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DIY Plywood Furniture – Living Tiny Project #060

DIY Plywood Furniture – Living Tiny Project #060

This week we are gonna show you how we built this furniture. So let’s get started. I’m Duca. And I’m Roberta. And together we are building our own tiny shipping container house. So don’t forget to subscribe. And to join us every Monday for a new episode. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you) It’s about time to break this thing down. Now we need to cut it in half. This we are gonna cut in half, right? It’s in 3 parts. It’s 3 parts, that’s right. Now that we cut all it into smaller pieces, tomorrow we can come back and on the circular saw we can cut it to the length. But why do it tomorrow if we can do it today?! We need to stop working because the rain is coming. The thunders are already singing and that’s… we get scared when the thunders start singing. Using electricity is not good. So let’s go inside. I mean, let’s go home. We see you guys tomorrow. It’s about time to start applying laminated. But this time we have a lot of laminated. Just so you guys understand we are laminating the inside of the wardrobe. We could just paint it, but we knew that… When we built the ceiling panels we had a lot of laminated leftover. And we did that on purpose because now we can use that on the wardrobe. So why not? It protects a lot the wood. And it’s a really strong material and for the inside is perfect. So let’s do it. So now comes the tricky part. Not tricky but a really important part. We need to cut. These are the main pieces like the long bottom and top piece of plywood. We need to cut it square but we don’t have a huge table saw to do that so we need to do on the track saw. And it needs to be 100% squared and we need to find out the length, the right length for this. How we’re gonna do that is by getting all the small pieces that are gonna be here. So basically the first step is gonna be to cut square part and then we know that we need one here we need one here. And we’re gonna, you know… Keep going. Keep going until we get to the end and then in the end we cut the leftover. That’s the plan, right? It’s gonna work out. Just wait and see it. For sure. I’m gonna try to work by myself as Duca is helping a friend to rebuild his coffee shop, that’s the inside a Kombi. Let me show you. So, they are working there. And I’m gonna try to work by myself. Well if I can do it you can do it. I’m really glad with the result. Now… All we need to do is to cut… this part here. So? Right? Are you doing well? What do you think? I left the kid alone and she is playing a lot. Hopefully that’s all good, but she’s good. That’s it. It’s all really good there. Now all we need to do is to cut the tip. I’m proud. I’m really proud. Me too. But I need to go outside because we are finished something else. Let me see it. I trust you. It’s like a war zone. Fingers crossed it’s on the right length. We did it. Are you ready? Yeah, let’s solve this big big puzzle. Today is the tricky part of the episode. We are gonna assemble this wardrobe, the top wardrobe. I’m nervous. We’re gonna get there eventually. But, by the way… today is Christmas. Oh, yeah. So let’s do this one with a Christmas song. That’s gonna be happy. Merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy it. And there… there is a table. And a good one. We can have lunch now. That’s it? That’s pretty cool. That was a long week. Yeah. By the way. (Thanks for the support Daryl) Thanks so much, Daryl. That’s how it looks. That’s pretty stable. That’s pretty good. So, do you like it? I love it. By the way, what do you think about our blue shelves? That’s pretty good. We bought some scrap pieces of laminated months ago and we decided to give some color to the new furniture. Yeah, it was too white. So we need some, you know… life. It looks good. I like it. I don’t know if you guys know… But this new furniture is gonna be on the top of that one that we built last week. If you didn’t watch it here is the link for that. And we still need to build another one there. And that’s the next challenge. Yeah, because that one is gonna be narrow like 15 centimeters, but it needs to be really strong. Because this is just… Yeah, it needs to hold this. I don’t know how it’s gonna be yet. But we’ll find a way, right? We always do. I don’t know if you guys know but this is number 60 of a series that we are producing about us building our own tiny shipping container house. We have a new episode every Monday telling the story about us building… Not the story, the real story… The behind the scenes. Yeah, if you are expecting someone professional building a house that’s not the channel for you. But if you want to watch some amateurs building DIY house. And showing all the mistakes. Showing all the mistakes and doing a lot of mistakes. But at the same time fixing a lot of mistakes also. You can learn with our mistakes. And then you don’t repeat our mistakes. So if you like what you’ve just watched just subscribe to our channel. There is much more to come. It’s gonna be a long way until we finish the whole house. And if you liked this episode you can leave as a thumbs up. That helps a lot actually. Thanks a lot for watching and just leave us a thumbs up because the channel, you know… needs some support, you know… So, we see you guys next Monday. We see you next Monday.

