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DIY Wall Decal | Inspirational Wall Art | ANN LE

DIY Wall Decal | Inspirational Wall Art | ANN LE

(cheery piano music) – Hi everyone. Happy New Year! So how many of you guys
are looking forward to a positive start for this new year? I certainly am, and today’s video I have the perfect diy for you guys. So today we will be making
a inspirational wall with art decals, and I’m going to show you a few methods how you can
make this yourself at home. This should be fun and easy . This is a great way to remind us of all the positive things we
want to bring into our life. You know you make New Year’s resolutions, and as time pass you tend to forget and kind of get sidetracked. So this is a great way to remind yourself of all the beauty and positivity you want to bring into your life. I just thought this is a great way to start the year off with, so we’re going to have lots of fun and let’s get started. Okay guys, so let’s start
with materials like usual and again I have all specific information as to where I purchased
all these items from on my blog at LifeAnStyle.com. Okay so number one you’re
going to need some vinyl paper and I noticed many craft
stores are starting to carry this in rolls. So you could find this at
your local craft store, or you can also find this at a
more affordable price online. Alright so number two, a
good quality masking tape. Trust me when I say good quality, because it will make the
flow so much more easy and more efficient when you’re working. Number three, you will need Exacto knife or a utility knife with a sharp blade. Number four, a cutting surface. I’m using my self-healing board, but you can pretty much use cardboard or a table you don’t
mind cutting on top of. Number five, you will need contact paper, and this can be easily found at any Target or Walmart or any department stores. Number six is a ruler
and lastly number seven is a squeegee or a plastic card. Okay so let’s start with
the easy method first. This method is perfect for simple and medium to small designs. I simply cut out a piece of
decal vinyl to the size I need. Next, all you have to do
is draw out your design directly onto the waxy side of the paper just like how I’m doing it right here. If you’re drawing challenged,
then you can print out your design and trace
it onto the waxy paper. In fact, I printed out some
words with different fonts here, and this method works well
for less intricate designs. So now it’s time to cut out my designs, and what I usually like
to do is cut around the picture that I made, and then I would work
on the detailed areas. So here’s another design that I worked on, and I basically took a spoon
and a fork from a kitchen and traced it so that way I could get a more realistic size and
idea of how this would look. Then after that I would
go in with my pencil and then draw out the details. From there I would apply the same method that I did with my butterfly drawing and I would cut this out. Alrighty so this is the
fun part because you get to figure out where you want your
artwork to go on your wall. Basically what I did
here is I just kind of freestyle everything and I
just peel the waxy paper off and just lay them to where
I think it would look nice. But if you need to plan out your design, I would suggest for you
to try taping the designs with some Scotch tape onto your wall so that way you can have an idea how the overall design will look like. For words and letterings that
are just simple and small what I usually like to do is
cut them out individually, and then I would stick them on to the wall just like what I did with my mini designs. But if you’re working with
something on a bigger scale, then here is a more comprehensive method. Okay so let’s move on to the second method and for my words I tape the printout onto the sticky decal
sheet with masking tape to hold it into place. Then I would cut out each
letter by tracing my template with a sharp Exacto knife. You can cut this out with either an Exacto knife or scissors. I would suggest you to
start with something simpler in design to give yourself
some more practice. Okay so for this next step,
I picked it up from Eric since he’s done professional
graphic decal before. I altered these steps to
make it more user friendly, since not all of us can find some of these supplies in our local stores. So after tracing out my
letters with my Exacto knife, I got rid of the paper
and now I am simply going to go over again with my Exacto
knife onto the vinyl letters just to make sure all
the lines are well cut. Then I am going to peel off
the excess vinyl like so and once that is off and now
I can see just my letters, tape the sheet to your cutting board to prevent the sheet from shifting around. You can also do this
on a cardboard as well. For this next part,
professionals usually use a wide roll of masking tape, but what we’re going
to use is contact paper since that’s easier to find. What I want to do here
is take the sticky side of the contact paper and
stick that on to the letters that I just cut out. What you’re going to do is peel off one side of your contact paper. Not completely, just one side, and stick that on to the side of your artwork, your decal. Then what you’re going
to do is take a card and press it down so that
way there’s no bubbles or anything like that. You basically want the sticky
side of the contact paper to stick onto your letters. Continue sweeping your
card onto the letters. Peel off the waxy paper completely, and then take your card and
go over the words again. So now I’m just removing my decal sheet off of my cutting board, and basically I should have three layers. One waxy side, in the middle is my decal, and then on top of that is
my contact sticky paper. On a clean wall, go ahead and take out your artwork or decal and
place that on to the wall. Once you’re happy with the outcome, just make sure everything
is leveled and ready. With a piece of tape, hold
the decal or artwork in place. Okay so for this next
step make sure you have your card on one hand, and now we are going to
use the hinge technique to apply the lettering. So basically make sure that
the sticky contact paper is on your side where you’re standing, and the waxy paper is against the wall. Slowly peel off the contact paper, and when you peel off the contact paper, your vinyl words should be
sticking to the contact paper. Now make sure to hold this out and do not put it against the wall. As you can see, the wax paper
is peeling from underneath, so what you’re going to do is fold that from under itself, and then push it down with a card just like
what I’m doing right here. Now press the sticky decal with your card starting at the midpoint where
you folded your waxy paper. You’re basically pressing
from the center out. Once you have one part of
the sticky contact paper and decal on the wall, go ahead and peel off the
rest of your wax paper. As you slowly peel off the waxy paper, take your card and press
each letter onto the wall. Just like what I’m doing right here. Once the decal is flattened
and pressed against the wall, now it’s time to peel
off your contact paper so that way the words could show. Start with an upper corner
and slowly peel straight down just like what I’m doing here. If the lettering comes off the wall, just rub it in with your finger or a card and continue to peel
off the backing paper. After it’s all peeled off,
go over with the lettering once again with your card or your fingers. That’s basically it. This technique is paint safe
and won’t ruin your wall and if you want to remove this, you can easily remove this
by peeling off the letters. I would always test and
make sure with a small piece how the sticky decal
will react to your wall. That is basically it. I hope you guys enjoyed this diy. For more diys, don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t. Also if you guys haven’t
watched my last videos, I have some of them right here. I have lots of other cool fun diys that I’ve made in the past previous years, and yes I am still doing my most engaged subscriber of the month giveaway. If you want more information on that, go ahead and watch one of these videos where I provide more information on that. I will talk to you guys
next time. Love you. Ciao!

