. You can however pay cash to get some medications early if you want, but for many medications that could be a lot of extra money. If you get your meds filled as early as the insurance will let you over the course of several refills you will be able to build up a bit of a cushion.

  43. Why are you telling people to stock up on water when our water isn’t contaminated one month of diapers and cleaning supplies that is causing more problems

  44. Teacher goes viral over the Coronavirus:
    Stormy Capalare Help me help others! Share!

    How to wash your hands- Teaching kiddos
    Of course use a napkin to turn off the water if you can, and avoid touching any sparkly bubbles !

    How to talk with kids about the Coronavirus

    How germs spread activity for kids – Sparkly and Fun

    Full Article #Pasoroblesdailynews

  45. 5G at 60 GHZ is CORONA VIRUS.https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bitchute.com%2Fvideo%2FmWcUoESRO0c5%2F&event=video_description&v=DZzMqhXVjPE&redir_token=fbUCEYBlD2WPBGeCaT45-emUpqR8MTU4Mzc2MzY3NkAxNTgzNjc3Mjc2

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