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DIY Lava Lamp | Sea Lemon

DIY Lava Lamp | Sea Lemon

Hello! In this video I’ll show you how to make
some groovy homemade lava lamps! This is a easy project make especially
with kids and it just requires some things that you might already have in the kitchen. to get started you’ll need a clear
bottle, almost any size or shape will work. Glass or plastic. I’m going to
recycle these empty ones. But first I need to remove the labels and clean them. Soak the bottles in hot water and baking
soda or you can use vinegar. Let them soak for
at least an hour or so and you will notice some labels just float off on their own. If you have sticky glue left over Try washing it off. For the really stubborn glue that just won’t come off, I used polish remover. After the bottles
are clean and dry let’s make the lava. Whatever your bottle size fill it 3/4 of the way with cooking oil. Then fill in the rest with water. But leave some space at the top for when it gets really bubbly. You don’t want it to overflow. Add about four
drops of food color. Then drop in an Alka-Seltzer tablet, and watch the magic lava bubble. Because we’re using Alka-Seltzer tablets, the
bubbling lava is only temporary. It only lasts as long as the tablet does. But you can just keep the bottle open and continued dropping tablets when the bubbles settle. And when you’re done just put a lid on
it until next time. I recommend breaking up the tablet and use no more than one whole tablet at a time. Otherwise, this will happen. As another option I tried pop rocks in place of tablets. They are a less expensive option and they do create fizz, but it’s very
slow-moving. If you want a little more visual interest in your lamp, try adding some glitter or confetti. These homemade lava lamps look really cool in the daylight and at night. By just placing a flashlight behind them. I hope you have fun making these and if you like this video click that like button and let me know which lava lamps was your favorite in the comments below. Feel free to share
pics on my social links and if you want to try some other fun
projects check out my arts and crafts playlist here. For more tutorials be sure to subscribe and check out my
channel Sea Lemon. Ready for another project? Try one of these here. You can find all the links and more
information listed in the video description below.

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  1. I really liked the blue one and so I am going to make a blue one tomorrow. LOVED YOUR VIDEO!!    🙂

  2. This is a very good idea, I am definitely making one of these! But could we use ink from highlighters instead of the food colouring? I heard that it makes the lava glow in the dark.

  3. Hello sea lemon, I just would to know, which tablets did you use? Thank you! Oh, i Will Forget, i am french and do you have the tablet's name in french?

  4. I bought an actually lava lamp but replaced the bottle that came with it with a 40oz malt liquor bottle. So my bottle is on the lava lamp stand but would the heat that was intended for the bottle that came with be too hot for my 40oz bottle to where it would crack it or something?

  5. Hey…….
    I wanna ask u something…..
    Did u use Indian Classical music????????
    I wanna know……… Bcuz I am an Indian

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