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  1. Hola
    Luca es un maestro del bricolage y Roberta esta a su altura,no se queda atrás
    Disfrutarlo y unas muy felices navidades para los dos.
    Saludos desde Barcelona ,Catalunya

  2. Hellò. You have got me totally wrapped up in your amazing journey. 2018 has been a great year for you both. Well done for getting so much done! May you have a blessed Xmas amd stay safe!

  3. 🇫🇷 super merci pour ces vidéo j'aime bien même si je ne comprends pas l'anglais désolé mais continué 👍et joyeux noël à vous 🎄🥂

  4. Hi just a thought. I think I know what project you will be doing after your beautiful home is finished. I am guessing it has something to do with water????

  5. No one learn without doing a mistakes, and you are not amateurs in my eyes, you already became great professionals and I'm sure you can built any design, Merry Christmas dear Roberta & Duka, wishing to you all happiness

  6. On the occasion of Christmas, I wish you a lot of food on the table. That the fish tasted great and the cabbage presented beautifully. The Christmas tree shone beautifully and each bauble shimmered. To find a gift under the Christmas tree, Natalia ż wishes for this Christmas night 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas! Looking more and more like professionals not DIY apprentices! Great to see your friends coming to you to assist with their projects. Shows how much you guys have improved and succeeded! Furniture is looking great, enjoy the week and see you next Monday!

  8. Feliz Navidades but, waste lot plywood, why not use router and made slot to side panel, lot better and easy make. no need deep slot only plate can add and glue to slot. if want be sure under self can add little bar whit screw.

  9. Absolutely, love watching you both go through your jouney to building your own home and now…furniture. Merry Chrismas from California!

  10. Woke up this beautiful, sunshiny (but chilly) Christmas Eve, was getting my coffee, and noticed you guys posted another video. Yay! I absolutely adore your wardrobe idea! I know I've said it before, but you guys are the sweetest, most hardworking, and most punctual Youtubers ever. Love, Peace and Merry Christmas to you both♡
    Sheila from Tennessee

  11. Could have saved a lot of time just using that brad nailer for putting the panels onto the larger panel. Wood glue does 99% of the work once its dry and the brad nails just hold the panel in place until its set. Screws get expensive quick and require all that time predrilling and screwing them in. For the final assembly its good since adds to the rigidity, but it was a huge time cost for your first step of just putting panels flat on each other. Lil tip for time and material cost savings for future furniture builds

  12. Merry Christmas. I enjoyed watching you 2 build the shelves. I don't know if anyone has suggested using a kregg tool for your furniture joints. It's a very easy tool to use and allows you to put screws in at an angle.

  13. Merry Christmas. I really enjoy your channel. Thank you for putting all your hard work out there for the world to see and emulate.

  14. Naah, ver os "prós" construídos não transmite o mesmo esforço e vibração que ambos colocam nessa build. Eu amo o seu entusiasmo, faz boas lembranças. Espero que você valorize um ao outro o maior tempo possível 😊

  15. Well done. Kudos to Roberta for having the courage to work alone. You did great. Both of you keep up the good work. Awesome content.

  16. I like that you are using the Makita saw on the bed of foam. And the table saw for ripping. Your skills are improving. WTG!!!

  17. qual o nome da cor da pintura de fora do container? to querendo pintar o quadro da minha bicicleta urbana, abri o video e achei perfeita. aliás, COMO SEMPRE, muito bom seus videos, é like na certa kk

  18. Ansiosa pelos próximos vídeos !!!

    Vocês já viram o canal da Ana White? Ela ensina muitos móveis legais e no site dela tem a planta completa.

    Vou deixar o Link de um vídeo dela aqui, talvez ajude 😊: https://youtu.be/lHjJd4tkvSU

  19. Why didn’t you use prelaminated board. you can buy sheet goods laminated with Formica. Saves a lot of time and work. Vinny 🇺🇸

  20. I think all your subscribers deserve a big bbq in you new home when you will finish the home home. I'll be there with good extra meal 🤣. Barcelona – Brazil… I hope find a chip flight 😋

  21. Uhhm, is it possible to make the volume of the music a bit lower?
    To my opinion: the difference between spoken word and music is too large.

  22. Roberta, your English is pretty good… I like listening to your voice… I like that you said 'If I could do it, so can you…' =) You could even end your videos with those words or similar words… You could add links in your videos to where to find the products that you use in your projects… I know it takes more time when editing… it is just an idea. Thank you for sharing… =)

  23. Did you guys not hear about edge banding? It's the hottest new craze. It can cover the edges of both laminate and plywood…

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