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  1. Raven I have to agree with your mother. I was wondering the whole video what is mismatching and when your mother said the wall paint, I was like aaahhh thats it!

  2. Raven please don’t listen to anyone saying to change the walls to a pink color… that’s too much pink going on! i love the mint green. I also love the way Toni did the bedding, it definitely came together for a more sophisticated expensive look.

  3. Ziya be so unimpressed 😂😂😂😂shes like perfection mommy, I demand perfection lol she actually has your traits. But her room looks soooo bomb. Def inspo!

  4. Maybe u could use glow in the dark stars u can stick them on the wall by day light there are just white and by the dark it looks realy cute Btw ur are a beautifull mom of a beautyfull daughter much recpect en love from the netherlands❤⭐⭐⭐

  5. I think having different colors on all 4 walls would be cute. You already have a light teal wall. How about having her pink wall opposite from the bed, a white wall and maybe a grey wall or leave it white. Then all the colors from her bed and decorations would tie in together.

  6. I turn on the notification waiting for this video and YouTube decide to not send me a notification…rude! I love your videos

  7. Really love this… not gone lie I was thinking the butterflies were too much. Mommas right! Then the throw could be turquoise or white.

  8. IIIII had a mini heart attack when you fell and jumped like I could catch you through my phone lol and Ziya boo knoooows what she likes and how she wants it lol

  9. Can you and your mom decorate my apartment 🤣 I loved the room but I think Toni’s layers look more professional and the room turned out great! But I still like the paint on the walls the way it is lmao

  10. no hate but please hire a decorator to help you, you need it badly! the carpet is hideous, it doesnt go with the rainbow that is Ziya's room.the mint green, it's time to let that obsession go, same with the tacky golds everywhere. speaking of tacky, those blinds are horrible and dont go with anything, maybe in an office building. you're house is beautiful, dont spoil it! i like your parenting style. and this was my honest review

  11. So proud on you raven for doing your best with the hard cloud deco.. back in the day my mom put glow in the darks stars on my bedroom ceiling that won’t even stick in felt right off 😭

  12. Please give that baby her pink. Use a soft pink. Or just use something like a pencil’s eraser or a wooden dowel to add tiny polka dots or a very wide horizontal pink banded type of stripe on her wall. She looks very disappointed when you talk about not giving her pink on the wall.

  13. I like the way Toni re-did the bed and I think that canopy in the corner would bring in the other colors too. I'd paint two walls gray and two a light pinkish/coral color. I love the cloud sculpture on the wall, that came out really cute. Great job, Raven!

  14. I agree with your mom about the sheets and the mint color. I think Ziya was onto something with the all pink walls lol

  15. Yes raven!! This is super cute!! Love the disclaimer about the choosing for decorating!! It’s important to not give our kids everything they want!! Definitely learning that.

  16. The butterflies and cloud theme are a bit of a clash. Nonetheless it's cute. Maybe a modern nature themed room with the butterflies

  17. I love the concept of her room the colors and cloud theme but I do agree with chef Tony’s idea on the bed looks better but i don’t know how I feel about the wall color

  18. For the canopy, a sheer white canopy layered over the the final sale pink one might help keep it from looking so dark/harsh. Also, if you haven’t already thought of it, putting the star lights on a timer would probably be a good idea.

  19. Hey Raven! Here’s a tip! When deciding on things for her you can pull a few options that you like and let her pick one. That way you both get what you want lol

    P.S. idk if you’ve heard those before but Ziya kinda looks like Grammy.

  20. Yes yes yes yes yes yes I love your mom‘s bed idea I think it’s better than yours not to be rude I’m just giving you my opinion LOL I love your videos I love your content!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Ma’am… not falling off of the night stand table 😂🤦🏽‍♀️😭😭 I’m glad you’re okay but that has tickled my soul 😂

  22. Maybe you can get chalkboard paint in pink if they have that and let her paint that small wall where the canopy is going to go.

  23. I like the minty green wall. It adds that fresh outdoor feel and goes with the butterflies and the clouds and just the girl atmosphere of the room. Of course we are not there in person so I can’t say how it really looks. The bedding cane together nicely on both attempts. If you’re not satisfied with the colour of the canopy….is there anyway you can dye it? Not sure if that’s possible.

  24. Oh gosh I remember when Ziya was just a little baby and now she’s this mini adult having her own bedroom and everything

  25. Maybe you can do like 2accent walls👀🤔 since you already have one of the "main" walls a light turquoise, maybe do the other main wall like coming in her room a light shade of pink & leave the two side walls white🤔👌🏾 that way all 3colors tie into her bed color ?? Idk lol 🤷🏽‍♀️😅 that might just be me lls

  26. As an elementary teacher I’m glad you give Ziya some input but overall you make the executive decisions. Too many kids nowadays run the show. Ziya’s room is adorable. ((Hugs))

  27. Hi Raven, I love watching your videos and I am starting my own youtube channel. I looked up to you pretty much most of my life! Love you!!

  28. My humble opinion is Ziya is right. The pink instead of this green would have been better. This color is for an older child and with the iron bed poor Ziya’s room looks like the hospital in old English movies. Love you but as a consistent viewer it’s a no for me.

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