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Easy Money this Christmas Reselling Books on Amazon FBA [eFlip for Beginners]

Easy Money this Christmas Reselling Books on Amazon FBA [eFlip for Beginners]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I’m gonna run you through another a flip tutorial and we’re gonna
source some books to get some quality inventory so that we can send it in to
FBA and make good money this is a perfect opportunity right here right now
to do so because we’re moving in to the heart of q4 right after Black Friday
sales really start to skyrocket up until the end of Christmas and even still into
January a little bit depending on what you’re selling now that is true for
books as well and the great things about a thing about sourcing books and then
reselling books right now and sending them to FBA is you want to get your
inventory in now right before that so it’s sitting in in FBA ready to sell for
you oh and by the way right after that comes spring textbook season so even if
let’s say hypothetically you saw something that was like higher ranked
right that had a good profit margin right that that profit margin you might
be able to make it even if it’s a high sales rank in you know January or early
February because that is spring textbook season when a lot of people go back to
school for college and so sales really start to pick up even more during spring
textbook season right after q4 so this is literally the perfect time there is
no better time of year to source books and get them into FBA so I’m gonna run
you through a tutorial on how to actually do this today so a flip is a
software that I use to find book outliers I’ve covered this many times on
this channel highly recommend that you check it out but the very first thing
that I like to do when I log into a flip is I’m trying to get you know as many
sales as potentially possible because I’m going after maximum approval maximum
approval is you know essentially two thousand sales in a six month period now
that’s speculative nobody really really knows but I’ve heard many people say
that if you can hit that number roughly you can practically request to get
unguided in a number of brands in a number of categories and so that is my
goal I want to test it out and see for myself so I’m always going after free
ebooks and very very cheap books just to get sales right but I’m also sourcing
very you know high profit margin books to make money right now I’m going after
both of them so the very first thing that I do is all I’ll sort it starts
like this right here when you have your ranks like down here roughly when you
log in to e flip okay so what usually like to do is I’ll put the rent
the match rank all the way up to see if there’s any cheap books and I’ll hit
search and as you can see here there is a book for ten cents right here so
you’re literally if I click on this you’re literally getting this book for
ten cents to your door and then you can obviously resell it so it’s a basically
a free book that you can then resell and that’s another sale right so then I only
need you know five thousand nine hundred ninety-nine sales in a six month period
and not six thousand right so that’s just my overall thought process there
this is a great way to kind of source free and sheet books using a flat now
there’s number of other ways to source free books you can go to Craigslist and
pick up free inventory I’ve done it on let go I’ve done I don’t offer up and
you know practically I think I got in like two thousand books maybe I’ll flash
a couple of those pictures up on the screen if I can find them so it’s easy
ways to source cheap inventory although keep in mind the majority of those books
you won’t make a lot of money on you’re just looking for the sales now don’t get
me wrong there’s the occasional book in there that does sell for like fifty or
like a hundred bucks or like you know there’s a good amount of them that sell
for like ten and twenty and then you’re still making money but it’s a lot of
work and the majority of them you know you’re breaking even or sometimes even
losing money depending on the book so keep that in mind with the free books
although I’m not particularly I don’t I don’t care about losing you know like
ten cents on a book here and there or even you know listing them all to make
like a dollar or two dollars because yeah it’s a lot of work but I’m going
after the sales for maximum approval so just another kind of spit ball that
there give you some ideas you know something to think about if you want to
go that same route but today I want to show you how to use a flip to source
books to make money right because that’s probably 99.9% of what people watching
wanna see so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a number of different things
and I always use these these bars right here differently each time my source so
that I get different looks on different books each time right I want to go after
different books cuz what I do is I sort this sometimes usually I do it on like
Sunday when I’m watching football I literally pop redzone on and I’ll go
through a flip and I’ll sort through like a couple hundred books and maybe
I’ll end up buying like twenty to fifty depending on how many good books I’m
offering now when I say these numbers and I’m like oh I usually source twenty
books or I usually source 20 products guys that is if that is if there are
that many good products or that many good books okay so don’t just go out and
source that number because I said that that’s what I
source that is assuming the fact that I found 20 good offers right or 50 good
offers I’m not just sourcing to source I’m only sourcing profitable books that
I know are going to sell okay and same thing with any other form of arbitrage
you’re not just going after the numbers your your goal is to make money right so
