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DON’T Date Women With These RED FLAGS

DON’T Date Women With These RED FLAGS

Duke: Have you ever started dating a girl and
you were so enraptured by her gorgeousness that you were not aware
that she was absolutely f*****g crazy? So many of us when we’re looking for new
partners we just go around finding new people it’s all very exciting but we
don’t notice all the little red flags that are popping up that should alert us
to the fact that we’re gonna spend the next six months in misery. I’m Duke Deleat from The Attractive Man team and today on this video we’re gonna give you
six dating red flags that you can look out for so you don’t spend all this time
doing stupid crap that was not useful for you, your heart, or your relationship.
Make sure to stay till the end of the video because at the end I’m gonna give you two ways to make sure these flags are real when you see them. Narrator: Many Boot Camps encourage men to be assertive. Josiah is a master of Day Game. Matt: We’ve done all the testing we know what works
Duke: Few years ago I had a friend. He was a tall good-looking Croatian guy and he
hit me up for help. He’s like “Let’s go get girls” so we jumped in the car, went
to the nightclub, I taught him a few things, and lo and behold he’s starting
in dates left and right. But he kept getting in relationships with girls that
would do crazy s**t. They call him up every couple of hours trying to figure
out where he’s at. Always keeping tabs on him like throwing tantrums in front of
everybody trying to make him look bad in front of people and just doing over all
nonsensical stuff that doesn’t really belong in a mature relationship. One girl
in particular would just nag him over and over and over about spending time
with her and then when he wanted to spend time with her then she would
always be busy or marginalize him off to the side and he got so frustrated he was
like what is the point of dating all these girls when I can’t find one that
fits? Just because she’s hot doesn’t mean she’s compatible with you. That’s an
important word: compatible. If you could spend a whole bunch of time with
somebody you got to make sure that she’s qualified to be in your life so what’s
the purpose of dating? So we go out we talk to new people we get caught up and
we do this all to start dating. What’s the purpose of dating? Well, we here at the
attractive man team think that dating is for qualification. It’s to qualify
whether or not she’s compatible with you enough to keep in your life. She’s got to
be compatible with your status like she’s gonna kind of fit in your world
she got to be compatible with your values and standards and belief systems
so that she’s not thinking something totally different over here than you are
over here and then she screws with your mission and you’ve also got to be
sexually compatible. Now relationship goals can vary, I mean you could want a
wife you could want a girlfriend, you can want multiple girlfriends, you could just
want a whole string of one-night encounters, whatever kind of relationship
you’re looking for if it’s gonna carry on more than once you can future-proof
that relationship by looking for one of these or all of these six dating red
flags. First red flag: She has an external locus of control. An external locus, in
psychological terms means that she puts her control in the hands of something
else. Another situation, another person, another inanimate object,
sometimes she’ll blame her parents, she’ll blame her work, she’ll blame all
the people around her, she’ll blame anything but herself, and she won’t take
responsibility for building and creating her own life. I get it,
we’re living in the world all the stuffs going on around us, people say things,
cars are moving by, temperature changes, bills are coming up, all of these other
external things are happening around us and we have to deal with it. That’s life.
But when we place the control of our emotions in some other place and we give
that responsibility to control us, then we don’t have responsibility for how we
feel and act in the world and when you meet a girl who does that stuff she is
very quickly likely to blame you for the problems in her life. That’s gonna come
up after a couple of weeks, it might come up right in the beginning, you don’t even
see it but if she starts to blame other things for her issues, like if she’s late
she blames traffic, she blames the alarm clock, she blamed the dog, she blames her
roommate, she blames or whatever. She’s also gonna blame you
the next time, and then the next time, and the next time, if that becomes consistent
behavior, she is going to create so much drama because she refuses to take
responsibility for her part in the relationship and then the relationship
is neither mature nor balanced. Also if you’re not subscribed to us hit the
subscribe button, and click the little bell so you get a notification every
time we release something new. We’re doing it like twice three times a week
now. Dating red flag number two: Her social groups values don’t match
your own. Now when you get caught up in a new relationship and everything’s great,
your eyes are all wide and and the oxytocin’s running and the dopamine’s
running and everything’s like oh she’s so great future projecting off, holding
