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DIY – How to make a wire mesh lamp | Tutorial industrial lamp quick and easy

DIY – How to make a wire mesh lamp | Tutorial industrial lamp quick and easy

“Each light creates its own kind of ambience. Today, I’ll show you how to make an industrial-style
lamp to give your home a modern touch!” For that you’ll need: a floor lamp with
a round lampshade. Wire mesh – two centimeters longer and wider
than the lampshade; a retro light bulb; a spray can of matte black paint; binding wire; wire cutters; pliers; box cutter and masking tape. Let’s go! First, cut off several pieces from the binding
wire. Then, dismantle the lampshade. To measure the circumference of the lampshade,
wind the wire mesh around it. Don’t forget to leave room for the overlaps! Now, tie the lattice together with binding
wire. Using the wire cutters, cut away the top and bottom rows of the lattice. Next, take the fabric off the old lampshade
with a craft knife. You should end up with two metal rings left. Set them aside – you’ll need them later
for your new lampshade. Make sure to remove the old glue from the
metal rings. Orange oil will help you there. Now connect the rings to the wire mesh. Use a pair of pliers to bend the wire ends
around the rings. Once it’s fixed, repeat the process on the
side: Cut the first rows open, then remove the green
binding wire. Finally, bend the wire ends to the fix the
body in place. Now all that’s left is the color. You can spray your lamp in the color of your
choice. I chose matte black. For this step, I strongly advise you to work
in a well-ventilated place or, even better, outdoors. The vapors are really unpleasant. Let the paint dry for a day. Then you can re-assemble the parts and voilà!:
a stylish new lamp with a wire mesh lampshade. “I’d recommend to use mesh with thin wires
like this – it’s more flexible and easier to work with.”

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