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna raise this up to like two thousand and we’ll
go 2010 because I want more relevant books that are still in use right so
we’ll drop the max rank all the way down to like we’ll go like like four we’ll go
three 9999 and we’ll also go three 99.99 here because yeah books my usual rule of
thumb for most categories is a hundred thousand but because we’re moving into
the heart of q4 what what is a three hundred ninety nine thousand rank well
first and foremost books sell a lot more so like something that’s five hundred
thousand and books might actually be selling whereas something that’s five to
100 thousand in a different category might be selling literally zero and have
never sold before right so it’s different books have a higher sales
velocity usually do your product research each book is different okay but
generally speaking you can sell a book that has a higher bestseller rank
because it does have sales and I’m sourcing these a little bit higher right
here because I know firsthand that this that’s out bestseller rank is gonna drop
a little bit as we move into the heart of q4 and in the textbook season so I’m
looking for good opportunities to you know source good inventory right now
that I can then make money off of in the future now I’m also gonna pull up my
spreadsheet right here because I do have a few spreadsheets that I kind of do
and I I kind of I what I like to do is I off keep track of when I purchased it
how much I purchased it for all sorts of stuff when it loads I’ll show you here
in a second all right so the plan was to show you one of my books spreadsheets
that I use to kind of track all this stuff that I buy but for whatever reason
something is going on with my computer so not only can I not see my Excel
sometimes but right right here if you kind of look into my OBS usually you
can’t see this is the software that I’m using to record I literally always use I
have other paid ones but I still find that this is the easiest and the best to
use so the reason I’m telling you this is something’s going on clearly because
I can’t see any text there’s usually text here that shows like my video my
audio and and then this is like the record button and I
just know that so something is clearly going on my computer I need to reboot it
but we’re just gonna power through this we’re gonna laughs team PC I guess what
are you gonna do about it so I’m gonna show you enough about that it’s just a
little funny I wanted to be a little bit transparent because it was driving me
nuts where I was gonna flash forward to it but then I was just like you know
what the hell with it I’m just gonna move forward because you’re here for the
books so 399 399 Mac sprint correct so Mac’s
new offers I’m not gonna change this sometimes I do sometimes I don’t usually
I do but I’m just gonna keep it that way today Mac’s trade-in values No Limit
minimum trade-in value will go like will go like two bucks okay we’ll start low
so what I like to do is I like to start really really broad right and if there’s
a number of searches then I’ll slowly kind of make it specific and I’ll hone
it in and then I’ll sort through right but for the sake of just showing you
today I’m gonna start really broad and then obviously you’d hit search right
and if it comes up with a number of different things and you’re sorting
through some books and maybe you sort like through 10 or 20 and you’re not
finding a good one right then you want to go back and make
your searches more specific so then maybe you’d come up and make this like
250 right or maybe you make this like 4 bucks right and that’s my approach but
you can approach it however you want that’s just what works for me okay so
maximum Amazon price I’m not gonna set a max but minimum Amazon price for a new
book because like I said you can sort I’ve said this million times and I have
countless tutorials on this on this channel if you want to check out the
other a flip tutorials link down in the bottom of the description I’ll also drop
a card up in the right-hand corner right now so we’ll go minimum Amazon price
will go like 12 bucks will also go minimum new price 12 bucks and we’ll go
minimum use price will go $3.00 and we’ll hit search and we’ll see what pops
up now like I said I like to keep it very very broad initially you can see
countless tutorials in that playlist of me sourcing through different you know
different parameters here on these actual check lists but I’m gonna keep it
really really broad Rhett real fast and then I will make it more specific as we
go so right off the bat and this is just this is not always the case but this is
what I use to kind of decipher what might be a good book by and what might
not be so I look for the discrepancy in used versus new right now that is not
always an indicator but it is a good indication of something that might
good potential profit margins so we’ll pull up in it well let’s go through the
first one real real fast so transforming healthcare Virginia Mason and one thing
I do like about a flip as well is if you click one of the books it’ll it’ll go
gray right so then it’ll not only show you green which one you clicked last and
which one you’re focused on but it’ll also show you which ones you haven’t
clicked and which ones you have so this one’s gray obviously and if I click down
on something else you can see that and the rest of them are still green because
I haven’t clicked and checked out those books yet so the very first thing I want
to do right is I want to see all right is it a good opportunity to buy it used
potentially and is it a good opportunity to buy it new so there’s two different
things there right so the the cheapest book right here is used good and we have
a few of them right here at like 6 bucks right up over 6 bucks so then I’m gonna
see what the buy box price is because with books there’s usually a buy box for
