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DIY Photo Fairy Light Wall Polaroid Room Decor Tumblr [CC]  Emma’s Ditto

DIY Photo Fairy Light Wall Polaroid Room Decor Tumblr [CC] Emma’s Ditto

Hello and welcome back to my channel. This
video features my dog noah …or maybe not! anyway, i thought i would talk through my
wall decor. so basically, it is very easy. i will link everything i use in the description.
all i did was using command hooks, attach these on each corner. For example (points).
As my fairy lights are copper wired, they could twist round each hook and hang, and
it would be easy to shape. at the end i would twist it round a few times and that’s it really.
i just attached polaroid pictures with little pegs and a dream catcher that i got from the
Range which is a shop in the UK. and that’s what it looks like and it really super easy
to do. So if you feel inspired to create this, please do! and send me a picture or comment
and like if you enjoyed. my channel is mainly making makeup videos and tutorials, using
only cruelty free make-up, so if you’re interested in that then please take a look at my channel
and i’ll see you in my next video. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Hey! Which command hook did you use? There's many varieties such as 'clear decorating clips', 'outdoor light clips', 'cord clips' etc. I am wondering which one would work best. Thanks!

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