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Ellen’s Dancer of the Day Plays a Silly Sports Challenge

Ellen’s Dancer of the Day Plays a Silly Sports Challenge

You know, Christmas
is around the corner. Everyone knows the
amazing feeling of opening up the perfect
gift, from baseball gloves to the coolest sneakers. Dick’s Sporting Goods
has the perfect gift for everyone on your list. [DING] And my friends at
Dick’s Sporting Goods want to give everyone here
a chance to win a huge prize if an audience member can
complete a silly sports challenge. It’s something we’re calling
my friends at Dick’s Sporting Goods Want To Give Everyone Here
A Chance To Win A Huge Prize If An Audience Member Can
Complete A Silly Sports Challenge. [MUSIC PLAYING] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] I want Faith to come
down here and play. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLAPPING AND CHEERING] I broke both my heels
on my way here today. Oh no, you broke
your high heels? Oh I broke both
heels on my boots. How much high– Of course, we were walking
around for four hours– How much– We were walking
around for four hours and my shoes are like 20 years
old and I broke both of them. We must have some Ellen–
what size are you? Oh probably 9. What do you mean, probably? 9, 9 and 1/2, it
depends, 9 and 1/2. Kellen we need some Ellen,
my tennis shoes, my ED by Ellen tennis shoes
for her 9, 9 and 1/2. Thank you. Here’s what you’re
going to have to do. This is– I’m good at tennis but
I don’t see tennis. No we’re not going
to play tennis. First you have to put the
wiffle ball on top of that and hit it with a baseball
bat just in this direction. And then you have
to come over here, and you have to grab
this soccer ball and you have to put
it on this grass and you have to kick the
soccer ball into the net there. And then you have to
come back over here, and you have to
get the basketball and you have to
get it in a hoop. You can’t move on until
you’ve done those things. OK remind me as I go along. No it’s just three things. OK you know what– Wiffle ball– Guess what? I’m having cataract surgery
tomorrow morning at 7 o’clock. So my eyes aren’t
that good, you might want to pick somebody else. No, no, no. I’m serious. Let’s take those glasses– I can’t see, I can only
see I with this eye. Let’s take those– hey. Serious. This is the eye,
this is the bad eye. You’re not going to
be able to see anyway. Come here Faith. No, I need those. Oh, no. Put these on. Oh, no. Oh, no. Right. Oh I can’t see nothing. I know. I know. And if you can do that
before time runs out, everybody here is going
to get a $300 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods. [CHEERING] Ready, go. [MUSIC – “FLIGHT OF THE
BUMBLEBEE”] [CHEERING] [CHEERING] That’s right. Yeah that way. Yes! [CHEERING] You have to get in the hoop. Get closer. [BUZZER] Oh, no, no. Oh, no. Oh. So close. Let me try one more. Yeah, one more. [AUDIENCE GROAN] Here, try one more. Try one more. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Here’s your glasses. Here’s some water. Let me get you some shoes. Congratulations,
you’re all going to experience the magic of
playing sports with your family this holiday season with this
$300 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card, and you’ll get
some new shoes too also. We’ll be right back.

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