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DIY Mason Jar Metallic Paint Colors | Home Decor Crafts

DIY Mason Jar Metallic Paint Colors | Home Decor Crafts

Hey guys in today’s video we’re gonna be painting mason jars in five different colors Metallic colors. That’s right. The mason jar saga continues. Stick around! Hey guys Audrey from Piping Hot Art Works here. It’s been a hot minute since I did a video but we’ve been really busy introducing new products. That’s right. We actually started adding fairy lights to the mix! Which there are some videos below so check them out if you’re interested. Who doesn’t love a good fairy light? Everyone does. Just admit it Anyways in today’s video we’re gonna be doing a five different metallic colors in mason jars. That’s right. The Pinterest challenge the mason jar saga continues. Stick around! Flat soft iron. Is it flat? Is it soft? We’ll find out. I almost feel like I went to like a beauty shop or something and like everything exploded. That’s what this smells like. Man, that looks nice. I’m kind of digging it now after a while, but maybe because it’s doing too good of a job. We’re done. Okay mason jar number two, color number primed weathered steal. Let’s do it. Oh… Yeah…. Yeah, that one looks pretty too! Alright now try and get the cap and the rim. Remember try and keep a distance. Otherwise, it’ll pool. All right looks good. Okay, let’s do this. Oh man, this looks awesome!!! But man, that sure looks really pretty. I’m impressed people. You should buy this. Alright, that looks good. Kinda see through-ey.. Mason jar and metallic silver by rust-oleum painters touch. It’s coming across a little streaky initially. I’m guessing with it drying a little bit we’ll be able to come back. I’m kind of banking on it dripping a little bit. It’ll cover up more area and then I’ll come back over it. I don’t know. Maybe a good technique? Maybe a bad technique? We’ll find out. You can kind of see the top is already starting the level itself out. I actually think this effect is working. Silver is too silver. Black is the new black, or no orange is the new black, right? I think that is the saying. Just trying to fill in those spots that didn’t get alot. And if you apply too much pressure to the brush, it’s just gonna create a brushstroke. Although, I mean it does kind of give it like a weathered more crackled appearance. Yeah, but I was gonna try and do it as if my intent wasn’t to mess it up initially lol. Yeah. Well I have to say it actually is starting to look pretty cool. I think this is actually gonna turn out really neat and to be honest I didn’t think I would like it. Which, I guess goes to show even though you think you’re not gonna like something maybe you should give it a whirl because this actually looks pretty neat. I can’t wait to see it when it’s dry. Okay, so the mason jar challenge is completed. I had some surprising results. I personally thought I was gonna hate all of the copper colors, but it turns out they ended up being some of my favorites. Outside of the copper rose, which is my favorite. I’ll try and show it right here. Ahhhh Vanna White it for you. My nephew’s favorite color who assisted me on this project was Flat soft iron. I still haven’t established whether it’s truly flat or soft. But it looks pretty awesome in person. Let me try and Vanna White it on the other side. Ahhhhh So anyways, we have a lot of fun doing this project. I hope you guys enjoyed watching it and I hope that you feel more confident spray-painting and Using metallic paints on mason jars. They turned out really cool. I can’t wait to use them. Other than that, Thank you guys so much for your support. If you got any value out of this video, please hit like. YouTube really likes it for the algorithm put a comment in there help support the channel. We appreciate you Thanks a lot. Have a good one. Bye

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