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Dollar Tree and Daiso, DIY Mini Glam Table Lamp

Dollar Tree and Daiso, DIY Mini Glam Table Lamp

what’s that blue dots I’m me laying the
midnight crafter and tonight I’m actually going to show you how to make a
super cute little glam side table lamp obviously I didn’t prep myself with a
glam thing at all as you can see because I was so excited to just get the
tutorial out and I figured yeah you guys aren’t here to see me you’re here to see
the DIY so anyway I’m really excited to show it to you it’s super cute and it’s
really not that hard either I want to first thank everybody all my new
subscribers my previous subscribers you guys are awesome my channel is growing
rapidly and it’s all because of you and I really appreciate it and I’m so
grateful and I’m humbled I mean who knew anyway if you’d like to see more videos
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next to it that way you’ll be notified every time I upload a new video so I
guess that’s it and may as well just get right on to it so the very first thing you’re going to
want to do is take this label off of your glass jar I wouldn’t normally show
this but this darn label is stuck on there really really well
so one of my little things that I do just to make life easier is I use just
some alcohol and squirt it on there and let it kind of sit for a minute and then
it pretty easily scrapes off and that’s just my little tip for the day I’m sure
you all probably knew that but in case you didn’t I’m sharing ok now that the
label is off that only took me probably 15 seconds the next step is going to be
to use our mirror effect spray and we’re going to make this jar look like a
mercury glass you’re also going to need your spray bottle and that just has
water in it okay so you’re gonna take your glass jar here and give a few
squirts of water into it and you don’t want to overly squirt it but you want to
put enough that you get you get it in there to make the effect next you’re
gonna take your spray and spray pay spray pay spray paint in the side only
of your jar I hope you can see this I’m not able to
look at my camera at the same time and then I swish it around a bit you can see
how the outside is starting to look but the difference comes when it dries if
there’s some spots in there that you’re not happy with like there’s a spot in
there that I’m not really liking all that much I’m just going to go ahead and
spray a little extra okay I’m pretty happy with how it looks
I think well you know say that then I gotta spray more so we’re just gonna let it sit out here
and dry while we work on the next step of the process now we’re actually going
to work on the foundation or the base for the lampshade so you’re gonna use
cardboard for that and I found that this the priority mailbox is actually it’s
free for one thing which is always a great plus from the post office and the
other thing is that it’s really nice and thin so that makes it easier and it
makes it much nicer so what you’re going to want to do is measure out it’s nice
also because you already have some of the clean straight lines on here that
you can use but you’re going to measure out the whatever thickness you would
like I would say approximately one and a quarter one and a half inch at most
would be a good thickness and then lengthwise approximately 13 inches and I
used an x-acto knife so place my ruler once I have my measurement place my
ruler and then use my exacto knife to cut through I feel like it gives a
cleaner line than scissors oh these are nice and obviously smooth and flat we’re
going to want to round them out and I found the best way to do that is just to
pull it on the side of your table kind of break down that shape so what that does is it softens up the
cardboard and so that it gets also more of a rounded shape to it and then we’re
going to glue these two ends together to keep it round and with that I’m going to
be using my glue gun placing a little bit of glue here on the end and stick in
it together and here we have one of the round forms for the AR shade I’m gonna
do the same thing with the second one and then we’ll go to the next step
here are our two pieces and we’re going to be moving on to putting the
crisscross formation inside that’s going to hold that and stabilize it to keep it
round so what we’re gonna do next is take the placemat that we bought and I
do have another tutorial that you can watch I’m not going to get as detailed
in and I will link that below but what we’re gonna be doing is flipping the
placemat over because it is individual little sticks they are woven together
and stuff but I’m more concerned that they’re gonna fall apart when we cut so
what I did is take my glue gun and go a la Lu in this area right up against this
end piece and soon as that cools we take the scissors and cut off this piece out
here as close to it as possible and then you’ll have the glue here that’ll keep
everything else from unraveling you want to save this piece and this is what’s
actually going to be used to be put inside the center criss-crossed here to
form the foundation so you’re going to take and measure out the length of your
circle and then cut right there at that point this is what’s gonna go centered
right in there we’re going to figure another one
for crisscross in the other direction and give a cut for that one in the
center of this piece and glue that piece in so now we have
the basic foundation pieces for our lampshade okay now that we have our two
pieces all ready to go which is the foundation for our lampshade and they
take your place mat that you’ve cut the ends off and glued and you are going to
measure around enough to go completely around your foundation piece make a
small mark so that you know where to cut what to cut off I just used a tiny
little dot with Sharpie so I don’t want it to show later and then we’re going to
cut our piece of mat so again you’re going to want to put some glue where you
cut so that you don’t have this piece coming apart once that piece has cooled off go ahead
and cut right between the sticks and then if you buy the same placement that
I bought from Daiso it has you can see that it already has a pattern of lines
that just makes it easier to be able to cut and measure if you don’t have lines
that are on it already as the pattern then you can go ahead and just measure
out the length that you want for your for your lampshade to be keep in mind
