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DIY Wardrobe (2 sliding doors) – IKEA Hemnes / Miniature Furniture (Enable subtitles).

DIY Wardrobe (2 sliding doors) – IKEA Hemnes / Miniature Furniture (Enable subtitles).

Hi guys! Today I will show the step-by-step process to create this IKEA Hemnes Wardrobe. I started this project by doing a simple drawing with perspective and brought the original measurements to the scale 1/10 in centimeters. You can check all the drawing and the measurements in the link below. For this project I will be using mostly 3.0mm and 1.5mm Abachi wood plate 5x5mm square rod, and 4mm diameter round rot. So I start passing the measurements to the wood plate and then I’ll cut them into my Dremel Moto-Saw. Cutting others smaller parts with x-acto. Start by sanding the piece with a sandpaper of 180 to give a finish on the sides of the pieces cut by Moto-Saw to leave the cut more precise And again using another sandpaper with a weight of 600 Giving a velvety finish on the wood and to close her pores too in order to prevent it from becoming swollen when painted. Here I start by mounting the side frames of the Wardrobe which will give the main support for the furniture. I prefer to use the transparent Styrofoam glue as it has a quick drying. Now I put a holder to join the two parts Gluing the sides of the mobile with the structure Now the bottom These smaller parts will be used on the sides of the wardrobe and on the two doors And will give a finish similar to the original Ikea Wardrobe Measuring where the side finish will be If you’re enjoying this video please, give me a thumbs up! And don’t forget to sign up for the channel, your support is very important. I used my 3D Printer to print the parts of the internal system where the doors can be sliding The gcode file is in the link below the description Now I will paint the structure that I created in the 3D Printer with Tamiya Acrylic Ink The color that I used was XF-53 Neutral Grey Time to paint the only white part of the wardrobe, the whole bottom Glue the smaller pieces to finish the doors With a 5mm diameter gauge ruler will be made a marking to be the handle Now I use Dremel 4000 to make the precise hole in the wood. The 3 parts will be a small space to store things inside the wardrobe This small part will serve as a top support to keep the doors together and straight the lower one to the bottom for the running system Using a green Tape to limit the space where it will be painted yellow Measuring the size of the wooden handle to hang the hangers of the wardrobe it will later be glued One more protection for the door handles before they’re painted To paint the miniature I used the acrylic paint Tales Amsterdam Color 105- Titanium White / 270- Azo Yellow Deep After the paint dries, it’s time to remove the tape Glue the wooden handle Gluing the bottom System to the doors can slide I used a black pen to color the handle Retouching the sides that were out of ink Installing the little shelf Installing the system under the doors now installing the part inside the wardrobe To finish, just glue the top I hope you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to give me thumbs up! And share with your friends. See you next time, bye!

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  1. Amazing! Love all furniture you made~~ and your way of filming is also super clean, clear and comfortable to watch! I enjoy watching all your details~!

  2. Im shocked!? How am I now just finding out about your channel?!!? This is what I've been looking for along time

  3. Oh my!!!! I feel like I won the lottery today by finding your channel!!!!! Be ready to grow very quickly because your pieces are fantastic!!! And YouTube algorithms love creators that are consistent in uploading. Oh my!!! I can't express how happy I feel right now. And I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write the captions on your video, for adding the template with measurements and even the file to 3D print those sliding pieces. Wow!! You couldn't be anymore helpful!! 😊😊😽😽

  4. It's really cute, but obviously the doors don't slide well. Maybe next time just a wood guide rubbed with a little candle wax?

  5. I can’t wait to build all of your designs!🤗 I’m so glad I found your channel. I hope you build a bed. The music is nice too.

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