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– Yo it’s your boy Kill’em and today I’m on my way to Ikea. So me and my girlfriend
recently went to Ikea. Bought these big drawers this cupboard, shelf thing
whatever the hell it is and we tried putting together and it was really hard. – [Girlfriend] And we were sober. – And we were sober it took forever. You know, we’re just talking and we think you know, what would it be like putting this together drunk? It’s hard enough sober. So obviously we decided to make this
a challenge, didn’t we? – [Girlfriend] The drunk Ikea challenge. – The drunk Ikea challenge baby! (laughing) We’re on our way back to Ikea I’m gonna buy the cheapest cupboard/shelf – [Girlfriend] Billy the bookshelf. – Billy bookshelf. Billy the bookshelf. – [Girlfriend] The most famous bookshelf from Ikea, Billy. – So we’re gonna go buy
that, come back home I’mma get drunk. I’m not drunk now I’m driving, and then put this thing together. This is gonna be fun. (laughing) – [Girlfriend] Oh yeah. – Let’s go! (electronic string music) – [Girlfriend] The entrance is there. – It shuts in 20 minutes we’re gonna be real quick. And I need the toilet I’m nearly weeing myself. Okay then where is this goddam shelf? We’ve found it. We’ve found it here we go. – Billy the 12 pound bookshelf. – Okay, so here it is this is what is looks like fully up. So I gotta remember that cause I gotta put it together later drunk. (laughs) Right, so I gotta go pick it up really rushing through. So tired. Tiring walking round Ikea innit? – [Girlfriend] Mmm. (girlfriend laughs) – I need to check Youtube (girlfriend laughs) (kill’em laughs) – [Girlfriend] Hey. Can you explain that? – [Kill’em] What? – It’s bloody freezing outside. (kill’em laughs) Hey, go, catch! – I think this is it. Let’s go! – [Girlfriend] You British
love to queue don’t you? – Shh. (girlfriend laughs) Perfect! See we’ve got the shelves, it’s time to go get the alcohol, so I’ll see you at the shop. And then let’s get drunk! (girlfriend laughs) (deep throb) Ahh. – [Girlfriend] Closed. – Tesco’s shut. There’s a petrol station nearby. Shall we have a, go check that one out? – [Girlfriend] Yeah – If not then Sainsbury’s I think. – [Girlfriend] Yeah let’s go then. – Ahh God damn it. Yeah. They haven’t got any alcohol! Petrol station’s open
but it doesn’t sell it. Shops are shut. God damn it! – [Girlfriend] Oh look,
Sainsbury’s is open. – Is it open? – [Girlfriend] Yeah – It looks open. – [Girlfriend] It looks
like it’s open don’t it? – Yeah. – Hoohoo
– [Girlfriend] Ooh! – Thank God for that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. – [Attendant] Bottle of Smirnoff? – Here we go. Got the Vodka thank God for that. We got lucky. So it’s now time to go home drink this and put a shelf up. So I’ll see you at home. (intense deep note) (Hip hop song) Okay so here we go it’s drinking time! I’ve got all the vodkas here lined up 10 shots all poured ready to go. No joke, this is actual Vodka. I bought a 70 centiliter bottle. Half of it is there in shot glasses. If you’re a veteran
Kill’em For The Win viewer or you’ve watched my old videos you know I used to have a bucket, draw faces on it it were called Phil. Everyone loved Phil but he’s retired. We got a new guy here he is. (laughs) (girlfriend laughs) Does he look cool there? – [Girlfriend] Yeah Yeah (laughs) – He ain’t got a name yet so like I did last time I asked you to name Phil, we got ‘Phil’ Phil the Bucket, cause
I filled him with puke. So it’s time to name this guy so leave you ideas in the comments below Next week we’ll pick one and
we’ll officially name him. (girlfriend laughs) (laughs) – [Girlfriend] I don’t know
if it was funny or creepy. Come on start drinking,
I know you don’t want it. – Start over here and
I’ll work my way down. I hate vodka. (heavy metal song) (song stops abruptly) – [Girlfriend] This is
not professional anymore – This stopped being