that your foundation pieces have a depth of an inch and a half so you do want to
allow some amount to be able to have the light shining through because this will
not have the light shine through so usually around five and I have three
quarters to six inches is a good length I’m actually going to use the pattern
since I have it available to me okay now that I have my two pieces cut
we’re going to set the one piece aside which you can use to make a second lamp
if you’d like to I’m going to just set – I’d and work on this one for now we’re
gonna take our foundation pieces now and place some glue on there your hot glue attach your placemat to it you want to
make sure that you’re going to keep it flush with the edge here I’m going to
actually do both pieces at the same time because once this is fully wrapped it’s
very difficult to put the second piece in okay so we’ll be adding glue around
this side and flipping the Matt over it to cover the both rings completely you so here we have our cute little
lampshade now if you’d like to do like the other tutorial you can leave this in
in this finish so that you can make a more of a nautical or a farmhouse decor
but I already did that tutorial so we are gonna make the glam lamp that I
showed in the start of this video we’re gonna take this outside and give it a
nice little spray with our rust-oleum metallic spray so that we can give this
the glam look it deserves so here’s our jar that we painted earlier and dried
AHA I think it’s beautiful anyway so while we’re waiting now on the lampshade
to dry we’re going to work with this piece so we’re gonna flip it upside down
I usually like and I didn’t mention this in products needed but I usually like
before I glue anything on to that especially since I’m using my glue gun
to clean it with alcohol just so that any oils that are on there will come off
and it will stick a lot better and the same thing with this piece that we’re
actually gonna be gluing on I want to clean that off as well with a little bit
of alcohol cut the time off okay so we’re gonna put glue around this inside
edge here and we’re gonna be attaching it directly on top of here there you have it for right now
the next thing we’re gonna do is take our diamond wrap now this particular one
I got off of Amazon but they do have it at Dollar Tree but I’m just gonna cut
one strand or one row and that’s going to be just to put around the base here
to cover up any glue that might be showing or any just space on there to
kind of give it a finished look so if you buy the Dollar Tree one it has three
rows or five rows you’re just going to want to use one row so whatever you’ve
got you still need to cut one row off of it I had a bit of glue and right there in
the space kind of set it in there I’m not really pressing it too far in
because I don’t want it to get sunken into the groove I kind of want it to
show a little bit not just get jammed in there you slowly starting to come together something really important to mention
when you’re putting your placemat wrapping it around to make your
lampshade you want to make sure that the one piece
has that you glue it with the crisscross close to the top and you want to make
sure that the other piece is glued with them set down in a little lower that is
important because this one with them closer to the top is going to be glued
to the base and that’s what’s going to help your lampshade not cover the entire
base and this one in here is what’s going to hold any lighting if you put
any batteries any clips anything like that that’s what’s going to be holding
the lighting so depending on what you want you don’t want a battery pack to
show in there and also people would be probably able to see through the top
better and you want that to look as good as it can so now that our base is ready
and our lampshade is dry we’re going to put our bling wrap around the edges here
again we’re gonna be cutting one strip off of our bling wrap we’re gonna do
we’re going to need two pieces that are a single row each because we’re gonna be
gluing it to the top and to the bottom add your hot glue just to start I put it
on the lampshade after that I’m gonna just put it on the bling wrap itself I
feel like that just has a little better for me a little better control you do
whatever works best for you I just feel like it’s easier to use less glue if I
put it directly on the bling wrap our bling is applied now we’re going to take
our clip on book light these things are great they put out a lot of light and
for this project it’s really nice because it already has the hook attached
test it make sure it works yes it does nice and bright you can take it and clip
it to the bottom pass it through the top into the bottom and clip it too it’s a
little harder to do but it’s worth it squeeze it and clip it onto the bottom
slide it out a bit so that you have room to glue the base here I prefer it on the
bottom I think it just looks neater my other tutorial I did not have this light
so I ended up using the battery pack light so the battery pack sat up here in
the indented portion and then we wrapped around what I like about clipping this
to the bottom is that then you can bend this piece over the top here and put it
inside and it really doesn’t show which to me has a much nicer look but it’s up
to you and if you do choose to do that you may want to throw a little hot glue inside here just to hold the clip into
place again make sure that your clip is as far over as possible so that it
doesn’t interfere with you gluing your base in there let’s do our alcohol
little trick and place our lampshade oops don’t press
too hard like I just did because I just unglued the crisscross bar which is not
a problem we’ll just glue it back on but you do want to make sure that’s centered
on there and so far so cute actually so far we’re actually done now because
these crisscross bars one is taller than the other you will need to stabilize by
putting some extra glue on your crisscross bar where it’s going to
attach and let it get it a good chance to dry before you move it around don’t
be too excited like I am to pick it up it so I can show you guys give it a
minute and once your glue is dry there you have
it is that not freaking adorable I love it I’m going to show you it all ready to
go and looking beautiful so here they are today just wanted to
show you the one that is taller it’s actually made with the larger glue
and the small I couldn’t find post the smaller globe and my Dollar Tree so even
one will work

