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I bought a marble-style coaster at Can ☆ Do(¥100-shop like a dollar-store). I am going to change to a more modern atmosphere with paint. Since I bought three, I plan to make them different designs. Cover with masking tape, so you can paint beautifully. I paint gold color. I painted the one side black. Design the second coaster with masking tape and paint it in gold. It is the third piece. It is dried, so cover it with masking tape and apply the finish paint. Make an accessory trays and photo stand with clay bought at DAISO (¥ 100-shop). Stone powder clay finishing touch is going to be more strong than paper clay. Put the clay in the dish to fix shape and let it dry for at least 24 hours. This time, I will make 5 works with this clay. Combine cone-shaped clay and dish-shaped clay. When combined those with adding water, it is combined beautifully. This is going to be a photo stand. Make a cut to put in a photo. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Next day, It was dried. I paint all the dish-shaped clays to white. Manicure black(nail polish). I bought it at DAISO. Drip a nail polish on the water and poke it before the film stretches to create a marble-like pattern. Please note that even if you use water-based nail polish, the film will not be formed. Dip the dish-shaped clay to water and transfer the pattern. I feel that the black pattern is like a marble. Transfer marble pattern on both sides of each clay. I didn’t like the pattern, so I’ll dip it twice. When dry, paint gold to the edges of each dish. This one was simply designed with white and gold edges. A decoupage (like a mod podge) is applied to the finish to make it water resistant and glossy. I think it can be used as a soap dish because it is water resistant. I painted gold to the photo stand. Make wall hangings using drawing paper. Draw and cut various moon shapes. I noticed that scissors are easier to cut. I drew about six moons on black drawing paper. Spray an aqueous spray of gold on the white moon. The paper was blown away by the momentum of the spray, but I managed to color it. I will hang it with a hemp string. Decide how long length to decorate. Cut the hemp string into random lengths to hang the moon. Glue with glue gun. I am thinking about which moon where to glue. When the design is decided, glue it with a glue gun. The place where the black moon and hemp string cross is conspicuous, so I painted it in black. This channel distributes various interior videos. I hope you consider subscriptions.

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