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Elgato — Eve & Avea — Apple HomeKit [4K]

Elgato — Eve & Avea — Apple HomeKit [4K]

Siri, is hold the door open? Your ‘hold the door is open’ Today, I’m going to review a product by elgato not this! Actually I’m going to review this. Elgato Avea or A-vea But not just that, I’m also going to review Avea Flare because I want to talk about homekit I’m also going to review Eve Weather Door and Window, Energy, Eve Room and while we’re taking about homekit I’m going to talk about iOS 10 and the home app because it works with philips hue system but Avea does not work in the home kit so it is confusing. And I’m here to solve all this confusion If a product has “works with Apple HomeKit” sign on it, it means you can use Siri or the new upcoming home app to control it These products usually have their own app so you can control them using their own app as well On the other hand these guys work with bluetooth so it doesn’t need a homekit setup. You just come close to it use your phone or your watch and control it which means you can not control these when you’re not in the house or when you’re not close to these products. If you haven’t seen it I already have philips hueun boxing and review right here You can click on that and watch that review So let’s make this house smarter This is a fantastic product, I actually know this product and I’m very excited about it Says here that the battery lasts 8 hours but it lasts a lot longer than that if you have the brightness set to a lower setting It lasts a lot more than that. This is the wireless charging base, charging adaptor and a lot of plugs Now lets move on to the bulb This is it. Now I’m going to plug this into that let’s go to avea app. add lamp One lamp found Avea Bulb that sounds like a good name An important update is available says right up there We’ll take care of that later on. As you can see in this app I can select… Let me dim the other lights a little bit Now in this app if I go to magic hour, if I hit activate all of them Candyland and I don’t have to go into this, I can just slide it like this and activate And the color is changing And they are changing together I like this a lot You can use your watch. Tap to activate or deactivate. force touch to turn on off or adjust the lights
you can even setup a wake up light that turns on by itself the only missing feature is you can’t add your own scenes to it Now let’s get to the Eve products. Let’s begin with Eve Room They call it wireless indoor sensor It tells you the air quality, the temperature and the humidity. Simple and nice boxing And the this is it. You just put this somewhere in your house Now let’s Eve weather out and eve weather tell you the temperature, humidity and air pressure outside of your house It looks very much like eve room The batteries are here. The only difference is Eve Room has these holes at the top and eve weather doesn’t have that on the top And you leave this outside of your apartment Now let’s move to eve door and window. This thing tells you if the door is opened or closed, how many times it’s been opened or closed And the duration. Great for paranoia/ This is it. You stick this and then you stick this and then when they are apart from each other that means the door is open and when they are close to each other that means the door is closed We need to stick these on the door or to a window… or to someone’s legs to see how many times it opens I’m going to place it here The light gives you an indication And finally eve energy. With this you can see the consumption, you can switch it on or off and of course see the insights If my fish was still alive I’d use the room to get information about the temperature in the room And then use this to turn the heater on and off Sadly my fish went to a farm. That’s what my wife told me And this is it. Now that everything is in its place let’s go to our EVE app for Elgato and start setting up our products. Since showing how to setup each product is not necessary I’m going to show you only one. Add accessory to home. As you can see it already sees eve energy And then now it is going to ask for its setup code for this I can scan the code. Now give it a name Let’s call it iMac Now that everything is set up let’s go into our eve app and see what happens This is at a glance as you can see I can see everything right here including my hue lamps On the second tab I have the scenes, timers and rules where I can create what happens when I come home or when I leave And then rooms, so far there is only 1 room that’s the living room. And I can see the plug, I can turn it off. That light should turn off. Turn it back on. off… on… I can see the consumption, I can see the projected cost total consumption and total cost right from that plug. And on the eve inside I that the air quality is excellent. and the temperature is 79.5º and the humidity is 56000%. That’s what is feels like to me right now. And you can check your air quality history when you tap on it like this. Let’s move on. Eve outside you see the temperature, humidity and air pressure. As you can see the door is closed And living room lights, you see everything. These are hue lights, we’re controlling hue lights in eve app And I think, turn on and off that hue light and them we have types, the information here comes in the form of types When you tap on temperature you see the inside temperature and then the outside temperature and so on and so forth And then we have the settings where you can adjust the energy cost and group things together and then you can give guest access when someone comes over to your house And if you have another home, which is good for you, you can add new home, create additional home right here. and you don’t have to be at home, you don’t have to be connected to your wifi to control these things You can be outside, you can be anywhere and then you can see these information Now that all of this is setup I can ask siri this. Hey Siri! What’s the temperature in my home. The current temperatures in your home are at 80.2º and 84.1º So the first one is temperature inside the house the second one is the temperature outside Is the eve plug turned on? Your eve plug is on. Is hold the door closed? Your hold the door is closed Turn the eve plug off OK. The Eve Plug is off. If my computer was on this would be really sad right now. Of course you can change the names to whatever want. But it has to be something Siri can understand easily Especially if you have an accent. I don’t know how people with accents get anything done actually. Now with iOS 10 we have the home app as you can see on the first tab that says home we see out favorite scenes and underneath that it has my favorite accessories Right now Elgato accessories are not working with this app but it is still shown there which means soon it will work When I go to the second tab, this is the default room which is the living room and I can not change the name at this point for some reason So it is called the default room And here you can see all my Elgato accessories and my Hue lights and all of my scenes And at the very last tab there is automation. It turns the lights on when I’m coming home and it turns the lights of when I leave the house When you want to create an automation these are the things you can select And in the room you can go to any of this and force touch it, hit details and then you can add it to your favorites, you can test the scene you can add or remove accessories Even though it says the Eve plug is not supported when you hit details Something magical happens and suddenly it starts working. Which means with the new update these things will be taken care of But after all, this is my favorite This is my favorite of all. It also has this Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen. Hit that button and join the World DO’mination! And please let me know what you think about these products in the comment section pillow And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşça kalın! Yes, yes I see! I see a new iPhone a new iPhone is going to come out in september Yeah all my psychic powers are telling me That every year there is going to be new iPhone with slightly better features Yes! Yes I feel it yes! A new iPad and a new Apple watch! Every year, it is going to get renewed Every year the one you have from the last year is going to be the old one, it is going to be the lame one! yeah

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