new and a buy box for used ok so the buy box new there’s not really an
opportunity there to make a good book because even if we sell it at 11:49 it’s
gonna cost us more in Amazon fees and shipping in usually see if MZ scout
calculator works was working earlier let’s pull up the FBA calculator a lot
going wrong in this tutorial but we’re gonna power through it that’s what
entrepreneurs do so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna come down and we’re
take the SI m or the ISBN 4 books right and we’re gonna paste that in now we
want to select one that has the product details in there because we’re really
just focused on the weight and the size of the book to get good indicator of
whether or not it’ll be profitable based on historical fees that Amazon charges
for that type of product right so our price and I’m going to show you that
this is not profitable buying and selling used is about 1150 right so
we’ll say 11:49 shipping in the Amazon we’ll say 50 cents even it’ll probably
be a little bit cheaper because I’ll ship in a bunch of books at once or a
bunch of products at once I never ship one-off books or even like a couple
books at once and the cost of our product I think was like 6 bucks right
so just off the bat will show you how unprofitable this is net margin of
negative 3 dollars and 35 cents so clearly there’s not an opportunity to
buy this used on Amazon right and then ship it into FBA to get the buy box and
resell it as used although you can do that from time to time right so another
way that you can check use that I do from time to time but not always is off
in a book finder right here and that’s gonna rum they used on the right and the
new offer is on the left right what the heck excels freaking out so the cheapest
that you can get this book used and make sure always that you’re not going after
a teacher the the instructor Edition or the International Edition it must be the
same Edition that is listed on the product detail page so no international
editions no instructor editions just make sure that you read the description
just cross that off your checklist of everything that you’re checking out when
you’re buying and sourcing a good book so this is on biblio for 388 but I’m
pretty sure that still would be a bad profit margin if we put 388 in there
it’s probably still gonna be negative yeah negative $1 so not a good
opportunity to buy this book anywhere used and then resell it right but can we
buy it new is there a good opportunity new so the new buy box here is thirty
eight twelve right so we want to come back when you’ll see ok if we buy this
on eBay for twenty-five bucks would it be profitable right so if we
change these numbers right here to thirty we’ll go thirty-eight just
roughly and we’ll go the buy box price is 25 or the price on on eBay was 25 is
it a profitable product and it is but barely at eighteen cents so that’s still
not a good product okay and I practically knew that going in because
the discrepancy there isn’t that great and I would probably want to go after
and look at other and kind of hone down my searches but for the sake of showing
you examples here of why they might be bad or why they might not be good books
to source or why they might be I’m gonna keep it broad and show you right so now
I’m also looking for discrepancies and this might end up being a good book but
the discrepancy right here and use the new prices as you can see in these
things is not even close to some of these other ones right so I’m not gonna
waste my time I’m gonna check the other ones first so I might check this one cuz
that’s a 22 dollar discrepancy I might check this one cuz that’s almost a forty
dollar discrepancy if not a little bit more and same thing with this one right
so the 78 so let’s pull up getting to know our that whatever that is real fast
and we’ll check that out so use very good for eleven ninety eight or roughly
twelve made almost thirteen bucks with tax right so then we’re gonna check the
buy boxes right so the news buy box right here is 2975 okay and they have a
used good and we’re gonna buy a used very good so
better condition for a let for maybe like 13 bucks so let’s take this product
asam or ISBN I always say a SAN but books are ISBN it’s the same thing it’s
just the the book version of the asin right so we’re gonna try another product
we’re gonna paste that into the FBA calculator to see if its profitable
shipping the Amazon will estimate 50 cents even though that’s a bit high but
I like to be a little bit more conservative just to adjust for any
potential pricing discrepancies or changes I just like to be a little bit
more conservative our item price so the item price is 2975 right that’s the buy
box price and we might even be able to sell it a little bit higher because my
metrics are good my seller metrics are good and we’re gonna have a very very
good book versus a good book right so the better you know condition and better
seller metrics means you can probably sell it a little bit higher price but I
don’t like to bank on that that’s something I’ll test when I get into em
inventory right I want to make sure that its profitable for sure ahead of time so
we have all those numbers what are we gonna source it for right will estimate
a little bit over right so about 12 bucks plus 72 so we’ll estimate about
$13 so is that profitable if we source that and it is but it’s only profitable
for about 4 bucks so then you have to ask yourself is this something you don’t
want to go after now this is something I’d probably go after right because I
have a little bit more capital to throw out books and I’m more interested in
sales right because like I told you before yeah I want to make money and
making money is my number one priority on these books but I’ll also buy cheap
books and I’ll also buy you know books like this with lower profit margins just