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  1. Bravo my dear! Once again you have created a lovely piece that I love. I live in Arizona so we don't have a Daiso here not sure where to find the bamboo placemat. That may be a challenge but hopefully I can find one somewhere. Maybe Walmart , Family Dollar or something like that. I don't know but I'll be looking. I really want to recreate this lamp . Thank you for your time and talent. I love watching all your DIYs you're so creative

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    And I learned 2 things from you today: 1) I never knew you can use water to do the mercury glass affect, I always thought you had to use vinegar- thatโ€™s great because I hate the smell anyway…Lol

    2) It May seem as common sense to most, but I never thought of using alcohol to remove a label! Duhhh to me!…Lol. I always put the blow dryer to it for a few seconds, which works like a charm, btw, but I will try the alcohol too! Wish so bad we had a Daiso here in Virginia ๐Ÿ˜ฉ one can only wish! Tfs! It turned out great! Looking forward to more! Have a great rest of week/weekend! ๐Ÿค— ~ Helen

  4. They truly look like u purchased them from a home decor store. I love them and will be doing this project ty for showing I I like ur ideas

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  7. Great project! Just curios, would a hurricane glass be used as the shade instead of the cardboard ?? Maybe popsicle sticks for the criss-cross inner part..?
    Either way this project is very creative & turned out beautiful.

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    Already making a list for xmass pressies…
    We do not have dollar tree or its equivalent will be hitting up the here sadly. . But we have a cheaper shop and a dasio.. and i will be hitting up the thrift places.. garage a sales…
    Ohhhhh byw… here is north Queensland Australia. . City of Townsville

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    We share 2 passions, diying and owls. Loved the diy you did using the DT candle holders in the horizontal position. It was very elegant. Never have I seen them used that way. Keep up the fantastic job and thanks for sharing !

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