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Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How to Make Amazing DIY Tissue Paper Dancing Doll at Home? Things you Need… Color Paper, Tissue Paper, Craft Wire, Needle & Thread, Pencil, Scissors, Crafty Glue, Scale, Glitter Take a craft wire and mold it to give it the shape of a doll’s body. Make skeleton of the dolls figure with craft wire. Take glue and mix it with water properly. Take the tissue paper and cut it into small pieces as shown. Now take the molded craft wire, dip the tissue paper in the glue solution and wrap the paper around the craft wire as shown. Allow it to dry completely. Take a tissue paper and make accordion pleats as shown. Make multiple such accordions. Sew the pleated accordion pieces on the dolls body. Paste some more tissue paper accordion pieces to complete the look. To make the hat for the doll, take a red paper sheet and draw an outer and inner circle as shown. Cut out the circles as shown and join the edges of the outer circle. Roll a red sheet and make small cuttings as shown. This will form the base of the hat for the doll. Now take the cut out circle and insert it to the roll. Take the smaller circle and paste it on the top portion to seal it. Place the hat on the head of the doll and decorate the doll with glitters. Your beautiful tissue paper doll is now ready! Hope you have enjoyed our paper craft. Please share your experiments and feedback with us. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!!

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