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DIY wall hanging| Wall hanging craft ideas

DIY wall hanging| Wall hanging craft ideas

for this beautiful DIY you would need
some colorful pebbles you can need the beads I have made it from the glue gun
you would need the scissor pencil scale or something for the drawing and
then papers and the butterfly and you would need the jute twine or any
anything that does that work for you paint brush colors different colours you
would need the main thing of this DIY is actually you can take either a bark or
any wooden thing you have or or the leftover that I am using it is
actually a paper roll which was actually which was the left to work when I paste
my all wallpaper so it was under that and the wallpaper were wrapped
around it so I’m using this In DIY and then you would need a glue gun for
this DIY first you have to do you have to paint this paper roll I do like the
color of this if you like it you can actually keep it and if you have if you
take any wooden bark then you have to paint it also I’m taking these the color
it’s not a black color actually it’s a it sort of dark grey sort of color that
I’m taking but it will give the illusion of black color you can do whatever the
color you like and I have added a little bit of water in a mixture to make a
smooth look so you’re seeing that how I’m applying it you have to apply a
cover it all over and there should not be any any see through that you can see
and then let it dry for the decoration of this wall hanging
I’m going to use the beads which are being made by the hot glue gun these
are very easy to meet you can take any any bead if you have some old necklace
you can take out from them all right or you can buy it from the market but I’m
using the hot glue gun beads and it’s very easy to make all you need is a hot
glue gun and any any surface area where these the glue does not sticks I’m
using this sticker paper actually these are stickers I haven’t made the
beats that I’m making they are the only one that I have made
you can do different things either you can put some glitter before applying the
glue and then you can have glittery glue or I can you put either even put
something else small beads or something and then you can apply the hot glue gun
you can see the results these the glue these are the beads that have been
dried so I have taken out either you can apply some paint nail polish paint or
the acrylic paint I actually didn’t like the
result of nail polish much on the beads but it’s up to you whatever you
like so I’m going to paint all these beads in a different color and all the
colors that I’m going to use they are actually they will be matched with the
Purple’s color so you can easily see I have different colors of pebble and I
will try to paint all these beads with the same color I paint them these beads
into into four different colors according to the pebbles that I’m going
to use I have four four colors a one is blue actually you can take any sort of
blue but I have taken the blue which is nearly resembled with the pebbles that
I’m using then green and it’s a SAP green I think and then it’s a purple
also whatever colors you like you can use it it’s up to you it’s totally up to
your choice but I have tried to match the color over the colors of the pebbles
and a yellow color so you can see that I say yellow color and I
like the yellow color so how you have to do you have to take out paints little
bit paints you can add a bit of water but not too much because it would go
Runny if you like the lighter color then you add more water
but if you like the darker shades then you don’t need you don’t have to add the
water in it so it will get the darker effect or you can either you can apply
the continuous strokes as you are seeing that by applying strokes it’s
actually getting darker from the lighter to the dark blue so in this way I’m
going to apply a nice color all over be bead and then these are the violet one
it’s looking like blue but it’s not blue it’s actually purple so it’s not violet
it’s purple and then I apply some yellow know what you have to do till your
beads they are getting dried this paper will has got dried so you have to
start do the measuring I have taken the scale and the pencil what I’m going to
do I am going to take the 7 centimeter from the both side and then from the
middle I’m taking 11 centimeter again the measurement is up to you how you
want measure and how much you want I actually didn’t want lots of so what I
have that I have left some space from from both end so I have taken 7
centimeter from the both side and then the 11 centimeter after the 7 centimeter
I’m measuring it and I’m taking 11 centimeter so in this way I have almost
done the five threat I will I will use this is the final result I have tied a
these five jute twine again and the length of the top of joins is up to you
either you want them equal or you don’t want now I’m going to cut the ends which
look bad and what I will do I will add I will actually stick with this
knot area with the hot glue gun because I don’t want that they
move all the time so I will seal this knot area with a hot glue gun so in
this way they will stay in their place and they will not move here and there
and everywhere the length of the twine it up to you I have almost they are
equal for me but it’s up to you again you want the bigger one the smaller one
in what way you want let it dry the glue gun and it’s okay if there are some
sort of small these thread for the butterfly all you need you need some
color papers and this is the final result in the end up at a flower would
look like in this and I have done some coloring in it because butterfly it’s
not it has lots of color so you can do the multiple colors but I have used the
color oh the darker of the colored paper that I have used and how I have made
this butterfly I have made these colored papers and I will fold it twice
like first I will fold it into half and its ok if they are not equal because in
the end you have to cut so that’s okay from two colors papers you will
have two butterfly and then you have to fold it again you have to fold it in a
half in the same way and now after folding this colored paper what I will
do I will draw out the butterfly with the help of the this plastic butterfly
it’s actually the leftover I didn’t buy this so what I’m going to do I I’m
putting it in a half and then I will draw around the area
why here using half because the half a butterfly would be on the other side
when you cut and the people you will have the whole butterfly and we have
taken the two colored papers so it will be two butterflies with the this so if
you have more color paper there will be more butterfly I’m going to draw it and
it’s okay if it’s not that neat because in the end you can see that it’s looking
very beautiful and don’t worry about the errors it’s very neat it doesn’t matter
and now you have to cut it neatly I don’t have paper scissor so I’m
cutting it with whatever I have and this is the final result and you can see that
this is very beautiful it looks very beautiful now I have two butterfly
because one is the front part of the butterfly and the other is the back a lo
of butterfly so what I’m going to do I’m taking the green color which is the
darker then which is actually resembling with this but it’s a bit darker green
and I’m making the whole circular motions because butterfly has pattern on
it and this is the final result you can see I have lots of butterflies and I
have done it and I have cut it because I don’t want to make this video too long
so I have lots of butterflies so now it’s a time to assemble all the things
together at last it’s assembling time what you have to do
you have to add the back of the butterfly around the jute twine and then
you have to add a little bit of glue gun and then all you have to do you have to
stick it with the glue gun you can see that well how I’m applying it in this
way the butterfly will stick with the jute twine and then it’s it will move or
when you move the twine and then what you have to do you have to just fold there
actually feathers you know butterfly they have their feathers I’m not sure
they have feathers or what I think they don’t have fathers but
they have something well or whatever they have they move their little tiny
Feathers show all you have to do we have to make it in this way so it would look
real and I have added all all the butterflies and you can clearly see they
are looking so pretty you can leave it as it or you can either accessorize them
more I’m adding some more pebbles and the beads that I have made but I’m not
going to do a lot off with this so what I’m going to do I’m going to apply this
beads that’s the hot glue gun beat you can apply them anywhere but I didn’t
like it them somehow I didn’t like them on the butterfly anyway so I thought
that I should apply them on the jute twine you have to apply the glue on the
bead but be careful it’s it’s also made from the hot glue gun so you have to be
careful otherwise it will be melted away so you just have to apply it a bit and
then you have to wait before applying the other otherwise they both will melt
because of the heat and put something under your table because it can ruin
your table and the glue gun you have to clean a lot of mess or have put people
now you can see that I will apply I will take another bead and then I will feed
fix the spade in the same way I will do on the all other point and I will apply
the pimples in the same way and then you can see the final result which is very

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