professional years ago. (heavy metal song) (song stops abruptly)
(kill’em farts) Think I just shat myself. (girlfriend laughs) Better go check. (girlfriend laughs) Spilled! There’s a lot of liquid there. You don’t realize there’s that much in just a little shot do you? – [Girlfriend] Just lean you head in and drink it from the table. (head clicks) – Oh God no! (singing) One and two, oodle do got two shots left! It’s on you! (heavy metal song) (hip hop song) 10 shots done of pure vodka. Now we’re gonna go downstairs
and build the shelf cause it’s my room downstairs. A lot of room to manoeuvre
and do activities and stuff. And we’ll build Billy the buggering bookshelf. Stay awesome. (deep note) (beep) (white noise) Okay. So here we go. Look at these socks are awesome. Really love my socks. Let’s open this thing. Bloody Hell finally got there. Oh no. Am I allowed to look at the book or I gotta just do it? – [Girlfriend] No look at the book please – I’m allowed to look in the book? – [Girlfriend] Yeah it’s hard enough. – We need the pozzy screwdriver a flat-headed screwdriver a pencil and a hammer. (girlfriend laughs) I didn’t think we’d need
a hammer or a pencil but I got the screwdrivers
ready before I was drunk. Now I need to find a hammer and a pencil. – [Girlfriend] I think
you already got the hammer don’t you? (laughs) Get that hammer then. – I don’t bloody know where they are Jesus Christ. (deep note) (fart) – [Girlfriend] Found it? – The hammer pencil. Why don’t they, what’s this? – [Girlfriend] That’s all
the screws and everything. – What we got? – [Girlfriend] Keep them together! (Kill’em laughs) – [Kill’em] A bit late now! All right. First thing. You get something that looks like this. And you put wooden things in the holes. – [Girlfriend] I think
it’s the hammer for that. – What? – [Girlfriend] I think
it’s the hammer for that. You need it. Yeah. (girlfriend laughs) – That it? – [Girlfriend] Yeah. – It’s gone all the way in! Is it meant to go all the way in? – [Girlfriend] No! No! – Why’s that gone all the way in? – [Girlfriend] Cause you… did it too hard. You got it in the wrong hole. (kill’em laughs) – That’s what she said. – [Girlfriend] It’s in the wrong hole. Go on build that shelf now. I need it for my books. (girlfriend laughs) Okay! – I don’t think the corner’s just meant to come off like that. (girlfriend laughs) – [Kill’em] Where’s the number? Hello? I put one of these wooden pegs in. And all the corner came off. (girlfriend snorts) It’s not supposed to? It’s not supposed to! (girlfriend laughs) Yeah and the other corner cracked All right okay bye. He says we’re doing it wrong. (fart) (girlfriend laughs) – [Girlfriend] Just go to sleep! – Another day and next thing we go
back to the beginning. (deep intense note) (triumphant classical music) It won’t hold. That’s good isn’t it? – [Girlfriend] If it holds my book yeah. (music stops abruptly) (Kill’em and girlfriend laugh) (triumphant classical music) – Yeah there. – [Girlfriend] It’ll fall off. – Ahh fuck (Kill’em laughs) Ahh! Wait wait wait. I’ll just lean it up to it. (girlfriend laughs) – [Girlfriend] Yeah. (kill’em burps) (girlfriend laughs) – What happened? – [Girlfriend] Challenge begins now. (kill’em and girlfriend laugh) Try it again. – The top one is where it counts. Cause that’s where gravity is best. – [Girlfriend] Gravity is best on top. – See? Simple. – [Girlfriend] I’m quite
impressed to be honest. – It’s a solid piece of equipment that I don’t know what the
hell you’re talking about. Oh God! (deep intense note) Ohh Jesus Christ I got
such a bad hangover. Them shelves are in a
worse condition than I am. (laughs) I did a really bad job. I think we’ve thrown them away now. Anyway if you’ve enjoyed this video I’d really appreciate it if you’d give me a nice big thumbs up. Make sure you go and follow
me on Twitter as well I’m gonna do a follow spree. The link to my Twitter is
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