hands in the park when you’re old. That’s gonna burn off eventually and when
you’re in that state you’re more likely to act in ways that she expects and
conversely she’s more likely to act in ways that
she thinks that you’re gonna like and that’s just kind of how we build rapport
as humans. If you go on hang out with her friends and you realize they have
completely different value systems than you,
chances are she has completely different value systems than you. She’s just not
showing it or you’re not seeing it because of all the
my god she’s amazing things that are going on in your brain. Every social
group has different values than you, the people who’ve known her for years and
years, and years, and years, chances are she’s that kind of person. Not the
standout in her crowd. Conversely, if you went out with her friends and all of her
friends talk smack, and they’re like… “So you’re you’re dating Katie? So what do
you see in her?” And they kind of clown on her in the public spaces and they’re, they’re, she’s kind of the low status of their group, then she’s gonna see you,
know chances are she’s not gonna bring you around those people, but if she
unabashedly brings you around those people and those people are like “Um, yeah
you’re out of her League.” that’s a big red flag. You should listen to that, and
you should explore more why her friends think she’s a tool. Dating red flag
number three: She acts entitled to all of her requests.
Now I understand confidence, I understand pride even, it’s okay to live in a space
where you expect things from people. However, those things should be earned.
You can tell in the way she treats people of lower status, you know the
classic example is like how she treats the waiter. “You are a moron” If she
expects things from him and and she talks down to him as it comes back, there
if she talks about her friends in the same way, like and while they should just
do this, and they should just do that, man then people always need to call me first
and all that stuff. She’s gonna end up doing that to you once the initial
attraction burns off. And if she started acting entitled around you she’s more
likely to put you in a zone where you’re starting to provide, provide, provide, and
then start chasing after her which will kill the attraction even if that’s
something that you wanted to do. Dating red flag number four: You two are
actually incompatible. So many people they’ll roll up, they’ll talk to each
other, then have a nice beautiful evening wherever they met at the nightclub, or
whatever, and then they’ll they’ll go off and they’ll consummate everything.
They’ll get all connected and intimate, and then they won’t realize that they
were actually incompatible on a fundamental basis. Signs for this, are
you arguing all time? She’s always criticizing everything
that you’re doing she doesn’t agree with your mission and your purpose and the
core things that you’re doing with your life and she doesn’t listen to you when
you talk about your passions. These are things that you guys can’t fix. She can’t
just be like: “Oh I’m gonna be a little bit more attentive to his passions.. mmm
yeah…” No. If she’s into you, she’s into you, if she’s not into you, she’s not
into you. And many times people are into each other for the feelings that create
for each other, and a lot of times for their own personal validation, it’s like
“Oh look! I have a hot girl next to me look how important I am!” And it may seem
kind of sad from an external judgmental perspective, but most of us do it all the
time. You know we have good days and got bad days, and our bad days we tend to
like hey maybe I could have a little validation. That’s kind of normal as a
human self-worth thing, so a lot of times we’ll date our partners for the feelings
or the status or the validation that they give us and we won’t pay attention
to the fact that they are actually themselves and we don’t actually get
along with them so watch out for signs that you’re not actually compatible and
you’ll go a long way into not dating somebody who’s bad for you in the long
term. Dating red flag number five: She sucks at relationships in general. You
can see this in a relationship with her friends, relationships with her family,
how she talks about her ex-boyfriend how she talks about her friends
ex-boyfriends. You can see her views on how relationships work, how communication
works. Now there’s not necessarily right or wrong to this, but how she
communicates should either be as good as or more effective than how you
communicate. That way the communication stays balanced and you guys can actually
get to know each other without all of these weird dramatic significant things
happening. So you can tell that she sucks at relationships in general by hearing
about how she talks to her family, how she talks to her friends, and how she
talks to her exes, if she has commitment issues you’ll be able to see that if you
just pay attention to it. If she has a string of bad relationships
and she keeps doing the same thing over and over and over again, you can pick up
on that if you aren’t just blinded by her beauty and her awesome girlishness
and, and, just pay attention, and when you pay
attention to that stuff you can pick up. Oh she tends to do things like this, and
I’m kind of the next one in the line of these things she’s probably gonna act
