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DIY Home Decor Photo Coasters | Gift Idea | ANN LE

DIY Home Decor Photo Coasters | Gift Idea | ANN LE

– Hello everyone, how’s it going? Today’s DIY, we’re going to
make something memorable, since the holiday season is coming up. And I wanted to make
this video early because I want to give you guys time
to collect a whole bunch of memorable photos,
especially the fact that Thanksgiving is coming up,
and you guys are going to be doing all these fun traveling and spending time with family and loved ones, so this is a great time to
start collecting those photos because we’re going to
make some coasters that you can decorate in your
home or give as gifts. So let’s go ahead and get started. (upbeat music) Alright guys, so the first
thing you want to do is just start shuffling through
your phone, through your Instagram feed, and look for
pictures that you want to print out for this DIY. Next you will want to
print out all your photos. So, I upgraded my printer. It’s the new Canon Pixma
MG7720 wireless printer. I love how it goes with
the decor in my office and at the same time, it’s multi-function, so it’s perfect for
most of my DIY projects. What’s so fun about this
printer is I can pretty much print my photos anywhere,
even while I’m on vacation. To print the photos, I
just have to download the Canon print app, select
my photos and hit print. I now have all the photos
I need printed out on 4×6 photo paper. Now it’s time to cut out all
these pictures into squares. OK, next you would need a
ceramic tile for this and make sure it’s nice and
clean on the surface. Now with your square piece
of photo, what you want to do is apply some glue evenly
on to the back surface. You can also use a spray-on
adhesive, and then apply it gently on to the top of your tile. Make sure the photo is pressed
flat on to the surface. Alright, guys, so I’m going
to show you two kind of materials that you can use to do this. Now this is a gloss glaze,
which is also a decoupage that you can use for this. All you have to do is drip on
a nice, even amount of this decoupage, or gloss glaze,
and apply it on with an acrylic brush. Make sure to brush the
surface on to your photo nice and even so that
way it can sit to dry. This next option is a
high-gloss finish that you will have to mix up. And you can find this at any craft store. So this kit comes in two
bottles of liquid and you will have to mix in two even
amounts of each liquid. After pouring in two of the
bottles, make sure to stir and mix it well. Once your mixture is
activated, you can pour it on top of your tile and photo. And then what I usually
like to do is hold it up and just make sure that
it evenly distribute on top of the photo. If your photo is not
sticking on to the tile, this may not work, there were
a few times where I had to re-try this just because
my glue didn’t adhere to the surface of the tile. But other than that, this one
is my favorite option because it shows the photo so
well, it’s nice and glossy, and it gives a richness in color. Because I don’t want to
scratch my table, I decided to take out my fleece material
and glue it to the back of my coaster tiles. So, all you have to do is
trace around the tiles, and then cut them out into squares. Next, what you want to
do is with a hot glue gun adhere them to the back
of your tile coasters. And this should protect
your table or any surfaces. (upbeat music) Alright guys, thank you
so much for watching. If you guys enjoyed this
video, don’t forget to give it a big, big thumbs up, I
would really appreciate it. And I also want to take
the time to thank you guys so much for giving me the opportunity to work with Canon. Canon has been in my home
for a very long time, Since I started YouTube,
I’ve been using Canon for pretty much a lot of
my work, and to be able to partner up with Canon for
this special project and try out their new printer,
their new gold printer, which is pretty awesome,
and make this DIY with you guys is a pretty
amazing experience, so thank you guys so much and thank you Canon for giving me this opportunity. I hope you guys will try out these DIYs. If you do, don’t forget
to tag me, and all my Twitter, Instagram,
all that information is below this video. If you guys haven’t,
don’t forget to subscribe. It’s totally free and you
guys can see what other DIYs I will be coming up with soon. Thank you guys so much
for watching and I will See you guys in next week’s video. Muah, ciao.

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  1. Hey love, I love this video…But my Husband and I were watching, and was wondering why you add subtitles..Super curious! Thanks, gorgeous!

  2. Oh my gosh I love your necklace! It reminds of sailor moon. Can you post where you bought it? 🙂 Thankies! I love you btw!

  3. SO cute! Great diy Ann, I think it's such a great way to capture memories and be able to make use of memories too and not just have ig to look back. =)

  4. Love this diy!!! I'm gonna make them for my mom for Christmas!! Does anyone know where to get ceramic tiles for a decent price individually? I can't find plain ones anywhere! Although I might just be looking in the wrong spot 🙂

  5. you dont have to tilt the coasters. the resin will flow to the edges and automatically stop- just be careful not to overflow. it'll avoid you a huge mess as well.

  6. Hi can you please recreate this? It would mean so much, Thankyou! and Happy Holidays! https://www.etsy.com/listing/236757149/all-7-harry-potter-book-pillows?ref=related-3

  7. If you are using the second method (which is the resin method ) when glossing your photo, you should only start to pour the mixture once it's warm, which means it's starting to activate and set. And you can pour as much as you need preferably in the MIDDLE of the photo/tile and then you can use a stick or ruler like she did and spread it out. What she didn't show was that before you leave it to dry for 24 hours or more for it to completely set, you HAVE TO take a blowtorch and BRUSH, don't touch the surface, BRUSH over at least 5 centimetres ( I think ) and that will help pop any air bubbles so that the end product will not have any bubbles or dent in the surface as a result of the bubble popping.

  8. Hi Ann! This is so cute ^_^ I also made a DIY coaster but I used coloring pages 😀 btw, i love your channel!

  9. My printer is the same as yours but i got a little crazy with the printing so in just one month i finished the printer ink 😭😭

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