to get the sale for me because I know full heartedly that I’m also going after
maximum approval and I need to hit 6000 sales in a six month period right so not
the best opportunity to buy a used book I’m gonna keep that one on the side but
you can still buy it and it is still profitable and you end up making maybe
like three or four bucks depending on that so if we put the real numbers in
here let’s say hypothetically I sold this out like 32 right cuz I I could get
the box a little bit higher the price now that’s not something that Bank on
and that’s not something that is a hundred percent sure I very well might
not be able to but let’s just see the numbers so let’s assume if we put the
real numbers in here at like twelve seventy eight which I think it was
roughly with the tax rep and I assume that I could set a little bit higher
changes the game a little bit because then you’re buying the product for about
1278 and you’re getting like a 50% profit margin right so I always like to
take a conservative estimate with a calculator but that’s just the way that
I approach it okay so let’s see if this is a good opportunity to buy it new and
keep in mind too that I wouldn’t just buy this one I’d probably buy this one
and I probably buy this one and then I wouldn’t buy the acceptable one but
those are roughly the same price and I get three pieces of inventory there and
then I would obviously put them in my spreadsheet but because my spreadsheet
isn’t working right now we’re not gonna do that okay so I’m gonna reboot my
computer then I’m gonna come back and buy this book and maybe I’ll buy all
three if they’re still there all right so let’s run through a couple of other
examples here but before we do that I want to see if it’s a good opportunity
to buy it new right so new buy a box is sold by amazon.com but that doesn’t
usually scare me away because believe it or not Amazon will share the buy box
with you if you price it the same as them they will share the buy box with
you granite they’ll take more of the sales probably but they do share the buy
box with you assuming you have good seller metrics and you match their price
and you’re not racing to the bottom with them right so don’t ever you know get in
a racing battle especially with books always just match the buy box whether
you’re selling against Amazon or another seller you know it doesn’t really matter
so the new buy box is 84 33 so what we want to do then is we want to come back
to this and we’re going to come to the book finder to see if a maybe there’s a
better opportunity to buy this used surfer cheaper than whatever that was 13
bucks or maybe there’s a better opportunity to buy it new and then ship
it into FBA okay so right here 10 not so 11 bucks that that might be something I
want to look into as well so I can get this used on eBay which is cheaper than
13 dollars right so it’s cheaper than the detail page right here and I might
end up sourcing this so that might be a $4 right unless there’s shipping here
but I haven’t checked that so that’s something that would check obviously but
I don’t want to waste your time so that might be another use book that I’ll buy
so I’m not paying for those and then my profit margin might be you know 16
dollars after buying all those and I have $4.00 or 4 sales as well okay so
those aren’t ideal you guys probably are looking for better profit margins let’s
see if we can find one really fast so 51:19 probably not a good profit margin
there’s probably not much to be made there but we’ll take into the FBA
calculator and I’ll you so will say 52 bucks to round up and
we’ll say the item price is 83 to round down because there’s 83 something then
what is our profit margin okay so the profit margin is 10 bucks not bad but
then you have to ask yourself do you really want to spend fifty-two dollars
to make 10 bucks most of you probably don’t want to although you can this is
profitable to buy new but you just gotta ask yourself that question so I’m not
gonna do that because I know that there’s so many other better books out
there to do that and the reason I would do this for use is because they’ll
probably sell pretty quickly and I’m not spending $50 for each book to do it I’m
only spending 10 right so it’s four dollars instead of two hundred dollars
so let’s find a better example right here 63 ninety-eight discrepancies 12:53
let’s see if this is a good one so the opportunity here is to buy this for like
maybe twelve bucks I don’t even know what that adds up to but let’s see if
the buy box prices are something that we can make money off of so use buy box
price actually is thirty six eighty nine and it’s used good so this might
actually be a good opportunity although this is used acceptable conditions so
keep that in mind but if you sent this in the buy box price right now is about
thirty six eighty nine I’ve been seeing that if you match the buy box price
they’re gonna have the buy box more often than not but you will get
potential sales and you will share the buy box even with a slightly lower
condition assuming you have decent seller metrics okay so then we want to
add this up that’s like eight fifty plus so twelve fifty maybe like third will
say like thirteen twenty five roughly is what you’re sourcing it for right so we
want to get the Asin of this or the ISBN and we’re gonna try another product and
this might be a good opportunity to show you a one that you can buy used so we’ll
say you ship to Amazon’s 50 Cent’s like I always say it’s a little bit high cost
of our product think was said was thirteen twenty five and the buy box
price for used is thirty six eighty nine so many tabs up thirty six eighty nine
right so is it profitable and it is at ten dollars so this is a great
opportunity to buy this book used and something I literally will buy as well
so let me pull this one over as well because I would buy it right now after