very similarly. And the sixth dating red flag is: She plays power games. People
look at life in the number of different ways they look at it as a game, they look
at his competition, they look at it as a collaboration, they look at it as an
experience, a journey, there’s all these metaphors to use for life, but if she
looks at life as a competition where she must win and everybody else must lose,
she will do things that will hold her power over you on a constant basis.
Relationships should be a back and forth, whether or not you look at it as a
competition or not, it should be fairly balanced as it continues to move along
and no one person should be dragging the other person along, you know the initial
attraction phase we say make her chase, you and all that stuff, but in any sort
of relationship where you’re becoming intimate, that intimacy will die if
there’s too much of an imbalance in the power dynamic. So if she starts to play
games, especially like if she like withholds sex, or she’s super violent, or
she flips out and starts screaming at you to get you to shut up, any of those
types of like just over-the-top responses. Those are not real, like those
that’s not her natural way of doing things. She does them because it gets her
in the winner position, it gets her in the higher power seat in the
relationship, so if she exhibits all that stuff super early it says a lot about
how she’s gonna treat you later on in the relationship when the relationship
gets deeper and more invested and more settled in. She’s gonna continue to do
those types of power games later on and they’re just gonna be more and more
intense as you begin to challenge her for her role of power in the
relationship. A lot of girls because they’ve been hurt so many times they
don’t trust themselves to make good decisions with mature relationships and
so they go into relationships trying to maintain a one-upmanship over their
partner just so that when they cut bait and leave they don’t have to feel
responsible for giving up too much investment or too much of their heart
into the relationship. Now spotting these red flags can be pretty tricky because
people are pretty dynamic, but if you can know what to look for you can get pretty
good filtering people out who aren’t
compatible with you. So if you’re taking notes, write this thing down because I’ll
help you be sure these red flags and you’re seeing them is super simple. Tip
number one: Look for consistency. If she does these things over and over and over
and over again, then obviously that thing is a pattern. So look for consistency,
however if she doesn’t one time, or two times, or very infrequently, then you
can’t really count on the fact that that’s her normal behavior. Sometimes
specific situations or certain stressors will bring up a type of behavior because
she’s handled it in normal life but then she gets something that she’s not
expecting and she’ll flip out in a little way, I mean I still do this and
sometimes when I get super panicked. I have a mentor, his name is Johnny Sapporo, and
he says that “A sample of one only determines that the behavior exists but
it’s not sufficient data to determine frequency.” And that’s it, right, if she
flips out over something or in a particular situation, or she’s super
tired, she acts a certain way that she doesn’t normally act like… you know just
pin her down: “Oh no red flag get out of my life!” That’s bad news. We don’t
wanna do that, but if it happens over and over again
pretty consistently you could be pretty sure that it’s gonna continue to happen
over and over again on through the rest of eternity, and if you’re okay with that,
then you’re okay with that. But if you’re not, then get out. Verifying red flags
number two: Communicate early when you see things happen. Just call it out. Like,
“Hey um I noticed you did this and I don’t understand why anybody would do
that, what’s what’s going on? What’s going on in your head while you’re thinking
that?” And she’ll either respond, she’ll not respond, and blow it off, or she’ll
cut you off and punish you for calling up something that’s been a problem her
entire life, and be gauging by her response you’ll get a feeling of how
she’s gonna continue to handle these types of situations as you bring them up.
Like if she has something that you and she are not compatible with and then you
kind of bring that up, and she flips out like crazy and and abuses you, then
obviously you’re gonna want to know that as you carry on a future relationship
with her because any little thing that you guys disagree on she’s going to
become abusive, and that’s not acceptable to me, and I sure as hell
hope it’s not acceptable to you. So you’ve been going out, getting dates, and
now you know what to look for so you don’t get stuck in a crazy time wasting
long relationship that isn’t good for you. If you’re not getting dates,
check out Matt’s video where he shows you how to go from the approach all the
way to the date, and shows you exactly what to say to keep a sexual vibe going,
so that you can get the date super super quickly. Check out the link in the bottom
of the video to access it, go check it out now if that’s your problem. And if
you want to train live with us, click the link below, because we’re going all over
the world doing live workshops probably in your city. Until next time, Cheers!

