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DIY Projects : How to Make Wall Decoration from Cardboard | Diwali Decoration Ideas | Recycled Craft

DIY Projects : How to Make Wall Decoration from Cardboard | Diwali Decoration Ideas | Recycled Craft

How to Make a Beautiful DIY Wall Decoration from Cardboard This is a recycled craft made using waste cardboards. It is decorated using beads and pearls so that it looks shiny wall decor. Things You Need… Cardboard, Scissors, Cutter, Pencil, Adhesive, Ruler, Color Papers, Fevistick Decorative Stones and Pearls, Laces Mark the measurement on the cardboard as shown Mark the shown distance lengthwise on the cardboard. Join the points on the cardboard and make patterns like this. Erase some marked portion to get the box pattern on the cardboard. Now take another cardboard and mark the distance 6&7.5cm on the cardboard and extend 1.5cm from the sides. Cut the cardboard as shown. Slightly run the cutter on marking for easy folding. Make small cuts on the corner as shown. Match this small rectangular cardboard with the center of the base cardboard. Similarly, make rectangular shapes of different dimensions as shown. Match the marking and paste the cardboard to create layers as shown. Now mark the measurements on the color paper and cut it. Slightly run the cutter on the markings for easy folding. Paste the paper on the top layer of the cardboard. Mark and cut the paper to cover the base cardboard. Paste the cut out paper on the base of the cardboard. Similarly cover all the layers with different color sheets as shown Decorate the base layer with a silver lace like this. Decorate the pink layer with golden lace. Now decorate the layers with decorative stones and beads as shown. Decorate the center with a decorative stone as shown. Wow!! Your beautiful wall decoration is now ready. Use it as a center table decor as well. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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