this video but of course I have to remember the URLs because my my Excel is
not working which is still funny to me so this is a great
opportunity to buy this book for 1325 and then end up making 955 on it you
could also buy this one right here although your marginal to be a little
bit lower and keep that in mind that you could also go back to e flip and see if
there’s a good opportunity to buy it used on book finder for even cheaper or
roughly the same price and source multiple SKUs of this inventory right so
here right here there are 12 bucks right here
1250 1250 1250 1250 1350 all the way down to like 14 so I might end up buying
all of these right here depending on the sales rank of this so I might end up
with 6 right there 7 plus maybe 2 more right here so we ran a beginning it
roughly each one might that might average out to like 12 or 1250 right so
will you come back in right and we say the average here is 1250 we’re gonna
have a profit margin of about 10 bucks so we’ll take this conservative estimate
say 10 bucks I was gonna get the calculator but we don’t even need the
calculator for that that calculation right so I think it was 7 total right
here plus 8 9 so then it ends up being $90 profit margin just for buying 9
books but let’s make sure that this actually has a good sales history right
here so it does 59,000 and books sells pretty well let’s see if jungle Scouts
working since my Peter clearly isn’t working right now is getting ridiculous
I might have to just buy a brand new computer as things driving me nuts
so the ISBN can we sell it and we can boom so that’s a great book that I’m
literally gonna buy I’m gonna buy 9 of these on all those and then that’s $90
profit margin for spending maybe 110 120 bucks so I’m turning 110 120 bucks into
like 220 or 230 or whatever that ends up being right I can’t do math right now
but you get the picture so then I want to see firsthand I’m going to show you
another example is this a good opportunity to buy this new right so the
but we already deem that I’m gonna buy nine of these copies used so the new buy
box is seventy nine nineteen is there a good opportunity to buy it new and
there’s not a good opportunity to buy it new because the cheapest new right here
is $60 so what I want to say about this too is you can find good margins used
but a lot of times you’re gonna find lower risk margins used right so like
the perfect example like I just showed you
is like spending like 10 or 12 bucks to make another 10 or 12 bucks right so
you’re it’s like practically getting a hundred percent return if not a little
bit lower on your investment and you’re only spending like 10 or 20 bucks right
with the new books you’re gonna have to sort through a number of books but all
you need to do is find one one or two or maybe like 10 books to really scale up
and then your margins are gonna be like 20 or 50 or sometimes a hundred and
fifty bucks on new books so newer side of things is more marginal right you’re
gonna have more profit margin but you’re gonna have to spend more on the books to
get into that profit market whereas on the use side of things you don’t have to
spend as much but you’re not gonna make as much in your margin so it just
depends on whether you want lower risk and lower returns or higher risk and
higher returns but if you’re venting your books they will definitely sell
especially this time of year because we’re moving into the heart of q4 and
we’re also moving into book or spring textbook season in January and February
okay so use these this this uh this tutorial go out and test ‘if look for
yourself I believe that there’s like a 30-day trial or a 15 day trial and then
it’s super super cheap after that I think it’s like seventy bucks a month so
if you can source just one book that’s gonna pay for that then your the rest of
your your month is a hundred cent profit and this is something I do every single
week like I said I like to do it on Sundays but every once in a while if I
have some extra time I’ll sort through on a weekday as well great great way to
find good books that you can then buy on other marketplaces or on Amazon for you
as used and then ship them into FBA to make more money so hope you guys like
this tutorial check out some of the other tutorials in my book reselling
playlists if you want to see examples of my spreadsheet that is not here right
now and examples of me actually using the jungle Scout software and the MZ
product scout calculator as well so I’m gonna end this I got to reboot my
computer and I’m gonna buy these use books but I really hope that you got
value out of this video

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  1. Hi Bryan, I like the look and functionallity I see of Eflip, but spending almost $1,000/year to them sounds excessive. I wonder if there is a competitor with a better cost.

  2. Wazzz up Bryan?? Yeah I'm going to have to agree with Gordon, $79 a month right now for me is a little steep although I'm selling shoes like crazy I want to get comfortable in the niche I'm currently in now. Like you said to Gordon I'm at this time I'm not planing on doing books full time but it's a possibility in the near future b/c you have never B.S. me and I do believe this works. I listen to you to learn but listen to our buddy Bill S for the B.S. LMAO! Nah he's cool but to me your the real deal.
    Hadn't been bugging you much lately cause I've been so busy getting things off to Amazon and sourcing before B.F. want to get it in on time. It's been taking the warehouse about a week to add to my inventory once it arrives to there destination. Mad rush on getting things ungated as you know its easy if you follow there instructions. Funko, DC Comics etc so looking for deals! Also shoes still there very hot take my word for it. Have a great weekend man. Going to go troll Bill now LOL

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