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  11. Red Flags: After 5 months, my X girlfriend suddenly became someone else. She burped a lot while we talked or ate. She showed me her bloody tampon. She would called me to complain and disparage her family like I was emotional tampon. Her eyes were all over other men. She started talking about spirits that she saw in my closet.
    She would have emotional outburst and anger flashes whenever I would question her behavior.
    She began rushing sex, dates, and developed a no kissing policy with me. She reniged on our relationship plans. In general she was acting like a fucking bitch, lower value woman, who already had 2 year old child and a Velcro baby daddy.
    So, I stopped being a beta-simp for her and pushed the red release button to eject her the hell out of my life.
    Listen to the red flags. Don't play with shit guys!!!
    Be a free agent-MGTOW-enjoy your life without all the drama and financial burden that women can bring to your life just for a piece of fish.

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    Free thinkers
    Has no female friends
    Sleeps with you right away
    Has sketchy family and friends
    Lots of tattoos
    Says her ex treated her like shit (mirror effect)
    Stays on phone constantly

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  18. My Ex sucked big time at relationships overall, she had awkward dynamics with her parents, had trouble keeping in touch with her friends in order to catch up or avoid forgetting them, well guess what, she sucked at keeping up with me as well. Also wasn't consistent in her sayings, so I was starting feeling frustrated over her poor responsibility management in the relationship and got tired of always having to chase after her for the simplest things without me having to ask her every single time. Result? She lost a good boyfriend who wanted something solid and consistent.

    Moral of the story; It takes two to tango. Never settle for a girl that has trouble keeping up with herself and her own life in general. You will be disappointed.

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  29. One real red flag is a woman who wants to rely totally on me. E.g. Looking for someone to direct her life, support her emotionally and financially, etc. RUN!!! She's vacuous/empty without a partner. It's different if she's easy-going and agreeable, but I'm talking about someone who's totally needy….they will drag you down. If she's not together on her own, she will not be 'together'when with you beause now she doesn't NEED to even make an effort…she will expect YOU to do it all

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    When they "constantly" talk about their exes. Doesn't matter how good or bad they make them. It just shows they either haven't moved on yet, or still keep in close touch with them.

    Personally, I just find it disrespectful that someone could just go off and mingle, while having their exes soiled into their minds still…. Like Gurl! Take the fucking time to debrief, cleanse, and move on….

    In a date, I would NEVER bring up any of my exes (even if they've asked). The only time I will bring up my exes is if I'm in a developing/trusting relationship. And even that, I talk about my exes in a way that won't make my SO jealous (In theory).

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  41. I had a girlfriend that would literally throw glasses and plates at me and would get on my car if I tried to leave. I bought her a Victorias Secret fifty dollar bra and she got mad because it didn’t fit right and she started twisting and turning it trying to rip it apart. A few weeks later she starts showing and has two mixed babies! Uhhhhhh WTF?

  42. I only have guy friends……I went out with my guy friend and he raped me. What time do you come home? At 5 but I come home at 4 to find several dudes in my apartment.

  43. One time I got a phone call from this rich dude in these apartments and he says to “Come get your girlfriend, she’s drunk and she has no panties on.”

  44. you know all of this is beans and gravy but i live in a town with ugly fat women. kind of one horse hick town, and it's a good job and money so i'm not about to leave but there's nowhere to venture out to, all the places around me are just as bad. i can't imagine i'm supposed to suddenly drive 200 miles out to go to a decent place to hang out and meet someone. just seems like the flaw in this video is that it relies that you would have to live in an area where you at least find women attractive and then all the women in this town have pretty much slept with all the men so maybe it's just pointless to even try lol

  45. Guys, don't date narcissists. Look up their character traits, and if you recognize them in your date, run! Narcissists never change. It's just not worth it. Just keep looking. There are some good women out there (just like good men). Don't give up 💜

  46. Pleasantly surprised watching this as a woman. Seems like a fair list to me. Other videos by other youtubers call out things like tattoos or anxiety issues as red flags but only for women not for men. Go figure.

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