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  1. I've been wondering how to make decals for a long time. I had soooooo sooo so many ideas for decals but i didn't know how to make them. You're so smart! 

  2. I love how easy and cute it is and I can make wall decals that no one owns and no one will even be able to tell that I made them!!!

  3. I'm so glad I've subscribed to your channel awhile back! I always look forward to your D.I.Y videos. Because of your I love to craft. I've already tried so many of your ideas and I absolutely love them!!! Keep it up girl!!!

  4. I just got a brilliant idea. Can you possibly do a D.I.Y headboard!! I've been thinking lately about making one myself but don't know where to start. And your headboard is so pretty! ♡♡♡ Omg that would be AWESOME! THANK YOU!

  5. I've been looking for a way to make my own decals and you just saved me so much money. Decals themselves cost at least $20 for one piece at my local stores. 😀 & now, I can put in my own style into them! Thanks Anne! <3

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  7. Hi! This video is awesome and I was wondering if there was any way it would work on a laptop? I have been looking for a way to make my own laptop decal. And do you think it would come off? Thanks!

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    i just found your Account and i fell in LOVE !!! you are amazing and i am obsessed with your DIY! going to make all of them. REALLY. big big biiiiig LOVE!

  9. hello Ms Ann.
    i watched ur vid and it's very amazing and easy to make. But then, we dont have vinyl decals or contact papers in here. Can i use sticker papers or those papers which is glossy and they also stick. Can i use those instead of the decals?

  10. My issue is that I want a wall decal of a quote from a book I love. Do I look for the quote and print it then do all that? Or do I find don't stencils?? After I figure that out, how do I establish the size I want?! Please help 🙂 I'm new at this arts and crafts deal

  11. Forgive me is I asked to early during the video but is this easy to come off of the wall? How would one peel this off without damaging the paint and the wall?

  12. Hey Ann, I am very impressed out of this project! I live in the Czech Republic in pretty small city and we do not have many craft stores here so i have no idea where to buy vinyl paper because no one knows it in specialized shops. That is the reason I have decided to order online and i wonder whether materials on the link below are the same as the onces you recommend on your blog? Thank you so much for your responce I am a huge fan of yours – you inspire me soooo much so thank you fot that once again! 🙂 


  13. Dear Ann Le I like this video very much. Though u r so young like my daughter u r inspiring me to feel better whenever I feel so low in mood and so alone. But for me to do a little of craft to divert myself I cannot afford the supplies and most of them r not available where I live. So I only see ur videos and enjoy. Next life better luck to me. Thanks my child and God bless u. Laxmi

  14. Thank you, awesome DIY way for someone like myself that loves to create my own things, lacks the skills to draw or paint.  Thank you so much.  

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