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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 hands-on: the most mobile

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 hands-on: the most mobile

– All right, whole Verge crew is here, we’re doing a hands-on
of the Osmo Mobile 3. A big thought in my mind
when I get a new product is, “Who is this for?” and then I remembered where
I see the most of these and it’s right up here. (techno music) I think DJI’s Mobile series is best suited for someone who’s on the go. They want really good
footage, but they don’t want to use a camera that’s bigger than the one that’s already in their pocket. So for this video, we
had planned to go to all the best tourist destinations
in NYC to test this thing out. Then, this happened. (raining)(sad piano music) It started pouring, as it always does when
I want to shoot outside. So, we’re going inside. All right, totally aborted that plan. This is the DJI Osmo Mobile
3, and it’s third in line of stabilizers made for your phone by DJI. And this one, well it’s even more compact than ever before, it’s super easy to get set up and using, and it does this? Sick. The biggest difference between the 2 and the 3 is that the 3 folds. This is as small as the Mobile 2 ever got, and with the 3, it just
folds right in half. You could also just click
it up and click it down with no latches or anything
locking it in place. And when you put your phone
in, all you have to do is slide it back and forth
to adjust the roll axis. The handle is just a bit
more angled than previous models as well and there’s a rubber grip on it now where your palm rests. If you’ve used the Mobile 2, adapting to the buttons here will
as easy as it could be because they’re really not that different. You have your zoom toggle, your joystick, an M button, a record button, around back, the trigger, a USB-C, and the USB port on the
side rather than the back. Speaking of USB, a great
feature that the 3 has that the 2 doesn’t is now you
can have your phone charging or plugged into anything
on it’s accessory port and also be in landscape mode. On the 2, if you were in
landscape mode that meant the bottom of your phone was resting against the gimbal itself. A lot of the changes come in software and in the DJI Mimo app. What you’ll see there is ActiveTrack 3.0, a gesture control feature, Sport mode, and then some weird
creative shooting modes including Fashion mode. The gesture control feature
was more fun than I thought. By flashing a peace sign,
the app started filming and enabled ActiveTrack on me. It flashes to let you know it found you and then again when it starts recording. I think it’s extra effective for someone who might be shooting themselves and not looking at the screen, or having the time to focus on your framing. Hyperlapse creates
really beautiful results with a bit of patience
and the shooting modes can create cool edits with little effort. These shooting modes are
definitely a novelty. I can’t see myself using them a ton. But in short time I used them, they were cool and super flashy. (funk music) Oh my gosh, so weird. My favorite feature added,
though, was the Sport mode. It just creates a super reactive gimbal. So if you’re following
someone that’s moving quickly, or you’re following like a sporting event, or you’re running, honestly this gimbal can kick up the speed. The biggest upgrade
across the board, though, is being able to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode with a
double tap of the M button. I mean, number one, that’s just cool. But number two, if
you’ve used the Mobile 2, you know how annoying it
was to shut off your gimbal, unscrew the back, turn your camera, screw it back on, turn it back on, all the while making sure
it’s balanced, and this? That’s a hell of a lot easier. I do think pulling your phone in and out of this is still really annoying and what I have been doing
the whole time I’m testing it is putting my phone in upside down. And it’s upside down! So if I own this thing,
I would definitely put an arrow to which way the
phone’s lense is supposed to be. Overall, the footage looks super stable. When you’re looking at
it on a small screen, such as your phone, once you blow it up, you start to notice small jitters and a sort of sway to the footage. You also have to be mindful of the bob that your hand naturally
creates when you walk. Hopefully, over time I would learn to be more mindful of
that, but in the short time that I used the Osmo Mobile
3, that bob was very apparent. The Osmo Mobile 3 is
available now starting at 119 or 139 which includes the
tripod stand, and a case. (sighs) At last. My hair is ruined, my clothes are soaked. But the hands-on goes on.

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  1. in youtube videos it seems that the inbuilt Video STABALIZATION of NOTE 10 is good enuf and doesn't warrant a Dji Osmo.
    Pls correct me if I am wrong.

  2. More Becca please and thank you. Does a great and through job covering a gadget while doing it in a avg consumer way and not speaking to tech nerds. Also, she radiates the fun of her job which makes it even more a pleasure to watch.

  3. Oh okay! I need this now! WOW. I've been interested in the osmo mobile for a while now. This one is amazing. I enjoyed the video.

  4. Can I lock the focus using the front camera and then switch round to the back camera and keep the lock? To make the most of the better camera?

  5. So DJI have taken all the best features of the snoppa atom and added it to their stock. Well still no mic input which I like on the snoppa. But I know that dji will have a better app.

    Do I stay with my snoppa, I like adding a mic, or is it time for something new. I think I would just be replacing like for like. Might go look at 360 cameras.

    Good video though.

  6. Seems to be a great product! I've directed a few commercials in the past and worked with speech anomalies. An odd new trend among Millennials is mispronouncing the word "button". Not sure where this comes from. Australia maybe?

  7. Is it safe to order this cool toy on AliExpress? I see it is available to buy right now, seller's store feedback is good, but I'm still not sure… help! haha

  8. A drawback with gimbals is that they prevent you from using a directional mic. Do you think it would be possible to e.g. glue a coldshoe on to the phone holder (for vertical) so that one can put a small mic on it (like the Rode Videomicro)?

  9. I am unable to buy this in Asia and America. DJI website is accepting orders and say thag it will be shipped in 20-25 days. Do you guys who do these reviews get it free from the producers and do promo even before the product hits the market.?

  10. Can you use a rode videomic me on it? Or a rode videomic Pro? I cant figurer it out. Nice video by the Way. Keep up the good work.

  11. Thank you for the great video! I would pick this up if I could find a decent ND filter for my phone. I can’t deal with the fast shutter! Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks again.

  12. I was wondering if you can make a video on how osmo action camera can be handled on this osmo mobile 3 to better mechanical stabilization. Nobody did a video so far. If possible let us know the best possible gimbal adapter for that combo and please see if the gimbal is coming in the frame. Also on how to balance it with adapter on osmo mobile 3. And it's compatibility with android as well. Thanks in advance

  13. Anyone use the Osmo 3 with their Note 9 with success? I've read that Mimo doesn't play well with Android, but would order the Osmo 3 if I can verify that they are fully compatible.

  14. You don't need an arrow to tell you which way to attach your phone to the Osmo Mobile 3. Just make sure that the logo inside the clamp is upright when you attach your phone to it. Then you'll know that when you turn on the gimbal, your phone will be upright.

  15. I know Feiyu has a smaller phone gimbal VLOGpocket, that will be more convinent to take . Can you do a review or comparison with it? Looking forward that. Thanks

  16. Will this work with the iPhone 11 pro max?? The specs on the osmo 3 states 200g +- 30g. The iPhone weighs approximately 220g so it's really tight. Any ideas? Thanks.

  17. Nice review!!! Go check my channel for you to see sample video footages using dji osmo mobile 2 and see the difference between the old and new dji mobile gimbals.

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